Border Wall Showdown Team Trump Threatens Government Shut Down Over ‘Beautiful’ Wall

Border Wall Showdown Team Trump Threatens Government Shut Down Over ‘Beautiful’ Wall

Border Wall Showdown Team Trump Threatens
Government Shut Down Over ‘Beautiful’ Wall by Tyler Durden President Trump and Congress have until this
Saturday to strike a budget deal or face a government shut down. Not surprisingly, Trump
decided to kick off what will undoubtedly be a week of tense negotiations with some
opening shots across the bow via Twitter: Throughout his campaign Trump touted several
policies which would require massive increases in government spending including his infrastructure
plan, new military funding and the border wall. That said, at least in this round of
Congressional bickering, it looks like the border wall will be key issue which could
leave 1,000s of federal government employees with a little extra paid vacation time in
2017. As negotiations continue, the White House
says it has offered to include $7 billion in Obamacare subsidies that allow low-income
people to pay for health insurance in exchange for Democratic backing for $1.5 billion in
funding to start construction of the U.S.-Mexico border wall. Congressional negotiators have
also offered to cut back Trump’s proposed $30 billion increase in defense spending. �The question is, how much of our stuff
do we have to get? How much of their stuff are they willing to take?� budget director
Mick Mulvaney said on Bloomberg Television. �We�d offer them one dollar� of Obamacare
payments, he added, �for one dollar of wall payments right now.� Democrats called Mulvaney�s Obamacare offer
a non-starter, saying they refuse to include any funds for a wall in the spending bill
that would finance the government through September, the end of the fiscal year.
While Republicans control Congress, any budget deal will have to be passed on a bipartisan
basis as members of the Freedom Caucus typically refuse to support unbalanced budgets in the
House and Senate approval will require 60 votes while Republicans hold only 52 seats. It�s a rare moment when the Democrats have
leverage in the Republican-controlled House, since it�s likely that Republican leaders
would need at least some Democratic votes to offset Republican defections on the budget
— as has been the case for a series of budget fights in recent years. One thing is certain: any spending deal must
be a bipartisan one. Even though Republicans control both houses of Congress and the White
House, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan know they�ll
both need Democratic votes to pass a government funding measure. The Senate needs 60 votes to advance legislation,
meaning the 52 Republicans will need help from at least eight Democrats. In the House,
conservatives led by the Freedom Caucus and other fiscal hawks have regularly bolted on
spending bills and Democrats have provided enough votes for passage.
Not surprisingly, Chuck Schumer described Trump’s border wall is the only “fly in the
ointment” to getting a budget deal done. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer�s spokesman,
Matt House, complained that the White House in recent days brought a �heavy hand�
into what he said were smooth-going talks between congressional Republicans and Democrats. �If the administration would drop their
11th-hour demand for a wall that Democrats, and a good number of Republicans, oppose,
congressional leaders could quickly reach a deal,� House said in a statement Friday. “The only fly in the ointment is that the
president is being a little heavy handed, and mixing in and asking for things such as
the wall,” Schumer said. Meanwhile, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi
went on Chuck Todd’s �Meet the Press� over the weekend to start playing the “blame
game” over who’s responsible for a government shut down that hasn’t yet occurred. �The democrats do not support the wall.
And I think the Republicans in the border states do not support the wall. The Republicans
have the votes in the House and the Senate and the White House to keep government open.
The burden to keep it open is on the Republicans.� “The wall, in my view, is immoral, expensive
and unwise….” And here is Budget Director Mick Mulvaney
speaking with Bloomberg: Of course, the budget showdown comes just
as Trump continues to pressure Congress to vote on a new healthcare deal this week and
has promised to release his tax plan on Wednesday…both of which would be a poke in the eye of Democrats
just as he’s trying to win their support on a budget deal. Should be a fun week with lots
of flip flops.


  1. Why can't the democrats understand the majority of Americans want the wall. I think they really care about our safety, as long as they get money for their interest.

  2. If I knew how I would do a "go fund me" page for contributions for the wall. Any takers. Is it do-able? Build that wall. ?prayers for someone to provide sensible solutions to a serious difficulty victory. Jesus ?

  3. We gave you the house, the senate and the presidency. Why can't you damned Republicans get together like the Democrats do? Piece of shit weenies.

  4. Let the shutdown began. You Rinos better get your act together . You won because you promised to get rid of obimbocare and build the wall. We heard your complaints against the Dems. Now doyour job. Let what Trump put in the new bill and let the blame fall on the Dems. Get some muscle instead of caving on.

  5. Hey, you stupid Republicans, just give the damned country and the election back to the socialist Democrats if you are too chicken shit to govern. As for you freedom caucus Repubs, I'm more conservative than any of you, but I'd take the best deal available and move the hell on. TEN democrat senators up for reelection in red states, and you're going to let some of them get reelected. If you'd just do WHAT WE SENT YOU TO WASHINGTON TO DO, they'd all get creamed in 2018. Damn you and your desire to please the MSM and get DC cocktail party invitations!

  6. Here's a suggestion on how to save a TON of money, finance the "wall" EASILY, and would "Make America Great Again"!!! Impeach every treasonous liberal piece of shit in our government!!!!!

  7. we don't need the bastards that don't want the wall. if ever we needed a wall it is now. Hell we don't need anymore enemies getting thru, enough are here in the form of democrats, snowflake, refugees & illegals!!!!!!!!

  8. it's not the money for the wall the it's the Dems and traitor repubs are against, its the wall itself they are against regardless it's going to be built if only one brick rock or concrete panel at a time.

  9. we need to march for the wall let these demoncraps know millions of Americans want it built and we are with our President all the way.

  10. Take some of the money Obama stole from us and built the wall…Democrats are idiot's they would build it if one of their family members we're murdered! raped or tortured by criminals they let in… I am so sorry for President Trump having to put up with all the stupid people in Congress!!!! hollywood, liberal I am so disgusted with them all

  11. The wall needs to be built. The Demorats are immoral & corrupt party. I would investigate the Demmorats and expose everything and do likewise to main stream media!!!!

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