Boris Johnson: The Life of Boris |  Power

Boris Johnson: The Life of Boris | Power

Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson is the
only British politician known universally by a first name. Boris bikes
Boris the blonde bombshell Boris the buffoon even the Prime Minister knows it
Boris is Boris. When it comes to mr. Johnson a surname is optional but who is
the man beneath the hair? Much like president Trump britain’s Foreign Secretary has acquired a reputation as a maverick yet his background places him
firmly in the establishment Son of a diplomat later turned MEP Boris
was born in New York City fittingly he possessed the multiculturalism embraced
by the city with his father’s Turkish roots but it wasn’t long before the
child who wanted to be king of the world came home and was inducted into a series
of elite British institutions after attending the same primary school as Ed Miliband he went to Eton and Christchurch College
Oxford he was Union president and part of the notorious Bullingdon Club with
many others seemingly born to rule Briitain unless lept into the lifeboat jumped on
me ERM and left the rest you know manage as best they could – there was
absolutely no attempt to give a kind of lead or unify the community during that
time and I think other countries particularly the Dutch felt very strongly about that.
– His career as a journalist didn’t begin well he was fired from The Times for
making up a quote. Fittingly his career took off in earnest in Brussels he was a
young and carefree – his critics say careless – journalist for The Telegraph
between 1989 and 1994 nestled in the bosom of the Eurocrats he filed stories
that blazed a trail he delighted his bosses and his readers peddling facts
and the odd fiction about Europe Boris’s Brussels was the land of straight
bananas and prawn cocktail crisps bans and over 20 years later he would deploy
the very same stories as a weapon of choice in the Brexit battle but he
wasn’t content to continue as an onlooker politics beckoned he contested
Clwyd South in 1997 but even the blonde bombshell couldn’t hold back Tony
Blair’s New Labour landslide he lost undeterred he continued to build his
profile in newspapers and on British panel shows perfecting his bumbling
blond persona They produced the jacket before I’d written the book By 1999 he took the editorship of The
Spectator magazine promising its owners he would abandon his political ambitions
for the time being in 2001 he was elected the MP for Henley socially he
was liberal voting to repeal section 28 and supporting the gender recognition
Act in 2004 And I have some perfectly respectable neighbors good bourgeois types who I work without giving the game way or naming them you know whenever
they’re sitting in it would even got nothing else to do they roll up a spliff
and and quietly smoking together Until 2008 he held various shadow ministerial
roles under the leadership of Michael Howard and David Cameron but he was
fired by Michael Howard after lying about an affair – Do you think its unfair that you’ve been removed from the front bench? All is for the best in the best of all possible worlds An unmissable opportunity loomed, the London mayoralty. A theme was emerging Boris rather likes
to have his cake and eat it too He managed to woo both traditional Tories
and erstwhile labour supporters of red Ken Livingstone many weren’t voting
conservative they were voting for Boris some accused him of taking credit for
projects started by his predecessor Ken Livingstone an London’s sponsored bicycle
scheme was dubbed Boris bikes regardless of the sponsor on the side he was
adamantly Pro EU and even talked of Turkish succession to the Union amid the London
riots his response was seen by some as lackluster and a low point of his time
as mayor it led to heavy criticism on the city streets His plans for Boris
Island never got off the ground critics say he made London unaffordable
and loosened planning laws – It didn’t have the team in place
Yet he remained an immensely popular figure and even getting stuck on a zip wire
couldn’t spoil his party. As his star rose so too did new questions over his
leadership ambitions but to become leader first Boris needed to become an
MP once again which would mean having his cake and eating it
in fact he denied he would return to Parliament during his mayoral term 17
times in one interview months later he was MP for Oxbridge and South Ruislip
and still mayor of London When in 2015 David Cameron made the surprise
announcement he wouldn’t stand for a third term the door to number 10
appeared to open just a crack – It is more likely that as I say I won’t be reincarnated as a disused fridge… or decapitated by a flying frisbee He needed to get his foot
