bbc World News America 2013

bbc World News America 2013

This is BBC World news America ,reporting from Washing i am Laura Trevlen the people of Venezuela turn out on mass
to mourn the death of their president Hugo Chavez what comes next for the nation fleeing Syria in droves the tide of refugees topped one million special report from neighboring jordan it’s nearly two years now since the
revolution began and night after night scenes like there’s no being repeated
along Syria’s borders and a leading male dancer don’t at the bolshoi has confessed to the acid attack
organized and did attack on the face of the artistic director welcome to World News America there was a mass show of support today on the streets of Caracas tens of thousands turned out to mourn
the loss of president Hugo Chavez


  1. The background music of world news america is amazingly good and the way laura starts saying welcom… world news america i am laura trevelyn it sounds goods i love the way laura anchor the show.

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