Andrew Neil challenges Johnson to commit to interview: ‘It is not too late’

Andrew Neil challenges Johnson to commit to interview: ‘It is not too late’

And that concludes our fourth leader’s
interview for the general election of 2019. There is, of course, still one to be done.
Boris Johnson, the prime minister. We have been asking him for weeks now
to give us a date, a time, a venue. As of now, none has been forthcoming. No broadcaster can compel a politician
to be interviewed, but leader’s interviews have been a key part of the BBC primetime
election coverage for decades. We do them on your behalf to scrutinise
and hold to account those who would govern us. That is democracy. We’ve always proceeded in good faith that
the leaders would participate in every election. They have, all of them, until this one.
It is not too late. We have an interview prepared, oven ready,
as Mr Johnson likes to say. The theme running through our questions
is trust and why so many times in his career in politics and journalism, critics and sometimes even those
close to him have deemed him to be untrustworthy. There is no law, no Supreme Court ruling that
can force Mr Johnson to participate in a BBC leader’s interview. But the prime minister of our nation will
at times have to stand up to president Trump, president Putin, president Xi of China. So it was surely not expecting too much
that you spent half an hour standing up to me.


  1. Help locate a missing chlorinated chicken in a nearby ditch. This chicken escaped from his scheduled interview with Mr. Neil!

  2. it is too late…. i have allready voted.

    Vote Corbyn ffs people
    unless ofc you are a tax dodging multi millionaire homophobic racist in which case its prob in your best intrests to vote for the tories.

  3. Boris Johnson has done plenty of interviews during this campaign. We know the questions and we know the answers. Andrew Neil is rather arrogant if he assumes we, the electorate, are relying on him to get ‘the truth’. We’ve all made up our minds one way or the other long ago I suspect. Personally I dislike his bullying and yes, disrespectful, tone when addressing party leaders. That trend copied by many interviewers and the baying studio audience has led to a general coarsening of public debate in recent years.

  4. So 58 people disliked this video because Andrew Neil asked Boris to show up? that shows that there is a section of society that should have to take an IQ test before been allowed to even vote.

  5. President “Zee” of China? Don’t you mean “Xi” (pronounced “she”) Andrew? Get it right, it’s literally your job to talk.

  6. Left wing anti Brexit interviewer cries over not getting his pound of flesh, grow up and accept democratic will of the electorate

  7. Andrew Neil is an interviewer, Boris has had plenty of interviews, does Andrew Neil think he is special… its more about raisings his ratings than anything else

  8. If people truly believe there is anything to gain by being humiliated by anyone for whatever reason you have some big issues to resolve. They all lie and cheat…it don't matter the colour of the rosette!

  9. It’s like calling Boris Johnson a coward for not being able to face public criticism. His message implies Boris is weak, incompetent, and not fit for national leadership. How unprofessional it is that BBC hold such a strong political proposition.

  10. Bonzo the Chicken, has no balls, no integrity, no brains. Are people really going to vote for this cowardly fool?

  11. Johnson is untrustworthy and knows he would not be able to face down a rigorous interview by Andrew Neil because his deceit would be shown to be all too obvious. Better that he hides away from real scrutiny as he isn't honest or man enough to deal with a real inquisition.

  12. "Boris Is A Coward, Boris Is A Coward la la la la, la la la la". "Boris Is A Coward, Boris Is A Coward la la la la, la la la la". Sing it with me.

  13. Hhm… I watch Neil's show but he really seems up his own bottom here! I can think of a few, better, hardcore political presenters – Maybe they're no longer at the beeb!

