BBC News –  The Silent Child

BBC News – The Silent Child

A six-year-old girl from Swindon has
been tipped for the big time after starring in a film
Maisie sly who’s profoundly deaf was chosen to play the lead role in The Silent Child
it’s the story of a family struggling to come to terms with having
a daughter who is deaf Maisie was given a huge surprise today when the film was
shown to the whole school Red carpet check large enthusiastic
audience check this isn’t Leicester Square though this is red oaks primary
school but now all we need is a star by the look on her face I think this might
be the first moment Maisie Sly felt famous I don’t think it’ll be the last either
soon the lights were dimmed and her film began “She is normal – she’s just deaf” “Do you think she could get a job one day?” “Yeah she can have a career in whatever she likes” “Oh god bless her” when I tell you a whole primary school
sat in silence for the entire film you know it must be good her co-star and the
film’s writer can’t speak highly enough I mean I’m not just saying I am biased
because I love her and because the projects ours but she is incredible
and she has the ability to do what a lot of adults struggle with she’s got a
natural core ability we’re going to Rhode Island Film Festival there’s another
one in London we’ve got quite a few in the bag that we just saying they’re
having to sort her passport at the moment cause I’m sure she’ll be doing a
lot of traveling do you think Maisie is going to be famous
– Yes. YES! That is if they ever let her go sometimes you have to pinch yourself and
just think wow when we were shown the film we were
sat down in the cinema and watching it was so good I still get goosebumps
talking about it or things like that it’s just like wow that’s really my
daughter has done all that I see a lot of myself in that film I’m completely
honest without wanting to spoil it but one of the things at the end
deafness is my learning disability and that’s just yeah that’s so true are you
going to turn into a pushy parent and that I’m not at all all I ask for is an
early retirement no pressure then then next stop at the end of term of
course is America that’s it from me I’ll let Maisie sign off – Oh thank you Maisie, so cute
– Beautiful

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