Andrew Neil ‘destroys’ Ben Shapiro in BBC interview

Andrew Neil ‘destroys’ Ben Shapiro in BBC interview

Why is it that a bill
banning abortions after a woman has been pregnant
for six weeks, is not a return to the dark ages?
What’s your answer? –My answer is something
called science. Human life exists at conception.
It ought to be protected. Now, back to my question to you.
You purport to be an objective journalist. The BBC purports to be an
objective down-the-middle-network. It obviously is not,
it never has been and you as a journalist
are proceeding to call one side of the political aisle
ignorant, barbaric and sending us back to the dark ages. Why don’t you just say
that you’re on the left. Is this so hard for you? Why can’t you just be honest?
It’s a serious question. –Mr Shapiro, if you only knew how
ridiculous that statement is you wouldn’t have said it. I just asked you a question. –And I asked you a question and you
failed to answer a single one of mine. Frankly I find this whole
thing a waste of time. If you want to read the book
and critique the book, why don’t you read and
critique the book. If you want to critique me, you can
think whatever you want of me. Frankly I don’t care.
I don’t frankly give a damn what you think of me since
I’ve never heard of you. –And I’ve never heard of you
until I briefed myself on this but that’s not the issue.
You have a new book out … –Then why the hell are you
interviewing me, sir? –It’s an interesting book but my
point is your book claims that society –Well it would be nice if you
would quote it from time to time –I’ve done so several times
and I’m about to do so again if you would let me just
finish the question. –Now frankly I don’t think. Your book claims that society
is turning its back –Honestly, honestly sir –on judeo-christian values. What are those values that
it’s turning its back on? –I’m not inclined to continue
an interview with a person as badly motivated as you,
as an interviewer so I think we’re done here.
I appreciate your time. –All right well thank you
for your time and for showing that
anger is not part of American political discourse. Now, Mr Shapiro,
we’ll say goodbye.


  1. Ben Shapiro: All my beliefs are made based on facts and logic and no one cares about your feelings
    Andrew Neil: *Asks him to elaborate on direct quotes on his beliefs
    Ben Shapiro: I feel personally attacked

  2. Why do dogs have rights? They say a fetus is is a part of 'her' body, just cells but it doesn't share the exact DNA. A woman has the right to do with their body what they wish but obviously that's not a part of their body. Thats what they say so they don't feel guilty, then when all those arguments get shut down they bring up extreme cases like "so you're saying she should have to die to give birth?"

  3. '''I've never heard of you''

    Well that was Ben's first mistake. Mr Neil has humiliated many politicians.

    I'm a Shapiro fan btw but it was refreshing seeing him owned for the first time.

  4. so…which were the facts of the brit man? Ben responded and questioned back, and the brit didn't want to answer ben's questions but to explicit say that he wasn't interest in Ben or his book. So…………………….. what was the brit's intenton in the end? moral superiority without argumentation? Clearly a waste of time, that's why Ben left.

  5. I fail to see how Ben lost this debate. He never referenced his religion as the substance for his cause, rather his opponent brought it up in an effort to discredit Bens argument. Ben cited science.

  6. No 1 person here understands the whole interview Ben asked whoever this guy was multiple questions and was not answered so he did not feel inclined to answer

  7. Ben Shapiro sounds like the stereotypical scientist nerd you heard in 90's and early 2000's movies and video games. Ben is an intelligent man but he has a really obnoxious voice. I'd rather have him use a text to speech machine for the rest of his life.

  8. When Quentin Tarantino gets asked dirty GOTCHA questions, he calls out the interviewer in a very angry way,
    People praise him.

    When Robert Downey Jr. got asked dirty GOTCHA questions, and he got up and left,
    People praise him.