  14. Looking at the left wing nature of most replies so far, this comment will not be popular but, watching Neil's whinge 'to camera' on BBC this morning, he appeared to be put out that someone had DARED to decline appearing on his show – his pride has been hurt – shame !. Who does he think he is? TV presenters/interviewers/reporters seem to think they have a divine right to summon people to be interviewed, and many (not just Neil) adopt a strategy of interrupting constantly and putting their own interpretation on things. The PM has already done several TV interviews, with another this evening and is perfectly entitled to decline walking into elephant traps set by the notably left-wing BBC. He does have many other things to attend to, some of which may be even more important than Neil. The British people are quite capable of making up their minds without the contribution of Andrew Neil and we shall see the outcome in just a few days.

  15. To be expected he must have watched Corbyns demolition and didnt fancy his chances , (and people compare Johnson to our Mr Churchill! i dont think so me hearties!) , and wheres Reece-Mogg hiding ?

  16. Boris if he's clever will be interviewed by Andrew on the night before the election.
    The BBC have lost the right to decide what is and isn't democratic.

  17. Why have you edited out the part of this where andrew details some of the questions he would ask and some of the contradictions Boris has pledged and in his manifesto? Arguably the most important things that he said? For shame.

  18. Shameful that a British Prime Minister is running scared of being questioned.
    It’s clear that although his team have run a dismally poor campaign,
    even they realise that every time Johnson opens his mouth the polls get closer.

  19. I can't stand smug Andrew Neil, he thinks he is too important. All the issues he raised have been covered when Boris was interviewed by the BBC journalists Laura Kuenssberg, Andrew Marr, Dan Walker, Naga Munchetty, etc. And also covered by all other media outlets.

  20. Boris Johnson the big talker and party leader afraid of an interview which other party leaders are not. Surely in anybody’s opinion he is not open to honesty or defending his political views which is democracy as we have known it for generations. Absolutely shameful.

  21. I sometimes think the media sees it self as more important than it really is. Politicians have no legal duty to accept invitations. Boris has benn grilled numerous times over the last few weeks so he is not ducking the media. Sorry Andrew but this time you are out of order

  22. Boris literally is being interviewed by everyone else, in fairness I don't blame him for skipping Neil, he is hardly some one you would want to spend the with BY CHOICE.

  23. Who does Andrew Neil think he is? He is not even an elected Member of Parliament! He only wants to be rude and disrespectful to our democratic leader! Is he therefore in league with the enemies of our democracy? If not then let him stand up and be counted as a man who loves this democratic country, and not feed the fuel of fire for all our enemies; those who only want to be the dictators, not of only their own country, but of our country and the world! Hitler already tried it!

  24. Com on guys, he is getting it done in the ditch or I think he was busy throwing brexitiers in the ditch, you have to be complete brain dead to in order to vote for this clawn lier

  25. I voted leave I want a clean break brexit but if I was asked who do I trust more johnson or corbyn it would have to be corbyn by a country mile corbyn is a crazy dangerous man not fit to run this country but haven't said that he is more honest than johnson about who he is and what he believes in johnson is a career liar there are no words to describe him there is nothing this man wouldn't do or say to stay in power I voted leave but if I get the chance again I would vote remain just cant stand this lying scumbag seem to be incapable of telling the truth has sold Northern Ireland out he's sold the fishing industry out what next hopefully this is the start of the break up of the UK

  26. I don't think that Johnson does interviews. He intends to be a dictator and therefore does not think he should answer your questions.

  27. Who does Andrew Neil think he is. Boris has the most to lose so why should he do a stitch up interview that interrupts all answer. He has done way more than any other pm has in history. He is the Incumbent so doesn’t have to do all requests. Neil is believing his own hype and bbc are supposed to be neutral. As if

  28. I should like to make two suggestions to Andrew Neil. First, if Johnson does not accept the challenge of an interview within the next 24 hours, he publish the questions Johnson refused to answer. Secondly, I suggest challenge Chairman Dominic Cummings to a debate.

  29. Why don't some people dress like CHICKEN, as people did for George Busch senior in his campaign, "Chicken George was a campaign tactic in the 1992 U.S. presidential election". So Chikan Boris must to a slogan in this campaign.

