Bolton Unloads On Trump

Bolton Unloads On Trump

>>John Bolton who is no longer part of Trump’s
administration is making his foreign policy disagreements with Donald Trump well known. He has basically pushed out all this harsh
criticism against Donald Trump during a meeting, a lunch, with a group of right wingers including
people like Rebekah Mercer. So, let me give you the details on what he
said. According to Political, Bolton harshly criticized
Trump’s foreign policy at a private lunch, saying that inviting the Taliban to Camp David
sent a quote, terrible signal, and that it was disrespectful to victims of 9/11 because
the Taliban had harbored al Qaeda. Also, he claimed that negotiations with North
Korea and Iran were doomed to failure. And he also ripped Trump without using his
name several times. Bolton said more than once at that Trump’s
failure to respond to the Iranian attack on an American drone earlier this summer set
the stage for the Islamic Republic’s aggression in recent months. At one point, Bolton suggested that had the
US retaliated for the drone shootdown, Iran might not have damaged the Saudi oil fields. Now again, I want to be clear about something,
it is not definite that Iran attacked Saudi Arabia’s oil facility. They deny that they did it. So, far the United States has failed to provide
any concrete evidence that this was done by Iran. And so, John Bolton loves war, he pushes for
war. He wants to invade any country possible. Donald Trump, of course, is going to respond
to this. So, let’s take a look at with Trump’s responses
and then, we’ll discuss.>>John Bolton apparently was critical of
you today. What’s your policies on Iran and Taliban?>>Well, I was critical of John Bolton for
getting us involved with a lot of other people in the Middle East, we’ve spent seven and
a half trillion dollars in the Middle East, and you ought to ask a lot of people about
that. We are doing it the right way. We’re doing it the smart way. It’s very easy to go in. We could go in and one instant, just one phone
call. We could go in and that might happen, that
might happen. But we will see what we will see. John was not able to work with anybody and
a lot of people disagreed with his ideas. And a lot of people were very critical that
I brought him on in the first place because of the fact that he was so in favor of going
into the Middle East. And he got stuck in quicksand. We became policemen for the Middle East and
it’s ridiculous. So, and I’ve always felt that, I always felt
that from day one, I felt that even though I wasn’t in government, I felt it. I think, John really should take a look at
how badly they’ve done in the past. And maybe a new method would be very good.>>Yeah, so he’s saying, honestly, everything
that Trump said there was, most of what Trump said there was right?>>Yeah, so, look, I want to get back to the
donors that are pushing for war in a second and John Bolton was speaking too, but I want
to ask you guys an interesting question, and we’ll do a poll on this, we’ll call it,
okay. And we’ll put it up by the time you’re watching
this video later. It’s not up right now as you’re watching live
but the poll is who would you rather be in charge of US foreign policy, Donald Trump. Sure, you’re thinking anybody about him, no
or John Bolton. And so, that I know that’s a Hobson’s choice
and there’s no winners there. And Trump is so unstable and he and I were
talking a little earlier about how lucky we get into a middle of war. So, here’s the scenario, Trump gets goaded
on by Fox News or whoever, although, half the Fox News guys are against the war. And he goes to war, and then Iran strikes
back, and they take out an aircraft carrier. Is that possible? It’s definitely possible. They take down an aircraft carrier and all
those guys die, Trump’s going to start talking about nukes, okay? So now, having Trump as the head of our foreign
policy is unbelievably disastrous, but your other option’s Bolton, that’s why it’s a tough
poll. Okay, go vote at, and we’ll
have a link down below later when you’re watching this later on YouTube or Facebook. And I got to say, I’m going to vote Trump.>>Yeah.>>Because Bolton would definitely invade
Iran. Definitely, okay. And he would definitely take military action
against North Korea, and very likely against that as well. So, we got 1,2,3 wars up there. Bolton guaranteed that would be a worldwide
disaster. So, as unstable and insane, and ridiculous
as Donald Trump is. He’s better than the neo cons and so, part
of the reason I tell you that, that’s my opinion, everybody, look, a lot of people who vote
no, anybody but Trump, but you got cable news, like treating the neo cons like they’re legitimate
actors. Bill Kristol, he’s a never Trumper. So, it’s okay. No, it’s not okay. They’re the ones, who made the worst decision,
>>Yes.>>Of our lifetimes. And they would do it again, and they’re brazen
about that. So, keep that perspective in mind, it’s super