    But when Ben Shapiro is asked dirty GOTCHA questions about quotes that he himself has apologised for, and video titles that he has nothing to do with, and the entire segment planned to make him look like a racist or a hack of some sort, and when HE gets fed up (which is a natural and justified reaction),
    suddenly people discredit LITERALLY EVERYTHING that he has ever done or said,
    they SELECTIVELY erase ALL the debates that he ever had at politicon and Radio shows, and go ahead to show that they're so desperate to gain dirt on Shapiro that even him getting angry over a manipulative news anchor, is somehow an 'ownage'.

    Pathetic, desperate, and pitiful.

  9. i was actually rooting for someone to beat ben shapiro in an argument. this old dude just got exposed on tv and ben won as he always does. sad…

  10. Amazing! This is like having a rational discussion with my conservative cousin who gets touchy when talking about a topic he doesn't want to discuss. He almost uses the same words as Shapiro when being pressed to make a stand on the points presented.

  11. Hard to believe Shapiro entered this interview not knowing who Neil is. Someone probably needs to conduct a welfare check at Ben’s hotel room after this.

  12. I forgot how intolerant the left is… Ben literally answered all the questions except the last because he realized this was an interrogation. A barrage of questions coming from someone who's continuously dodging any kind of discourse from the opposition isn't even close to getting "destroyed." Ben respectfully left after he realized Neil had no intention of being genuine but, to read the paper in front of him until the segment ended.

  13. I don't know the complete scenario, but if Andrew Neil did tell those things then he should have answered Ben's question. (Neither I am living in USA nor I am interested in politics, just wondering why someone like Ben would be so easily triggered.) Anyone know what the real scenario is?

  14. and it was on this day that ben shapiro learned that techniques used for debates, are not as useful during interviews.

  15. I don’t see any ownership by Neil at least not from this clip. One suggests taking a pill takes you back to the dark ages, the other says science proves life begins at conception. Neither adds anything worthwhile after that.

  16. You know they're trying to hide something when they only play a few seconds of a clip. They know that left base Foams at the mouth for this type of stuff

  17. This guy shitpiro SUCKS at discussions. He went on a complete tangent and needs to take some critical thinking classes to learn how to have an arguement.

  18. Be to be fair. he digged hes own hole on this one,.

    ohh yyh. well your a left winger. a bit like when someone claims someone is a racist and then the facts prove there not. snowfake shapero needs to claim down

  19. He's usually in control over his emotions. He might've been having a bad day or something. This is proof that nobody is perfect, but that doesn't mean that we can ignore the imperfections.

  20. I was really interested to see what it would look like for Ben Shapiro to be destroyed in a interview. Even though I like him. Just out of curiosity. However this was not it lol. All it told me is Ben was obviously in a mood & didn’t really want to do this interview to begin with. And didn’t waste time completing it. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  21. B.S. spewing more B.S. out of his B.S. mouth.
    It's funny; a pundit who speaks fast, yet people think he's the smartest guy on the planet.

  22. Where can I find the full video of this interview??? I really don’t believe that Andrew Neil got the upper hand over Ben Shapiro you can even see where what maybe the majority of the interview had been cut.

  23. Ben was absolutely not even scratched. Convenient how it was edited to delete the context of what they had been talking about.

  24. I'm not exactly sure how that is owning ben? Even alittle bit refusing to have a back and forth discussion and wants to only voice his opinions and say how ben feels about something is a horrible interviewer and I woulda walked out to lol

  25. Andrew: "Hey Ben can I interview you about your book?"
    Ben: "Of course"
    Andrew: "Ok then. Why are conservatives so dumb?"
    Go watch the full interview. Andrew asks loaded questions.

  26. Lol, he wasn't 'destroyed' at all…he answered the question, then asked one (a legitimate one) and got no answer…we need more people like him

  27. I don't see where he got owned. I see a completely pointless interview where neither side gave forth a response worth listening to.

  28. Ha. This has cut out all the interview. I watched the whole thing, without the splicing, editing, and cutting. Mr Shapiro destroyed that guy, over and over.

  29. Destroyed? This was like when a smart person tries to start argument with a dumb one. Ignorance is the word. Ben was right on this one.

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