  30. So Boris has not been on the BBC then? mmm, I thought he was this evening…….who is now misleading the public. Left wing BBC who we the licence fee payer funds.

  31. Johnson just may attend, if you give him a copy of all the questions, that will be asked, 48 hours in advice. With one condition, ALL questions must NOT deviate front Brexit, and getting Brexit done……NO other subject questions.

  32. No surprise that the incompetent, racist, sexist, liar Johnson is a gutless coward who is desperate to avoid scrutiny and tough questions.

  33. Apparently Boris wants to build 40 new hospitals that’s a novel idea because since the NHS was formed the conservative Governments have built a grand total of ZERO!! new hospitals.
    What a bunch of lying W****ers.

  34. Andrew Neil doesn't allow those he interviews to answer properly and repeatedly talks over and bombards those he interviews with the "next question". A perfect example of his technique was the interview with Nigel Farage. We do not get a proper balanced prospective or understanding from this style of discussion. I am not a Boris fan but think he is right to ignore an invitation for an interview given the way he is likely to be treated. To hell with Andrew Neil – who does he think he is ?

  35. The last interview I saw Andrew Neil with Johnson was embarrassing. Boris spent the entire time avoiding to answer all questions. Not sure if one got a genuine straight answer. Never seen a politician be so evasive one question after the other.

  36. The sad thing is it won’t make any difference. People will vote for a lying coward because 1. They actually think Brexit will ‘get done’ and don’t realise it will take us into another decade of negotiating on the back foot, and 2. People have been conditioned by the media to fear Corbyn to the point that they would rather have a PM with no principles. I guess we get what we deserve

  37. My challenge to Andrew Neil: ask your interviewees whether or not they are aware that the live export of gentle, sentient animals, the import of foie gras, and the import of animal fur from horrific fur farms in EU States such as Finland and Poland cannot be banned by any UK Government if the UK remains within the EU and its Single Market.

  38. Johnson is a coward looking to become a dictator. Trump tried and the US is coming down on him. UK please do not allow the stupidity

  39. Well Neil is an old school conservative, so bojo might do it last moment when there is no time for fact checking anymore. On the other hand there is nothing from bojo that is honest and would hold up in a „real“ interview. He will still get his majority

  40. Johnson knows fine well he will be torn apart and put his precious 10 point lead at risk, he can't get away with his fibs, waffle and inaccuracies with Andew Neil. Man up and turn up for Neil.



  42. Now he hasn't got Cummings to whisper in his ear and now nobody laughs at his gaffs anymore, he's the emperor who lost his cloak… all bluff and blunder.

  43. If I was Boris I wouldn't submit myself to bullying. There is questioning and questioning and a form of staccato interrogation. You can see how miffed the man was that he couldn't show off his "skills" and enhance his political attack dog reputation.

  44. Andrew Neil doesn't allow those he interviews to answer properly and repeatedly talks over and bombards those he interviews with the "next question". A perfect example of his technique was the interview with Nigel Farage. We do not get a proper balanced prospective or understanding from this style of discussion. I am not a Boris fan but think he is right to ignore an invitation for an interview given the way he is likely to be treated. To hell with Andrew Neil – who does he think he is ?

  45. Boris is clever. Why should he. 12 points ahead in the polls. Interview him when he's primeminister again. Then interview Corbyn after he resigns

  46. Borus really should take part.
    If he's in the right, what's he worried about?
    No a sign of strength really, I hope he reconsiders

  47. The brexit vote happened and ever thing stayed the same . Brexit will happen and everything will stay the same. Life is short get on with this, politics will aways be politics and will be forever with us.

  48. Ran away from press conference in Luxembourg, refuses to do hustings in his constituency, prorogues parliament and calls a general election to suspend parliament to avoid answering questions and being scrutinised. Is this the behaviour of a Prime Minister who has to represent us on a world stage. This "one trick pony" is obviously not fit for purpose.

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