important. And then, now back to the donors. So, he’s giving this, speech at Gates Stone,
or an event organised by Gates Stone. Of course, there’s a couple of billionaires
in the crowd, John Catsimatidis in New York. He’s a well known lunatic in New York about
the New York politics. And so, all these right wingers, Rebecca Mercer,
the worst of the worst.>>She referred to Bolton as, quote the best
National Security Advisor our country could have hoped for.>>Yeah, so her and her dad Robert Mercer
are billionaires and, they ran a new financial firm and they bought off Donald Trump. They bought off Ted Cruz. They bought up a lot of the republican party
and they go, you give us tax cuts. You give us billions of dollars, you do is
your goddamn told. And apparently, they have some sort of interest
in starting wars. So, they probably put, if you’re wondering
how the hell the Bolton get into Trump’s administration when they never agreed in the first place. You just saw the video yourself, where Trump
was on a lot of people criticize me. Probably, the Mercer’s pulled him by his ear
and said, hey bitch, remember who got you elected, who gave you all the money, put Bolton
in there. Full well knowing that Bolton had a descent
chance at starting a war even if Trump didn’t want it.>>By the way, the Mercers have recently pulled
their support away from Donald Trump. So, they’re no longer helping to fund his
campaign, they don’t support him. It might be due to his foreign policy decisions,
I don’t know, that’s my speculation. But I do find it fascinating how, incredibly
wealthy people like the Mercer’s want the tax cuts, but they want more war, and guess
who gets to pay for that war. It’s the middle class, the working class,
the people actually do pay->>And fighting, or any Mercer’s going to
go to the war.>>Of course, not.>>Are any of the Mercer’s going to go fight
that war?>>That’s for the reference.>>Right, so if you’re not going to go fight
the war, and you’re going to make a middle class Americans go and die on your behalf,
please shut up. But look at how insane our political system
in America is. The Mercer’s get to bribe any politician they
like. It’s now become legal because the Supreme
Court’s Citizens United decision, and then we’re not allowed to know where the Mercer’s
who work in finance have invested their money. What if they invested in an oil? What if they put billions of dollars in oil,
knowing that if you attack Iran, oil prices will obviously go up? And they’re like, okay, let’s make money. Let’s give Trump a million dollars. Let’s give other republicans a couple of million
dollars. And when oil prices go up, as an example,
we make 10 billion, 20 billion, 100 billion dollars, hey, bribe the American officials,
super easy. America’s the most corrupt country in the
world, we made bribery legal, and then I can just make billions of dollars off of this
bribery. And now,okay, one last guy that was in the
meeting, but it’s a murderer’s role, terrible people that was there were at that meeting. Alan Dershowitz was there. Now, any media person that still calls Alan
Dershowitz, a liberal or progressive, you just you’re either ignorant or you’re lying
on purpose. So, Dershowitz says about John Bolton that
it was a quote, national disaster. That he was booted from the White House and
apparently that was met with quote thunderous applause. So, Alan Dershowitz was like, yes, let’s start
a war with Iran. John Bolton is my best friend. Such a shame, he left the White House, you
call like I a liberal. Well, I mean if there’s any litmus test at
all for progressives, so being in favor of John Bolton. Trust me, you don’t get the pass that test. Alan Dershowitz is a conservative maniac. Trump and Bolton supporter, any journalist
that calls him a liberal supporting Trump is an idiot, and is helping his lies and helping
the neo cons on purpose.>>And I just want to know one of the things
that Bolton criticized Donald Trump for was, the fact that he wants to pull out of Afghanistan. And look, we just killed 30 farmers, peanut
farmers in Afghanistan with a drone strike, we didn’t have the right intel, we targeted
the wrong people so 30 innocent civilians were just killed from a US drone strike, 40
others were injured.>>Just in the last 10 years, and we’ve been
there 18 years, 16,000 civilians in Afghanistan have been killed. So, and then, they wonder, it’s guys like
Scarborough. So, they hate us, because they hate us. Dan Crenshaw, they hate us, because they hate
us. Well, if you choose to be stupid, that’s on
you, okay? No, they hate us because we went and killed
all those innocent civilians. If you say, hey, he was right to go into Afghanistan
in the first place, that’s a different conversation. It’s 18 years later, what the hell are we
doing there? But Bolton says no, we should stay longer. We should put in more troops. Alan Dershowitz applause and then, he gets
called liberal on television. Insanity.


