Boris Heads To Istanbul To Trace His Political Past | Who Do You Think You Are

Boris Heads To Istanbul To Trace His Political Past | Who Do You Think You Are

Boris’s great-grandfather Ali Kemal was
born in 1869 in Istanbul then the capital of the Ottoman Empire ruled by
powerful Sultan’s the once mighty empire was now in decline but it remained a
force to be reckoned with the Istanbul of Ali Kemal childhood, was a vibrant
cosmopolitan city lots of traditional Turkish geezers do nursing watch out
there Boris still has relatives living in the
city he’s on his way to meet his cousin CNN a grandson of Ali Kemal excuse me
Kira’s v he rusty misschien sucker he’s hoping seen an we’ll be able to
tell him about Ali Kumar’s early life maybe easily this is the crash you
missed you see none motivated you see oh you know
listen said why did you ask me to come to cure Ashly mischiefs okay
my grandfather your great-grandfather he came and was born somewhere and he was
born somewhere somewhere see he lived here for a while he spent most of his
childhood here we don’t know exactly which building it was somewhere in the
city Ali Kamal’s father was a wealthy
merchant who gave his son a traditional Muslim education he went to Quranic
school right and the Kirkham consisted and memorizing the Quran the hokuhoku
organ which is quite a feat attained considers that he was aged six sons and
which language was this in hey he’s healthy my great-grandfather Ali Kemal
could only read this whole thing we actually knew it walk by heart
amazing oh I won the scripture knowledge prize on what you know well that’s
really yeah in the world of divinity prize
Ali Kumar’s life didn’t continue in a traditional vein as a young man he
traveled to France and became a successful journalist in 1903 he married
Winifred Broome daughter of Margaret Johnson
three years later Winifred and Ali had a daughter Selma then in 1908 at the age of 40 Ali Kemal
returned to Turkey bringing his family with him they settled in the village of
bebek just outside Istanbul Boris knows that on his return to Turkey Ali Kemal
continued his career as a journalist he’s meeting up with historian been 40
as a journalist himself Boris is keen to see some of the newspaper articles his
great-grandfather wrote Ben’s taking him to the library where the originals are
kept so you can even read this duck any yes this is the original copy of the
newspaper that your great-grandfather wrote for it’s called big dum-dum and
your great-grandfather he’s the lead columnist okay let’s say that at the
right term okay and this is starting here running down two and a half columns
and there is your great-grandfather’s signature line that’s the spy line
that’s the prime real estate on the newspaper and its political yes yeah it
was political dangerously political a few weeks after Ali commands returned
there was a revolution in Turkey in the name of Liberty radical nationalists
seized power from the autocratic Sultan but soon the revolutionaries began to
use repressive tactics of their own including political murder appalled by
this and convinced there were better ways to bring about change Ali Kemal
used his newspaper columns to speak out against the new nationalist government
the contradiction that the was was waged was carried out in the
name of Liberty but yet Liberty is being in his view sacrificed or or put on the
back burner force and pressure cannot exist in a
constitutional era whereas we try to do everything by force and pressure so he’s
he’s being critical of the government he’s been critical of the Society for
relying on brute strength when according to him ideas consensus should carry the
day Ali Kemal was running real risks by speaking out there were ominous signs
that the nationalist government would not tolerate his very public criticism
only four days before this article is published on an opposition editor had
been assassinated by the chaos the real tough guys yes and so the person
murdered took a political stance very close to that of your great-grandfather
those must have been coming very close to the bone for him Wow we so this is
1909 and he’s starting to get apprehensive about the fate of people
who are in more less his political position that’s right I mean what you
see I suppose is a great lesson for about journalism and politics because
there’s no doubt is the first duty of a columnist is to be read and he’s writing
stuff that is readable when it’s punching its polemical whether it’s
politically safe is a difficult question and that’s where the boundary between
German politics becomes difficult because the imperative to be read and to
be punchy and provocative can conflict with your political cause you


  1. His grandfather was a supporter of the sultanate and he didn’t like the idea of turkey being a secular country ! His political views did not match with Atatürk and his dream of having a modern republic country so he got killed

  2. Even by European organized (Nationalists) coups in Turkey were not murdered people as much England-France-Germany tortured, murdered in India, West and central Africa, South Africa, Egypt, Libbie, Algeria, Tunisia, Palestine, Turkey, …

  3. Boris Johnson is wreking this country by agreeing to take in more migrants from eu and digging us deeper into europe. Giving migrant health care fast track writes to citizenship instead of training british people up, giving away Gibraltar our fishing waters billions northern Ireland
    This is cheap labour and pushing the brits out we didnt sign up for this? Dont trust them
    If we dont stand up to the powers that be the british are a dead nation we need to stop all this

  4. his grandfather had two is british and the other is turkish.his grandfather was killed because he was an agent.Place of birth çankırı kalfat ın Turkey

