Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez lambasts US government shutdown in first House speech

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez lambasts US government shutdown in first House speech

Today I rise to tell the story
of one of my constituents, Yahi Obed. Mr Obed was born in Yemen
and came to the United States when he was eight-years-old. His childhood dream was
to become a pilot and he knew and felt
that in the United States all things are possible
and his dream could come true. Mr Obed’s dream did come true. He’s been a Federal employee
for 14 years, has two children and a mortgage
for his home in the Morris Park neighbourhood
of the Bronx. He studied hard,
got his pilot’s licence and is now an
air traffic controller supervisor at John F Kennedy international
airport in New York City. I spoke with Mr Obed today
over the phone. He and air traffic controllers
like him across the country missed their first paycheque
this past week. He was telling me about how
stressful his job is. Every single day,
air traffic controllers have thousands of people’s
lives in their hands. With weather changes,
flight delays, staffing complexities and a myriad of other issues,
their days almost never go exactly to plan. His job is to find solutions,
analyse and adapt in realtime to keep people safe in one
of the busiest airspaces in the United States
and the world. And it is terrifying to think that
almost every single air traffic controller
in the United States is currently distracted at work
because they don’t know when their next paycheque
is coming. Federal workers’ jobs
are stressful enough. The rise in New York City’s
cost of living is stressful enough. The fact that Mr Obed’s family
cannot be reunified due to fears over the Muslim ban
is stressful enough. His several-thousand-dollar-a-month
Bronx mortgage is stressful enough. The anti-immigrant sentiment of this
administration is stressful enough. And the truth of this shutdown
is that it’s actually not about a wall, it is not about the border
and it is certainly not about the wellbeing
of everyday Americans. The truth is this shutdown is about
the erosion of American democracy and the subversion of our most
basic governmental norms. It is not normal to hold 800,000
workers’ paycheques hostage. It is not normal to shut down
the government when we don’t get what we want. It is not normal
for public servants to runaway and hide
from the public that they serve. And it is certainly not normal
to starve the people we serve for a proposal that is
wildly unpopular among the American people. Each and every member of this body
has a responsibility to this nation and to everyone in the
United States of America, whether they voted
for us or not and this president shares
in that responsibility as well, which means he has a
responsibility to my constituent, Mr Obed. President Trump has a responsibility
to all air traffic controllers, FDA inspectors, TSA workers
and he has a responsibility to maintain the basic functioning
of the United States government. Thank you very much, Madam Speaker,
I yield my time.


  1. I can't believe all the false hoods she keeps pushing she is responsible for the division in this country and people like Sanders who talk about what other people should do lead by example and give all your earnings and property and you practice what you preach. These gready self centered socialist are the true enemies to our great republic we must hold them accountable for their actions they can open up the government but they choose not to true evil speaking

  2. Then why are Dems not sitting down with Trump to negotiate like he asked? Instead they are partying in PR with lobbyists while Trump is still at work in DC.

  3. For those who think she is the future of our country, try a reality check. You cant promises things that you cant keep.

  4. It fills my heart with joy to know that this young Hispanic woman from the Bronx has provoked such a strong dislike from the ignorant who voted for this yam after using his appearance on a reality show for "character assessment". The same who take no responsibility for what he has done, and lack the courage to acknowledge his and their mistakes. It seems they are threatened by her and have chosen to come for her, instead of going after the problem they created that is responsible for this whole mess.

  5. He has a $110,000+ 6 figure salary. If you're making that much and are uneasy about your paycheck shows lack of financial planning. You should definitely have an emergency fund if you are making that.much.

  6. Terrorist had a dream to fly planes into the Twin Towers all these immigrants and the Democratic Liberal Party have a dream of disarming America before turning it into a complete police state with no privacy or gender..
    nobody cares about dreamers. everybody's got a dream they think they're special, just because they're terrorists. they can go back too hell where they migrated from… with the rest of the foreign trash


  8. Let's not forget trump have his staff a $10,000 pay raise,while the government shutdown is happening. Think of it while government workers is virtually unemployed. Trump entire staff is getting a $10,000 dollars pay raise at taxpayers expense. How do you justify this ignorance and arrogance.

