1. god bless this country
    god bless our commander and chief
    god bless our troops and the mental trauma they have to deal with.
    I hope everyone has a wonderful day.

  2. Navy seals are seals they don’t come close to any NATO special forces they are going to do crimes to anyone so trump friends are destroying what America was nobody wants be like United States military they cut run they are not allies the Kurdish people know so I hope NATO have learned what United States is

  3. So what if the man wants to pose with a dead 12 year old lslamic state fighter?

    Maybe some of us would like to see these so called photographs. If they even existed. If photography was even a thing. Probably classified secret noforn. Confirmed possibly denied.

  4. So I came to this channel to just see how bad the videos were and honestly I didn’t think it would be 100% terrible. But now I’m 24 seconds in and completely see that this truly is a lying news network. In the first 24 seconds, your already saying lies that have been proven to be 100% false that were made up by vengeful cowards , and to try and bash one of the most honorable people that sacrifices so much for me and you and not even himself. I’m just happy in the end, there is a heaven and there is a hell. And also thanks for brainwashing a ton of my peers which I and others now have to put up with and have to try and unfuck their minds. Fuck you cnn. Wrath.

    Doxx me! 😀

  5. This video showed the guests names but not the host????? She did good i would like to know her mane. I think it's laura but i need confirmation

  6. Lol. Imagine if the Democrats tried to remove the warfighter badges and silver stars from all the war heroes who summarily executed surrendered Nazi soldiers? Pathetic Liberals

  7. Nobody here understand what happened. CNN's audience is a bunch of butthurt morons hating on every single thing Trump do without the slightest sense of self-ignorance. Bunch of clueless foaming zombies.

  8. On the Navy seal who dishonored our service-I totally agree with Admiral Stavridis : Trump sets a bad example pardoning war crimes and overriding the rule of military law. Gallagher should not hold any Navy Seal honors after performing his stunts of stabbing a wounded, captive young enemy and killing him, then posing with his dead body like a trophy to a hunter.
    What a cowardly, ignoble, dishonorable thing to do. That is a terrible representation of our American and cultural values of following the Geneva convention rules of combat. Once an enemy is captured we treat them with respect and dignity.
    We need less war, more compromise, tolerance and respect of others, even those with whom we disagree. If it gets to the point of blows (or bombs or knives), we must always remember the opponents in war are, like us, spirits inhabiting temporarily these human bodies. On the soul plane we are all one. "Hatred is begotten of separation" as Maitreya Buddha says wisely. Don't act like it's between 'us and them' anymore, grow up and recognize God in our brothers and sisters everywhere. It's a family affair.
    We need a new kind of warrior in militaries around the world, warriors who inwardly know this, is never boastful or condescending of the enemy. Show the world respect and love, even while defending our country in standing up for what is right against what is wrong. These modes of war as in our daily lives are paramount aspects to man's one day achieving love and brotherhood. Let's stand "upright in our divinity" as Maitreya puts it.

  9. Did anyone watch this trial?? The upper brass of the USN acted without Dignity or Honor. A circus trial complete with intimidation tactics. I'm glad Spencer got tossed out on his posterior. I hope the door snapped him hard on the butt on the way out. Don't feel bad for the fired Spencer, he'll probably be an over paid shill for either CNN or MSNBC soon enough. Now to get rid of that REMF Adm. Greene and any other political fobbits. Don't worry if the Pentagon gets some house cleaning , they can probably get jobs across the river in Foggy Bottom. Working there is what i'd expect of their metier.

  10. Gallagher is a disgrace to his uniform and the Navy Seals. He went on air the other day and criticized his leaders and their command. Another idiot Trumpanzee who thinks he has the right to decide what's illegal or not.

  11. And then he had the nerve to say, "You CNN commenters are so f'n twisted, I swear to God. You guys can't tell a right move from a bowel movement and that's a fact." LMAO!!

  12. Yeah, and guess what? He called you guys "Man-Children". He means, Under developed brains, pretty sure: * [Eddie Gallagher on his case: 'This is about ego and retaliation' – YouTube](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6dkz9MdRTZo)

  13. Oh-yeah — we now have a new (nominated) secretary of the Navy – that one was removed for his handling of this case. Bye-bye baby. (No pictures, please!)