  1. I would choose Trump. He knows that the war is going to cost big dollars and Trump does not want to spend the money. He treats the U.S. treasury as HIS piggy bank.
    . Besides, where is Eric and Don Jr going to be? Can they be drafted and forced to serve on the front lines? They should and for sure Hump will not go to war. Bolton does not work with numbers.
    . Hump will try and smooze the Iranians like he did N.K.
    . A drone is a spy plane and the U.S. had a wake up that the Iranians spotted the drone 2 miles up and shot it out of the sky…when it was in Iranian air space. (This is not IRAQ by any stretch of the imagination.) Even if the drone was manned, a spy does not get special treatment. He is crucified from both sides. " We caught him" & "we disavow that he works for us" The spy is on his own. In this case it was a hunk of machinery. The U.S. got caught spying on a sovereign nation.

  2. If Bolton wants war, let him lead the way. If Trump wants war, he, Don Jr. and Eric are welcomed to go first. We'll just drop them out of a plane. With a chute of course. We're not that cruel.

  3. Bullshit! The destruction of the Twin Towers were caused by the Americans n their bossom buddy, Israel. The whole world knows

  4. Re what Ana said about the possibility this wasn't Iran: they DO have a motive since they can't sell the same large quantity of oil as before, so the next best option is to increase the current value of oil.

  5. trump is scared of Iran, the white race is terrified right now. they do not want it. Not saying thats A bad thing but they are shitting bricks Right Now and dont Want It.
    Many Many americans we Die. they Keep Forgetting about Sleeper Cells.

  6. The buck stops with the president! Making excuses with your officials is sheer cowardice; Trump doesn't know what to do with Iran, North Korea and Russia in the face of his reelection bid, so the easy way out… blame it on my advisers who by the way were all his handpicked appointees.

  7. Cenk Uygur calls this Billionaires Club "Murderers Row". I prefer to use the term: "Collective Bags of Douche" with regards to the Mercers, John Bolton & Alan Dershowitz.

  8. I love it when bad guys attack each other , don’t forget Huthies stepped up for responsibility it doesn’t take much tech to load a drone with explosives

  9. The independent media always said Trump shoul rid of Bolton
    Because the man is looking for war
    The troops can finally sleep peacefully knowing mr Bolton is no longer around to take them to another war in the middle east

  10. I have to pinch myself when I see Trump saying something sane. Even the line about "I could make one phone call at any time" is fairly sane, because when a republican backs away from a hawkish position, they have to prove to right-wingers that they're not going dovish. More sanity please, Mr President

  11. What really matters to Bolton is the Mideast because he is emotionally and ideologically joined at the hips to Israel and Ersetz Israel wing of not just Likud but the other extremist parties in that country.

  12. why is Bolton even allowed in politics….? who pays the man…? anybody willing to pay this guy…? and if so, for what…?

  13. Let this war monger and double agent sit down and shut up. Trump look smarter than him on this issue. First time I hear Trump speak clearly and thoughtfully.

