Beto O’Rourke On Pete Buttigieg: ‘I Question His Political Courage’ | All In | MSNBC

Beto O’Rourke On Pete Buttigieg: ‘I Question His Political Courage’ | All In | MSNBC


  1. Beto is interesting, Pete is very intelligent, Bernie is sweet, Kamela is good, etc etc. All the candidates are “good”, but none of the Democratic contenders are particularly appealing or outstanding. It’s a real shame that the DNC couldn’t find an outstanding American hero type individual who would blow Trumps scam out of the water. Instead, all we have are these half dozen “also-runs”. 😪

  2. Pete Buttigieg has served in the military & Beto shouldn't question his courage. In contrast SpankyPants tRump is a 5 times draft deferring draft dodger & coward & thats the reason he is called "CadetBoneSpurs" amongst many other nicknames & things.

  3. LFG PETE pLz pLz pLz pLz win we need another great president like u and what u could do for the LGBTQ community winning to would me unbelievable and you overall are the best candidate to be president with all your experiences you have had and still have

  4. Neither Pete nor Beto are ready. Having said that, either would be better than the current whitehouse occupant.

  5. Meanwhile a big caravan is at Mexico border
    A year after a mass caravan departed Honduras, a new group tries to head to US from southern Mexico, but is stopped.

  6. Beto, you have no clue on a real solution. You have NO solution. You are acting like dog, just barks.
    You should go back to your state and be a governor and take EVERY ONE’s gun there.

  7. O'Rourke questions Pete Buttigieg's political courage. I'd like to see Beto face up to an angry group of residents the way Pete did after the shooting of a black American in South Bend. THAT was political courage. Also, Beto, please tell us how you're going to get people to give up their guns if they don't want to. You can't rely on people's good will. Until you can show Americans how you're going to do that, your policy is a failure.

  8. beto knows he has no chance so he chose to pick a fight with the candidate that can steal his votes. It's such a clear tactic… and quite pathetic, if you ask me.

  9. Bravery in politics to speak as conduit of the people 👍 rather than mere building one's own self image. Beto and Warren, we need more brave politicians like you!

  10. So, I think we need red flag laws and universal background checks. Not a debate on what to do with our 2nd Amendment Rights. I am a democrat. But, I live in a red state. So, there needs to be a solution to let people still use their guns but not on public property.

  11. I’ve overall been pretty neutral about Beto, but honestly at this point, he really just needs to stop and gtfo. His criticisms of Buttigieg (or anyone really) aren’t productive or constructive, they’re just desperate. Maybe Beto would be able to outwit and out-debate someone else out there (I don’t know who though), but Pete is not one of them, and he’s fighting a lost cause if he thinks he can best someone as sharp as Buttigieg.

  12. O'Rourke was schooled by Pete. He is as politically immature as AOC. The Texas numbers he is lying about are false! I live in Texas and he is full of BS! People in Texas are NOT "terrified to got out in public"!!!! Please read between his BS lines…. If his hands are moving he is lying! I am a hispanic Texan and I do not believe a word this guy says. It is word for word repeated in every speech and interview he gives. Scripted to try and save a doomed campaign.

  13. Look at Robert Francis posts from any news outlet… notice the amounts of dislikes to likes. He is taking advantage of the fact that most people are uninformed about firearms.

  14. Beto better check his numbers again….because Pete is right! Leadership is getting people to follow, not kicking up a crap storm….

  15. Beto married into the elite class and Pete takes more campaign contributions from billionaires than any other candidate. These elitist tools want us disarmed because the elites prefer their prey to be disarmed. Wake up America!!!

  16. @1:25 Bravo this is exactly the point, these weapons are symbolic… to people who know nothing about weapons, they are not themselves the problem, and when people like Beto continue to hammer on this he reveals his lack of knowledge on the subject.

  17. Red Flag Laws violate the "seizures" clause of the 4th Amendment, the "due process" clause of the 5th & 14th Amendments and the entire 2nd Amendment. Taking Constitutionally protected property by Magistrate without charge, counsel, cross-examination of witnesses, a jury of your peers or conviction of guilt is AUTHORITARIAN. Universal Background Checks require a NATIONAL REGISTRY and every nation that has created a NATIONAL REGISTRY ultimately used it for CONFISCATION. Democrats are mad at Beto for saying it publicly.

  18. Well I say to politicians like this rich privileged man the same guns that you want to disarm the citizens of then that goes for all police officers, body guards, senate and capital police ect.if we can’t protect our families and property with them than it should be illegal for you all too.

  19. Pete, who is a Republican in Democratic clothing, must have sent all his fans, along with Fox News stans to down vote this video.

  20. So of the 40k 8 of those represent the real issue. Let’s Ban everything to eliminate the 8!

    I’m completely astonished people actually support and follow Beto. Seriously this it fascinates me!

  21. Buttigieg has much more political courage than O’Rourke, please! Buttigieg is a much better candidate, the best! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻❤️

  22. Does anyone else think it's weird that the guy who is a convicted of home invasion and burglary wants homeowners to not be allowed to have guns? This is like a pedophile saying the legal age of consent is too high.

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