  14. UCMJ is far less flawed then Civilian Justice. Civilian justice is so flawed you could be standing on one leg, one arm in the air and a cast around your torso and the police would shoot you because you're a threat. If you're black you don't need an arm, just breath.

  15. Communist News Network. The Obama administration's and DemonRat Soviet-style COUP against President Trump is an epic FAIL. The entire treasonous, disgusting Left is about to be BURIED under the TRUMP 2020 LANDSLIDE. FUCK CNN

  16. Why does CNN not mention that Gallagher also killed unarmed civilians? That he lobbed grenades at civilians? That he stabbed the ISIS prisoner to death? That his teammates messed with his personal weapon so he wouldn't shoot anymore civilians?

  17. You fucking CNN cunt… Special treatment? Dumb bitch, prosecute all soldiers that take selfies with dead terrorists… CNN is so fucked up…

  18. Oh, here come the liberal internet lawyers!!! The only war I bet a majority of these liberals have seen is from playing COD!!

  19. With the Russia investigation, impeachment, booing of the First Lady, and all the other crap going on it's hard to believe politics isn't at the center of this as well. Good thing we have a president who will stand up for our warriors or we'd have nothing but a bunch of pussies in our armed forces.

  20. CNN , the MSM, soft military and the dims are trying to make law enforcement a bad name /bad profession putting all people at risk to the thugs ???

  21. This man is a War Criminal, they don't mention his worst actions, like stabbing a sick teenage boy laying down 20 times and shooting a teenage girl for no apparent reason.

  22. I hate to admit it but ig Gallaher was Japanese he would have not accepted the pardon and then kill himself out of sheer shame.
    Make America Great Again my ass.

  23. Eddy Gallagher is a stain and a cancer to our military. Here we go with more conservative lies. Funny how non of them have any integrity. They have no limit to the lies conservatives will say. Conservatives are a cancer to America.

  24. Your a creepy station, never watched your video either. Will never support your station ever. I hope you go down your a disgrace to true reporters and news everywhere. Your at the bottom.

  25. Nobody knows what they are doing but the president, these institutions have existed for centuries, but this draft dodging dumb president seems to always know best.

  26. War crimes, trump loves that.
    Trump the antichrist
    Trump took McCabe retirement away for a few days, so the argument of getting his rank back is bs.

  27. When you pose with a dead body like a trophy. There is definitely something wrong with you in the head.
    It makes me question if that was an isis fighter, or some civilian

  28. Thank you Eddie Gallagher. We need more heroes like u and less snow flakes like them . U run into battles they run into moms basement

  29. Get rid of the fucking seals! The Marine Raiders, ANGLICO and Force Recon can accomplish any mission better, cheaper and honorably. Oh, and get it done without the bullshit Hollywood idolatry that you get from the paper asshole, wing walkers wearing their little frog gigs on their ice cream man suits.

  30. When I read the header of an article that read "Frogman against frogman" it struck me how Putin probably can't believe how lucky he was when trump was elected. I quote: "It's incredibly divisive and polarizing within our own community," one SEAL said. Trump is tearing us apart everyday. RIP John McCain

  31. Yeah sure, the war criminals attorney says his client is being framed and that the military justice process are the actual criminals. This is the pattern of the times. It is no wonder that this stimulated Trump to put his thumb on the scale.

  32. Well is war, is not a love fest, one crazy less that you do not need to deal with or worry about killing you later, I will feel in the same way like winning a trophy and show it in war, is you or the other mdfkrt!!! The President is right!!???????????????

  33. Restore Gallagher's Trident!
    He deserves the Medal of Honor for the media smear campaign…
    The enemy is the enemy is the enemy… Period
    Would the enemy be shamefully charging their soldiers for doing their duty?

  34. Gallagher was smart to realize his ticket to freedom was to hire media savvy lawyers connected to the ruling party. Military justice only applies to poor saps without connections.