  14. you really need someone to tell you how to dress,what is this? did you think you were going to a bar to be picked up? dress well before you come online

  15. Bull S**!!! Trump may have really invited the Taliban to the U.S., but there is no way they accepted the invitation. He is either making this Bull S** up or he wants to make it look like he rejected them to make himself look good. Bolton or anyone else can't call him out on it because they cannot prove one way or the other if he really did invite them or if he is just making it up. So…. they have to take him at his word even though his word isn't worth S***! If you have ever paid any attention to the Middle east, you would understand what is at the core of any Middle east terrorist organization. Or most hatred for the U.S or the West in general. ISRAEL!!! Or more specifically….. The west's recognition of the state of Israel to exist without recognition of the existence of a Muslim Palestinian state (although Palestine is not all Muslim). Yeah, there is the U.S. support for corrupt dictators in the Middle east too. But that is not the most recent insult. What do we know for sure Trump did? He recognized Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel (a sacred city to Muslims as well). Although it is only symbolic, it is a slap in the face by Trump to Muslims. Like…… The Taliban is just going to ignore that one. Yeah right! But whether he did invite them or he just made it up…… it continues to show what a f***ing moron he is.

  16. I hate them both. Everything trump said was right. I think trump is better than Bolton because he is fundamentally against war. Bolton is fundamentally a chicken hawk.

  17. Wow! Mr. Trump what you just said was great or wonderful. As a veteran I applaud you and respect you more. Thanks for standing up for our women and men who fight. Sometimes it's not for freedom.

  18. "disrespecting the troops", this coming from a guy who thinks the troops are just little pawns to be used and die for in HIS wannabe WARS.

  19. Plain & simple, Alan Dershowitz isza z+ ionist. Can YT do some reporting on the Mercers financial investments? Also, the American People need to know about Pompeo’s background in the weapons industry.

  20. With Donald Trump as president, it is the begining of the end. If he wins another 4 years, the US will lose all all the edge they had over other countries. The US economy will certainly collapse.

  21. It feels weird to agree with both Bolton and Trump at the same time. They both made very good arguments for why the other is a piece of shit, and I agree.

  22. I don't ever leave comments, but I have to say something here. For Cenk Jugar to choose Trump's foreign policy choices over those of Bolton is deeply refreshing and comforting. I'm among the legions who dislike Trump, but I'm not blinded by hate. It is indeed a kind of "Hobson's Choice," but even Trump recognizes that perpetual war is idiotic. The crew at TYT has the objectivity to see this truth, and I am SO relieved to have seen this video. Keep up the good work.

  23. They are just looking for any reason to invade Iran. Even if Iran provideded the people in Yemen with the tools needed to carry out the attack, they are allies in a war. What about the fact that Trump sold the Saudis a ton of weapons that they use to murder and terrorize the people in Yemen. This country sure has a double standard when it comes to accountability. Look at what the Saudis did to us on 9/11, and the idiot Trump is buddies up with them. We need to worry about getting this idiot monster out of our White House, and stop spending so much time and money destroying and destabilizing other countries. Only those who avoid facts would wonder why we are hated by most of the world.

  24. The thing is: Bolton is a genuine war-monger but *tRump WILL DO ANYTHING to distract from his finances*, so they are equally unbalanced in my opinion. 6:25 FYI, Ana, the Mercers ARE STILL supporting D?nut tRump; their announcement was a ruse.

  25. Trump is playing the long game with Iran. He knows the Sanctions are killing Iran’s economy and he is waiting them out. No need for a hot war.

  26. Trump pulled us out of 7 hot Wars that Obama had us in. He had talks with and eased tensions with North Korea and pulled troops out of Syria and is in talks to pull troops out of Afghanistan though some issues there like always. Clunk how is any of that bad. The woman you voted for Hillary would have us in several wars and you know it.

  27. It's extremely unfortunate that military lives and civilian lives are predicated on the rationale of two complete morons. When we make a decision to engage in war, we are saying those who made the decision, and the collateral damage that comes from it, is justified.

  28. Remember, folks: Iran and Russia are ALLIES. Trump won't make a move without Putin's permission. N. Korea and Russia are also COMMUNIST countries. Again, Putin (and Kim) are controlling our Toddler-in-Chief.