in. David Cameron had promised to hold a referendum on Britain’s membership with
the EU it was to have far-reaching consequences not least for Boris himself
he agonized over his position and had written drafts of both remain and leave
column for The Daily Telegraph he’d enjoyed the odd cheeky sideswipe at the
EU in the past – Cardiff council decided to interpret the animal by-products regulation 2002 in such a way as to forbid people from recycling tea bags
now that is a classic example in my view of the confluence of EU legislation with overzealous British implementation
– But he’d also extolled the benefits of mass immigration Boris met
with his friend arch Brexiteer Michael Gove on the eve of the campaign
they joined forces to launch the Leave campaign and it’s my view that after 30 years of writing about this we have a chance
actually to do something I have a chance actually to do something I would like to
see a new relationship based more on trade on cooperation but as I say
without with much less of this supranational element so that’s where
I’m coming from It was bloody the cabinet was split down the middle and
Boris was accused of running a campaign based on half-truths and outright lies
he flipped his position on Turkey joining the EU warning it would give
millions of migrants rights to work in the UK This stuff that you’ve got
plastered on side of the bus the £350m pounds a week goes to the EU the
Institute for Fiscal Studies says that’s a misleading figure the UK statistics
authority says that’s a misleading figure isn’t it the case that you’re
cherry-picking and even manipulating stats to suit you
– What it represents is the global sum that we send to Brussels
– It doesn’t take into account rebate? What is unquestionably true is that we write out a cheque for £20billion a year to Brussels over which we have no control
– He was in his element traveling the country in his big red bus waving pasties clutching British
asparagus and kissing English caught fish at Billingsgate fish market
– It’s probably gonna be leave, he had something to do with it I think yeah A lot of people know the realities
of the EU in Cornwall and what we get from it so I don’t think it
would change it all that much Oh an Are you an undecided voter?
– I was who knows now
Has he persuaded you?
I think he just might have done At 3:25 in the morning
Sheffield declared for leave Durham Birmingham Northumberland followed Boris
was vindicated but the country was bitterly divided his fellow Etonian
David Cameron’s career was over within hours he’d left Downing Street with his
wife and children the ball had come loose from the back of the scrum
– It looked like a two horse race between quiet remainer and Home Secretary
Theresa May and Boris Johnson the brash face of the leave campaign but Boris had
underestimated his campaign mate in a shock announcement Michael Gove said he
would also run for PM he didn’t believe Boris was up to the job
– I have concluded that person cannot be me The job slipped from his grasp Britain’s new prime
minister was not a blonde bombshell but the first female PM since Margaret
Thatcher Boris appeared vanquished but only briefly When mrs. May announced her new cabinet
appointments there was only one that dominated the headlines bumbling Boris
was to be foreign secretary Britain’s representative to the world Michael Gove
was left out in the cold while Boris was sent around the world some said as far
away from Downing Street as number 10 could get him – But you have an unusually
long history of wild exaggerations and frankly outright lies that I think you
foreign secretaries have prior to this job – – I appreciate the first amendment
and your right to free speech This is what you would do if you were in my place. May meanwhile was gearing up for the biggest mistake of her Premiership she misread
the country and underestimated her opponent Jeremy Corbyn by calling an
election. Conservatives lost their majority and Theresa May her authority with the door to number 10 opening a crack again bumbling Boris yet
again tripped himself up on the doormat – You know she was simply teaching people journalism as I understand it He had to clarify these comments as they
were incorrect And could worsen the situation of it an Iranian British woman currently held in Tehran – The UK government has no doubt
that she was on holiday in Iran when she was arrested last year and that was the
sole purpose of her visit – Why won’t you apologize properly to Nazanin’s family and are you now willing to meet them? Well as I’ve said repeatedly
I said in the House of Commons yesterday I’m very happy to meet the family and
I’m mr. Ratcliffe I’m in fact I think happy to see him before I go to Iran in
the course of the next few weeks you

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