  5. Well, fun fact;
    Ali Kemal arrested by a war hero General Nurettin Sakallı and lynched. because the crimes of high treason. When he joined the Jön Türks he worked as a spy for Sultan Abdülhamid (Celal Bayar 3rd Presedent of Turkey). When people started to ask in newspapers, what happened to the money he took from the sultan? He turned against the İttihat and Terakki regime. When the National War of Indepence started, he sides with the Ottoman government and appointed as a Minister of Education and after that Minister of internal affairs. In 18 august 1922, he wrote; the national imdepence can only achived by reign and caliphate. Not by the Grand Parliament Of Turkish Nation. He wrote both Armenian and Kurdish gangs to fight with them against the Turkish National Movement. Well in the and National movement won the wars. The old government and their British allies tried to take him from Istanbul. When Nurettin Pasha captured him in İzmit he was taking him for trial for high treason but instead he throw him to an angry crowd where Ali Kemal lynched to death.

  6. Think that Boris Johnson have blonded his hair. He have in nature dark…or at any rate rather darker that soo blond as his hair are now…

  7. Why is everyone so totally aggressive on this thread? Ffs, calm down. Boris has Turkish blood, sounds like his great Grandfather was a totally honourable and peaceful man. He also has a very mixed ancestry from other races. So what? So sick of the hatred.

  8. Boris Johnson seems to me to be a regular guy , one of the boys, one of us ( this is a bloke writing). Likeable . You could imagine him turning up at a building site or your high street or at a factory or some other venue and you could imagine having , as the Irish put it , the craic.
    Unlike some the stiffs at Westminster .
    Not that these qualities and attributes are all there are to a successful Prime minister , but they are a start.

  9. 1:04 Yeah, Boris: Your great-grandfather was "born somewhere." I don't think you'd be here if he weren't. An anti-immigrant idiot who wants to keep other immigrants out – just like Trump. That's rich.

  10. It is a common problem that revolutionaries might have been originally oppressed but they frequently become the oppressors.

  11. such is the weirdness of history … Mehmed II Fatih was of imperial Byzantine blood… “… Mehmed also had a blood lineage to the Byzantine Imperial family: his predecessor, Sultan Orhan I, had married a Byzantine princess, and Mehmed claimed descent from John Tzelepes Komnenos.l… “ Wiki.

  12. So why all the divide Boris? I was actually on the verge of voting for you despite being ethnic don't know had this gut feeling that you really do not mean all that you say usually the case with MP's though. May Allah guide you to be a just and fair leader to do the best you can for those who are wrongly oppressed and poor to bring the correct justice to the world. Ameen

  13. İstanbul one of the most beautfull city in the world, seriously thousands years old structures around you, seas and delights from different cultures

  14. İstanbul is a multi-ethnic city, there are more kurds and arabs, therefore there are lots of thiefs, thugs in Istanbul, without kurds and arabs Turkey would have been a perfect country

  15. Boris is so funny. I like him because he's funny. I know nothing about his politics. I just like him because he is funny and he has interesting hair! Did one of his Turkish ancestors have a handlebar moustache? If so that is unfortunate because in the 1920s films, all the villains who tied girls to railway tracks had handlebar moustaches. I hope his ancestor wasn't one of them!

  16. Ali Kemal was brave. In the name of liberty they took over and then proceeded to behave like tyrants themselves! How ironic.

  17. A son of immigrants who defends Brexit, which is mainly aimed at curbing immigration, typical human hypocrisy

  18. We wish you success, but a question about the situation of some of the following people who accused them of terrorism in direct and indirect ways and they are innocent

  19. Oh don't 'they' like to change their names and infiltrate. He wasn't even born here, but in the USA. He is being truthful and open but oh so many bankster relatives aren't and never have been going back millenia.

  20. So this great grandfather was in Turkey in 1916 – in the middle of the Armenian Genocide? No wonder everything was hush-hush.

  21. He wouldn't be proud of his grand father, if only he knew how the man sold his country to England. Ali Kemal tried to prevent the independence war against England and other countries after Turkey was invaded by the West. He worked as an English agent for money. We would only spit on his grave, such a betrayer he was. He was killed in the way that he deserved, the folk lynched him with stones and bats after winning the independence war.

  22. Later Ali Kemal became the last interior minister of the Ottoman Empire! So, his political and outspoken character is definitely coming from him.

  23. Knew some of the comments were gonna be rude because his ancestors are muslim or make out that turkey used to be greek when it werent… but this doesn’t matter let’s be open minded, we all
    Come from elsewhere ! This documentary is very interesting. Proud turk 🙂

  24. Boris will now become Erdogan la. beraber Kan Kardeş olacaklar Fantastic We are all excited 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👹

  25. To put thing clearly After the Ottoman Administration, Came the Enver pasha administration which was very short lead(Which is when boris grandfather was killed, after which the Succes came into power of Ataturk.
    In Ataturks time he would have been very likely sent into exile and not killed, there is a reason why nobody liked the enver pasha administration they sought means through unnecessary violence

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