BBC vs CNN vs Aljazeera vs RT… What is the best news channel?

[Music] hey guys BBC CNN Russia today and al-jazeera are the most important and influential news broadcasting services around the world while BBC is British CNN is American pal Jazeera is Qatari and obviously Russia today is Russian BBC is the biggest it has more than 23,000 employees serving in all parts of the world it is the oldest and I think it’s the best one of them I find them more professional and they have high journalism standards they don’t run after the breaking news they are guided by fairness objectivity and balance the CNN on the other hand couldn’t be bothered it has a board and shareholders so the profits matter they are so interested in trying to be the first to report the breaking story and sometimes without having confirmed the validity of it they even used too much emotion drama and alarming headlines to catch the audience al-jazeera started out more than 15 years ago as the first news channel in the Arab world they were great after that they lost the path I don’t know why and from my standpoint of view I don’t trust them Russia today has agendas alike all the other news agencies so if you are interested to see the news from a Russian perspective you are welcome to watch them I actually enjoy their articles they have some interesting reports even though sometimes they are so in your face with anti-americanism so one point goes to BBC and one to Russia Today channel beside the news report the four channels have multiple analysis shows BBC shows are interesting but too safe they have some knowledgeable and neutral journalists that report all sides of a story from all political parties point of view CNN is the best news outlets in the US with no doubt unlike the newsroom its analysis shows are great and also far away from the sensational headlines and be exaggerating they present both the right to left sides but I feel like they see the US as the center of the universe al Jazeera shows our edgy and catching regardless if they are submitted to the powers in doha or not they do a good job of covering the Middle East issues and they present the materials in a very highly image Russia today’s shows sometimes cover stories that have the network’s don’t they provoke questions other outlets weren’t dare to talk about them so it’s good to see what and how other side thinks actually I enjoy the news more than the shows I find them a little boring but we should keep in mind no one sources a perfect so if you want to get the truth you have to do your own researches let’s finish with something cool who has the best logo the best studios and the best anchors I like the CNN logo it’s so American but I think al-jazeera logo is the best it has one of the most recognizable and eye-catching logos in the world the word al-jazeera means the island it refers here to the arabian peninsula the BBC and russia today logos I find them too safe and boring however the BBC has the best sounding intro to never I think for CNN graphics ago but al Jazeera graphics are great its Center for tricky to choose who has the best Studios the four out lists have gigantic Studios actually I prefer the high tech Studios of Al Jazeera the BBC indeed has some of the best anchors I really enjoy the British accent or as they call it the RP in English so here in advise you have any English test do you want to improve you English listening skills just watch the BBC it will pay off with time you are welcome and please subscribe to our channel for more videos so as I was saying the BBC is like a school it has a long history in the industry it is like a dream for any news reporter I guess needless to mention how much I love the weather news reports the CNN and BBC website so far greater than al-jazeera and Russia today websites the BBC website is well defined however the CNN’s one I find it more informative and the best website the war goes to CNN on YouTube the CNN channel has more than 4 million subscribers Russia Today and BBC are almost the same with 2.7 million subscribers al-jazeera is the last one it has only 2 million subscribers the winner today is the BBC greetings [Music] [Music] [Music]

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