  29. Trump is not a hawk. He asked how many people will get killed in a strike against Iran, heard 200 and though it will be partially on him. For civilians pressing a "fire" button that will launch a missle is not an easy thing to do.

    And yeah Hilary would be already in a war with Iran but that's why it's not Hilary 2020 but Bernie 2020

  30. I’d agree with Bolton if he was the one who goes in FIRST to fight every single war that he wants to start. If he believes that much in war then have him get in front and put his own boots on the ground and pick up his own gun to fight.

  31. Why would I pick trump or bolton???? NOTHING GOOD in either one of them.
    They are NOT PEACEABLE. The world would be a BETTER place WITHOUT BOTH of them.

  32. Worst!! 9/11 faith was caused by Saudi citizens now Trump want to send American soldiers to help defend Saudi incredible stupid only can consider ฿ America’s “stable genius ha!!ha!!ha!!ha!!

  33. PEOPLE CAN KILL IN MANY WAYS… Bolton with WAR. trump with SANCTIONS, lest we forget the CHILDREN, the INNOCENT, the SICK. This is SLOW, SILENT KILLING of the WORST kind. HOW CAN AMERICANS SLEEP AT NIGHT??? Maybe one day, GOD will teach Americans EMPATHY AND HUMILITY.

  34. We should go back to the way they conducted war in the middle ages, the leader and heads of government of the country (usually kings and dukes) led the troops into battle. Then we will see how hot they are for war when it is their lives on the line with the troops behind them. Instead of how it is at the moment with presidents sending nameless faces off to fight so they can fill their pockets with the money spent on weapons.

  35. We do need to be tough with Iran. We shouldn't have pulled out of the treaty, but Iran supports a lot of bad actors in mideast, like Syria. And their domination of Iraq helped bring about Isis.

  36. All warmongers need to go. War should be the very last option. God damn dirty monsters Bush Jr. and Dick Cheney should be in prison.

  37. You need to add another option to your poll. Who would you rather have in charge of US foreign policy?
    ○ Donald Trump
    ○ John Bolton
    ✓ A chimp in a clown costume

  38. Disrespectful ? Well why is Bolton bstill stuck on the Taliban and 911 when the whole world knows it was Israel . Bush. .. Arabia that were responsible who believes this lies from these people

  39. On this one I support Trump. Period !
    In many ways Trump may be inconsistent but he is not a warmonger although he loves the military. Bolton thinks war is the solution to every problem in America's foreign policy. War is only one tool among several other tools that are available in the toolbox.

  40. I tell you right now I would vote for Trump because he would only go to war if it benefit him in any type of way but Bolt would go to war just for the hell of it he have no boundaries

  41. The best thing that Trump has ever done as president is fire John Bolton.
    The worst thing that Trump has ever done as president is hire John Bolton.

  42. If Bolton was President, he would be a billion times better than Trump. Just the fact he doesn’t have a stick up his ass of leverage by Russia, makes him way better.
    Bolton would actually pay attention to intelligence briefings, and he’s not Putin’s lap bitch.

  43. This man who supports war anywhere any time did not serve in Vietnam he avoided it. It's OK for other people's kids to come home dead or injured but not John Bolton. He is a chicken hawk of the 1st order. And now that hes out of power he should just go crawl in a hole somewhere and but everybody else try to live in peace under our dear leader.

  44. Neither! Trump is an uneducated buffoon and bolton knows way Too much!! .
    Trump and pompeo should put on some gear and be on front lines with trooops .
    I guarantee trump will run ir hide behind soldiers and pompeo would run other way ..only those 2fatasses couldnt get very far .
    All trump supporters and TRUMP WILL LOSE IN 2020!


  46. trump added 3.5 trillion in national debt and we are shedding jobs and the economy and banks are in a big bubble now ready to burst ! the elite have money to survive 1-2 years of no work (DO YOU ! ! ! )


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