BBC News: Naga Munchetty apologises as she’s distracted by unexpected guest [Royal TV]

 Naga Munchetty and Charlie Stayt were presenting BBC Breakfast together this morning, and they had a little surprise guest on the show  Naga was welcoming Scottish actor, John Hannah, onto the programme, and she also had the great pleasure of introducing another guest that he had brought onto the show with him  The BBC news presenter was delighted to discover that John had brought his little dog, Coco, onto the programme, and she couldn’t have been happier to welcome John’s canine friend  Naga said: “So, we are joined now by actor John Hannah, as we promised you, and the screenwriter Dan Sefton, and bonus guest, best bonus guest of the morning, Coco ” John then explained why he had to bring his dog onto the show with him and revealed that she goes everywhere with him  “She probably didn’t expect to be on set, but as soon as we heard you brought her…” Naga began, insinuating that they had no choice by the bring Coco onto the programme once they heard John had taken her with him  “She goes everywhere with you does she?” asked Naga, to which John replied: “She does ” He continued: “If there’s nobody at home, and my wife was away the night that I came up, so travels easily, she’s come on the set ” “How old is she?” asked Naga, and John revealed that Coco was nine-years-old. Charlie then asked whether Coco was an acting dog, and John told the presenters that she had appeared in Touch of Cloth and One Red Nose Day and a Wedding  “Do you know what? She so knows how to play to the camera, doesn’t she? She so knows,” Naga said  The presenter quickly realised that they had been far too distracted by Coco and apologised and proceeded to move the conversation away from Coco and onto the TV show John and Dan were there to promote  “Dan, apologies. You didn’t come on just to talk about Coco,” Naga said apologetically  Charlie then added: “We’re getting a little bit distracted.” They proceeded to talk about the new series of Trust Me which John Hannah is now starring in  This came after Charlie was shocked on yesterday’s programme after Carol Kirkwood made a request that he just couldn’t seem to get his head around  “What do you want? A cup of tea or a cup of coffee?” Charlie asked the meteorologist  Carol replied: “A cup of milky, weak tea would be fabulous please.” “Milky weak tea? That sounds horrible!” Charlie exclaimed  BBC Breakfast airs weekdays at 6am on BBC One.

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