  9. Shame on Polosi and Schumer for this! both don't care about the American people! Polosi said that even if Trump open the government she won't give him the fund for the wall how selfish is this??? come here legally!! Alexandria Cortez is wrong about this!

  10. The AMERICAN people can stop the shut down right now and "trump" TRUMP!  ALL Federal/State/County  employees need SOLIDARITY!  NO workers go to work (including secret service, WhiteHouse Chiefs and maids).  Let Melania cook and clean the WhiteHouse.  Let Trump have to drive himself and fly AireForce 1.   NOBODY guard Barron and the other Trump children.   NOBODY pick up the WhiteHouse trash.  Let Trump (and Mike Pence too) have to drive his own trash to his local dump.   Trump cannot fire ALL  Federal/State/County workers if EVERYONE stops working.   First of all there would be no way to train new hires because the Federal/State/County HR Dept would not be showing up for work either.  Secondly, no American wants your job because nobody wants to work and NOT GET PAID anyways!   Not even illegal immigrants!   POWER TO THE PEOPLE OF THESE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!! Trumps plan is NO DEAL FOR DEMS!  TRUMP OWNS this shutdown, he said he was PROUD OF IT.   He wants the wall, he can use his supposed millions and BUILD IT HIMSELF!!!!!  Trump WILL NOT HOLD US WORKERS HOSTAGE!!!!

  11. yeah this little muslim yemen boy has dreams to become a pilot so he fan crash his plane to a building in a suicide bombing in the name of Allah.

  12. I'm all for this prolonged shutdown
    It makes sense,
    However, Ms Cortez rage hopefully will be redirected twords the 1% and hijacked capitalism

  13. Nothing but the flavor of the month and soon to be forgotten…she is a fraud and an incompetent weaker of the two sexes. Everyone knows men have extra brain cells. Thank you.

  14. Lucky You is right, but the government should limit the Presidents power on this so it goes to the house and then the Senate!

  15. I see a couple of people here in the comments calling her dumb. honest question, no trolling, no preaching, just want to know. Why do you Think she is dumb?

  16. Listen to her words closely
    She's talking nonsense

    She's just sounding smart by emphasizing big words and speaking confidently

  17. Wow! She is very dangerous.Look what happened in Sweden a week ago. 60 percents of the the Swedish population didn´t vote for the socialists lefties. Still the crazy lefties managed to keep in Power. This is not democracy. Beware America!

  18. did you know there is a form out to sign to get Alexandria ocasio out of the white house ! how many lies you can take

  19. Her argument was entirely an appeal to emotion. Very little logical evidence to go on there, and definitely cherrypicking facts that support her side without considering the bigger picture. But she used facts, so that's a step (but I would guess she has a speechwriter because she is legitimately dumb).

  20. 1:46 Where did THIS come from???? He's a licensed pilot and ATC here in the U.S. amd his family is still in Yemen?? ?????

  21. I hope the Democrats fill their entire party with people like this.. it would be the best thing to ever happen to Republicans.

  22. The reason why AOC rose to the ranks is because for too long policy was made to benefit the 1%. Bankers were bailed out and given 0% loans so they can go out and gamble which got us in this problem to begin with. And now the Fed capitulates the minute the stock market has a temper tantrum – WTF is this? This nonsense has been going on for decades from the savings and loans crisis in the 80s and onwards. Warren Buffet was bailed out as well in 2008 because of the naked short put option positions he wrote. Even a 3rd grader can tell you that something is rotten. I don't agree with a lot of AOC's ideas but I can sure as hell tell you why she has them.

  23. Then why don't you give him your check. Remember is is the democratic party that won't sit and talk. You people have the attitude of your way or no way

  24. Its not Trump's fault. The democrats are being stubborn on the wall. Now Trump even issued a very compromising deal. It probably still won't be good enough for those blood suckers though.

  25. Here is yet another person that speaks better and expresses herself so much better than the "trumpet" we have in the White House. And Alexandria is a Latina; go girl! So very proud of her.

