1. Haha that’ll teach him. The scary part about this all is that he really believed infringing on our rights was the right move. No thanks Robert, I’ll be keeping my guns.

  2. Now Little Beto is finally free to pursue his life's dream of giving blowjobs and quickies to crusty open road truckers at the rest stop alongside Stormy Daniels, Kamala Harris and Katie Hill.

  3. I'll "SELL BACK" my AR for $47,822.00. Accessories will be another $25,367.00.
    Gold coin only.
    If they don't pay…I have ammo.

  4. Man! I'm glad he decided to give it up! I like having rights. To all! Don't forget that there are many more of these Criminals in office wanting to stomp the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights. They want to take your property, firearms and anything else of value. Vote Trump in 2020

  5. #HELLYESimQuitting 😂
    Adios Roberto Fernando
    BYE👋 Irish Robert Francis.
    I'm sure the Hispanics are happy to be free of his horrible spanglish and pandering. LOL

  6. Hahaha! I wonder if him getting owned by that one mom at the speaking event he held in Newtown had anything to do with this decision.

  7. So he thought the president of the united states should run using a Fake nickname?
    Should've been a hint there.
    Go away Dumbass.

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