Blanks: “That’s not the real Barack Obama”  | So Social #11 | NPO 3FM

Blanks: “That’s not the real Barack Obama” | So Social #11 | NPO 3FM

moving forward we need to be more that’s not a real Barack Obama whoa that is really good that’s kind of creepy man hey guys my name is blanks and this is so social oh I have okay so on YouTube I have almost 900,000 followers on Instagram I have 180 thousand or something so and on Twitter 10 10 thousands or so I think if you combined it I’m at 1 million exactly or maybe a little bit over me we is insane my way how I deal with negative comments actually I don’t really get negative comments I’m in a very lucky position where people are just seeming to enjoy everything I do when I have like a viral video for example I did a Billy Idol issue cover and then a lot of people see it who are not subscribed to my channel they can sometimes come with like who is this guy and why is he so over enthusiastic but that’s like the the most hate I get [Music] usually if you are like this is cool I like this guy he’s so talented so I guess I’m very lucky with the people who watch my videos alright lyric in bio which lyric or song title fits your Instagram bio oh man okay dance boogie wonderland yeah I just like dancing so I guess that would be great it’s something with dancing Whitney Houston I just want to dance with somebody that’s it yeah nice yeah that’s a great one what do people say about me oh so these are youtube comments from people about me okay cool why can’t you not upload these on iTunes or Spotify I think this is a question I get the most but the thing is I don’t want to be a cover artist per se I want to be an original artisan I feel like if I upload every cover song on Spotify everybody’s gonna be like oh that’s the cover guy blanks and I want to be blanks to the artist so I’m actually thinking about uploading them to SoundCloud because I feel that’s like that’s okay but I’m Spotify just want to be blanks the artists with my original music I have like three original singles out right now and we’re working on if you’re just playing songs and putting it on Spotify you won’t know if people like it or people think about it and I think that’s the the coolest part about YouTube you’re really connecting with your friends or your viewers and that’s that’s epic alright another youtube comment he changed his name eh I was here when his name was sealing of it and when he talked Dutch yeah I started that Dutch that’s true I think like six years ago I started out as a normal vlogger you know so I was in my bedroom giving tips about how to survive your holidays or something and then at a certain point I switched to making music and actually funny and Dutch video of mine blew up in America and then I was like okay this is the perfect moment to switch to English however I’ve never told anyone this in India when I started out making Dutch videos I also had an English channel where I did English videos so I had made some English videos before but doing one hour some challenge in English was challenging at first because when you’re really stressing out is hard to not speak your mother tongue so sometimes I’m I’ve sentences where I’m like oh I should hurry up and then it’s like okay news Bailey katariina oh wait I save it in English you know it’s like okay I have to play the guitar and I’m just repeating the sentence over how I came up with the name blanks my original name is Simona bit which does not sound international I was like I need something cooler so I was I was like let’s try to make something of my own name width of it means white in English and I thought blank blanks dance with my first name I just saw that sounds good links blanks yeah that’s cool let’s do that so it’s basically basically that why did I say this oh if you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life which one would it be I asked this on Twitter and I got great recommendations by the way I’m a sucker for a good song so I love a song which has a really strong fiber emotion and I feel like if you can pick if people can pick one song they can listen to for the rest of the lives it’s always gonna be like a song with a strong emotion so Coldplay fix you and Toto Africa of course Elton John sounds like that and personally I would I would choose Coldplay I think to fix you that’s amazing ok so I posted this picture on Instagram I don’t know what I’m doing either Lola I remembered this moment I was about to go out to I don’t know some event or something and I I had to post something in the Instagram and I was like to my brother hey can you take a quick picture he was like ok do some move so I was like moving around and then suddenly I stood like this and I was like ok well the Sun looks nice my jacket looks nice as you suppose this I like vintage stuff and I found this jacket in a vintage thrift shop so I was like I’m gonna rock this jacket so yeah I like it it’s kind of weird to picture like you look at anything like what’s going on here I like that hashtag Instagram abour with a picture of Luis Capaldi shout at the Luis Capelli when I look at the word Instagram well I feel like a picture that is good enough for your Instagram is that it so this is definitely a picture that is Instagram a bull I think his social media game is one of the strongest right now in the world he’s so funny his way of promoting stuff is really unique and he has great glasses and you often see that people on Instagram are like polishing up their lives you know and it’s it’s not wrong I understand that but he’s just so unapologetically himself I think people just fall for that it’s like oh this guy is just real and that’s just really good so when I post a feature the thing I I think the most about is my hair people always comment about the hairs like is it fluffy enough is it fluffy enough and I’m like okay they take a picture and it’s like okay nice that’s it if I use a standard filter for my photos yeah I used to feel COF and then I use this c1 filter a little bit of saturation a little bit of gray and then you have that vintage look which I like if I would show you my photo roll I’d like 50 photos before I get the right selfie oh the other day I was with my friends hanging on a balcony in the Sun it took like 15 minutes before we got a good photo and they were like are you done dude this is not cool anymore and I’m like no I need the best photo usually it’s like I need like 40 40 photos or something and then there’s one good one what much if you think about it okay hashtag deep fake video I have not heard of this is he a picture of Barack Obama and somebody else this is a dangerous time moving forward we need to be more than that’s not a real Barack Obama it’s time when we need to rely on trusted news sources I think we rack is fake and the other guy is talking whoa it is really good it’s kind of creepy man you can make anyone say anything I would not see a good cause of this right now so I’m just a little bit scared you can and make anyone say anything but it’s really exciting too I mean it’s really good why would people use this they can record themselves right so if Barack Obama wants to say something I think he should do it himself and if anyone else would would put words in his mouth that could be very dangerous if I would use this technique for cover oh that could be like a like a good thing I could use a piece Paul McCartney’s face or a pose Malone’s face and then sing the song or Camila Cabello can we like Kibeho don’t Camille I don’t know her answer today okay that could be cool that could be cool yeah who deserves a shout-out so there’s this one artist called dayglo he’s I think from America and he’s really good he has one album out I got the final at home and I think he deserves a shout out his music is amazing so dey go check him out that was it thanks for having me don’t forget to like this video and subscribe to this channel and leave a comment who do you want to see next time was so social this was blanks bye bye [Music]

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