  26. AOC get your bosses to agree with the funding. That is all. 5 billion dollars is nothing in our budget. Democrats are causing this shut down. WAKE UP

  27. She will have veterans , constitutionalist , and Christians shot in the streets . She has the same insane notions that every blood thirsty communist has had .


    While Donald Trump was pitching himself to the American people to be their ultimate public servant he was bribing Vladimir Putin with a $50 million penthouse at the top of a Trump Tower Moscow from which he was expecting to gain hundreds of millions of dollars. Trump is the true ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!

  29. Ya it is the erosion so that's why you Democrats are to blame..everything you say is CAUSED by yourcdemoceatic flunkies..sickening…take your own advice ocazua

  30. If you are a tenured and veteran air traffic controller and you are still living paycheck to paycheck, you are doing it wrong.

  31. somebody wrote a good speech, cortez got an A grade in reading and speech class, a woman … that is why she was voted into office. Clown fooled you voters…thank you for showcasing the LEFT.

  32. I can’t believe some comments say She’s intelligent!! People need to listen to some of her interviews.
    She’s a communist & actually believes the world will end in 12 years!! ?

    She’s a character right out of IDIOCRACY!!

  33. The President has a responsibility regarding security concerns to the people who are already here.
    So when things get a little inconvenient for you crybabies just remember
    ask not what you're country can do for you…

  34. No offense but if your government fails, can we (Canada) have a few American states. I'm being serious like yo come join Canada. Washington, Maine, New York, anyone of those would be awesome. I like the concept of Canada acquiring Wisconsin or Michigan because of the fact we get ownership of the resources nearby. Canada will treat you better 😉

  35. She needs to learn the job not think she's above the rest of Congress. Pelosie needs to reign her in. She is an embarrassment.

  36. It is not a Muslim ban!! It is a ban temporarily blocking travel from several middle eastern and African countries where terrorism is common. It is a measure to keep our airports and our nation safe from terrorism. It is not a Muslim ban just because those countries happen to be predominantly Muslim. Please open your eyes and understand, before you start talking. Especially Ms. Ocasio-Cortez, who clearly has no idea what she is talking about.

  37. Why go to all that length to explain? Her emphasis is wrong: this has nothing to do with 'democracy.' NO responsible government, elected or unelected, 'shuts down':
    'FOR IT IS A MINISTER OF GOD TO YOU FOR GOOD.' That was God's intent when He ordained human government————-imperfect though it may be in realization.

  38. This woman Cortez is a real testimony that there is absolutely no brain needed to run for liberal party, look at their boss, Nancy Pelosi, and Maxine waters. But please don’t be shocked, liberal ideas do not need brain as well.

  39. Now this is the very same person that wants to "Make air travel obsolete" so she is going to take away the very thing that she is praising him on achieving?

  40. God loves our Nation. AOC will never make it in our Country! I denounce her in the name of our Heavenly Father! Amen!

  41. Zzzzzz…..
    Give him your paycheck. At least it will be money well spent. Or maybe he should get two jobs, then unemployment will decrease. Or give him your job , it’s low stress.

  42. Does Ocasio-Cortez suffer from hyperthyroidism and Graves disease?
    If you look closely at Ocasio-Cortez’s proptotic eyes it may cause you to think she might be suffering from the disease that has been known to affect a persons mood and thinking. Which bears the question does she have hyperthyroidism and beginning graves disease That may possibly be causing some affect on her thinking and mental health. And if so Is she being properly medicated for this condition. And has she recently begun wearing glasses to hide her proptotic medical condition?

  43. if only YouTube/Google worked hard to remove Trump's troll and fake account voters from all comments on YouTube…like they do for big business (removing comments that displease Disney, removing comments that displease Blizzard Entertainment are just 2 things that spring to mind).

  44. Although I am a hard core Trump fan, I have to say this was a very impressive speech. She's pretty incredible.

  45. AOC and her ilk failed to see the irony in Trump’s tantrums when he didn’t get what he wanted. The Left certainly raised a generation of misfits who cry victimization when they do not get what they want.

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