Beto O’Rourke Was Nervous When He Met Former President Barack Obama | SuperSoul Conversations | OWN

Beto O’Rourke Was Nervous When He Met Former President Barack Obama | SuperSoul Conversations | OWN

So somebody who works for
him served me a cup of coffee in a porcelain cup in a saucer. He comes walking down the hall. And he’s got a
paper cup of coffee. And he said, oh, Beto’s here. So you get the nice china. And I’m drinking out of the– [LAUGHTER] So it put me at ease, because
he had to have known how nervous I was to be seeing him. I had met him, but
only glancingly as a member of Congress
when he was the president of the United States. And we sit down in his office. He’s sitting in a
chair like this. I’m sitting at the
edge of a couch. And at about minute six
or seven, I realized, I am so tense and tight. And I’m sure I just have
the weirdest look on my face because–
[LAUGHING] – You’re not even breathing.
– I’m not breathing. This loop is going
through my head. I am listening to
President Obama. I am sitting with
President Obama. And so I kind of mind controlled
my body and my expressions, and kind of tried
to look relaxed. And then actually we
proceeded to have a really wonderful conversation. And, again, I hope he
doesn’t mind me sharing this. We were talking about the
Texas senate campaign. Yeah. And I said, I’ve got to
admit, there were so many times during those two
years out on the road where I wanted to give up,
where I really felt tested, where I just didn’t know
if I could take it anymore, where I wanted to go back home
and see Amy, and be comforted by her, and be with our kids. Did you ever feel
like that ever? And he said, every day. And it made him– he’s somewhat superhuman to
me, and I think to a lot of us. And it made him
so much more human to know that he had doubts. Did he encourage you
to run for president? What did he say about that?
– No. He didn’t.
Wow. Just asking. He didn’t. You all did not talk about
you running for president? No. That would not be correct. But you asked– [LAUGHTER] OK. You asked if he
encouraged me to. He did not. OK. But he was very
generous in sharing what his thought process was
leading up to that decision.


  1. Chad K. Your words are like yourself. Full of hate ..and 100% disgusting. If you have children. I pray they see past your crap!!!!!

  2. Help Draft Beto For 2020!! 
    Join The Group Talk About What You Like, Dislike and Or Would Like To SEE Beto To Run On…

  3. If he was nervous when meeting Obama what happens when he starts getting slinged with all the crap from right wingers nationwide? He better get to grips what running for president in 2020 means.

  4. His passion and morals make him exactly what we need in America today. He's endearing, compassionate, thoughtful, and willing to do the bipartisan work necessary to actually get things done . He truly cares about ALL people. He takes the time to talk to people of all political ideologies, respectfully listens, and has real conversations with them. Real people. He doesn't follow the money like so many in politics. He won't be bought. Whether you agree with him or not, he still cares about you as a person. He is a human that I am PROUD is a Texan, and he restores some of the faith in our political system that I have shamefully lost in recent years.

  5. Pretty nice guy. Only problem he never speaks about his policies and legislation he wants to push. I suggest Andrew Yang as the better alternative that benefits all Americans and incentives entrepreneurship with the security of a basic income. A message of hope like Obama and Trump will not cut it to evolve as a country. And to empower the people to make the dream a reality. With this guy you will only be dreaming about a better future not living it.

  6. He might take more campaign money from the Oil Industry than anyone else besides fellow Texan Ted Cruz, but hey, who am I to judge.

    source, if you're the fact-checking type

  7. Oprah, your man is a loser! If he wants to be a president of Mexico, he should go to Mexico. Keep in mind that majority of American people don’t speak Spanish. FYI: I am an immigrant from Vietnam. I am now an American, and will never vote for a person like Beto. What a traitor!

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