  35. YOU LOST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!!…get over it, and get a fucking life already, #FakeNewsCNN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #FakeNews #unAmerican #DrainTheSwamp #Trump2020

  36. Trump's intervention? He's the commander in chief!!! Fake news CNN always with a spin to falsely lead idiots that believe this is real news that president Trump is doing something wrong.

  37. This Outright SLIMY SLITHERING SCANKY SCUMBAG Never ceases to Surprise Me… And Most likely the Entire Civilized World of Decent, Good, God Loving and Dignified Kind, Caring People… As to the Links he'll go to Support and even Encourage the Hate Mongering Mongoloids of the Far Right White Supremacists and Evil Unlawful Acts of the Seriously Deranged, Demented and Extremely Ungodly Alien Creatures of which he Obviously is!!!…

    This Apparently Very Sick Soldier… Obviously needs Mental help… Not to be told by his Despicable excuse of a Commander-N-Cheif that he's done Nothing wrong and should be Proud of his Atrocities against Humanity!!!???????…

    How in God's name did we get here People!!??… This behavior… Especially from a Disgusting, Despicable, Disgrace to Humanity is the Worst kind of Embarrassing Tragedy and Travesty our Country has EVER witnessed!!!?…

    And just as I Feared from the Very Day he was uselessly Sworn in… "He's Not Only trying Desperately to DESTROY OUR COUNTRY, DEMOCRACY AND CONSTITUTION, But also Our Reputation as it Pertains to Never Condoning Spiteful, Mean, and Hateful Acts against Humanity!!!?…

    Every day that passes with this Deplorable Demagogue in the now known… "Fright House" is Worse and More Embarrassing than the Day before… And for the 1st time since he was elected… Is another Day that I'm Ashamed and Appalled to be an American!!!???????…

    Please People… #PRAYFORIMPEACHMENT!!!… #VOTEBLUEIN2020!!!???

  38. You want standards,, OMG. YOU NEVER know the results of war, what a stupid government…USA one day your end up with no military, your gonna have force the Coward Jews to go join up.

  39. Hope a Muslim gets him. Trash, war criminal, coward and trash. But other than that, a standard , brainless murderer of innocent people , a punk that will like
    Y meets American justice on the street

  40. As a 1st Sgt (retired now) I saw Commanders apply
    punishment and rescind punishment as well—and guess what—no one questioned it
    because it was within that Commander’s authority.  So as the TOP Commander, why do people question
    the President?  Oh that’s right, it’s the
    ones who all of a sudden care about “military good order and discipline” …psssh
    give me a break.

  41. CNN and their followers are not worthy to carry Eddie Gallagher's jock strap…so…get on about your day.  The man's a hero.

  42. We ( the military)are separated for the civilian court. Stay out of our military business. I know this chief will be black ball the the rank and file. How about a blanket party

  43. A dead isis fighters body? he took a picture next to a DEAD TERRORIST who is an enemy of the United States of America. What the fuck is wrong when the shitburgers at cnn try to make him more important then a Navy seal fighting to protect the USA

  44. Eddy you can take your Asterisk Triton patch with you straight to hell . Satan has one too. Murdering a child? Really? Your worse that that gutless draft dodger that gave you a get out of jail free card. Rot in hell together

  45. If he just was in a photo with dead soldier I don't think that's a big deal, a lot of similar things were done in WW2 and much worse by our enemies. If he did kill civilians though then that's a different story but idk if there's credible evidence for that.

  46. The same military process that had so much misconduct from the prosecutor he was removed. Then they went after Eddie and the three men that testified that he did nothing wrong. Yeah the president did nothing wrong, that Navy Chief of Staff is a politician who was playing games.

  47. President Trump's decision to apply the tu Quoque doctrine to the Gallagher case highlights the contradictions between the treaties published in President Obama's 2016 DOD Law of War memo and the legal memoranda published in a pair of books entitled The Torture Memos published in 2009 by David Cole and The Drone Memos published in 2016 by Jameel Jaffar.

  48. He earned it. He keeps it. If he can't get back the blood and sweat it took to get it, why would you take it. Back the fuck off. War is ugly. And theres no easy day. Hooyah

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