A Sci-Fi Short Film: “The New Politics” – by Joshua Wong | TheCGBros

Oh God… *Music* The nation stands in anticipation of tonight’s Global Games …that will determine which country will take the high seat …at the People’s All New Government. Hey! I just arrived. It’s getting crowded down here. …you’d better hurry up.
-Right away. Okay. [Crowd Screaming] Destination?
-The arena. Representing the United Newmen of Americas is Zara Anders. She is definitely a fan favorite …popular on the battlefield and in the spotlight. The Democratic Republic of Asia have put forward their reign champion …and winner of last quarters Global Game …Jade Chu. A fierce competitor. This definitely looks to be one to go down in the history books. Sweet. (button pressing: soundFX) (music playing) (Ping Pong + SoundFX) (text:) P.O.N.G THE NEW POLITCS (CREDIT) (Pong SoundFX Continue) LAUNDROMATTE

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