1. Scully: It's mutated. Something radical in it's structure has latched onto the weakened immune system of the host and like a parasite, burrowed into the very cellular core of the infected.
    Mulder: How long are they going to be in office Scully? Can't we get the entire compromised body inoculated? There must be something we can do besides wait it out…
    Scully: It may be too late. The mutated brain matter shows irrefutable evidence Mulder, of seething resentment and latent aggression…the anti-bodies are there but they're dormant…for now.

  2. Lets hope and pray that there are enough batteries to keep White Mike going!
    Oh crap, most batteries are Made in China, much like trump's MAGGOT merchandise…

  3. Don’t worry. The Emperor With No Clothes has hired the very best sycophants to tell him how good his ass looks while his head is buried in the ground.

  4. "Why is everyone so worried about getting the virus? Im relishing the day it comes to my town because I get to join the eternity next to the Lord Jesus Crist in heaven."

    Soon we will hear that from some die-hard religious person…. 😒😒😤

  5. The nitwit PEDO Trump puts the Vampire Mannequin in charge of protecting the nation from an epidemic, that may kill thousands!
    Mother says that sniffing her drawers, along with 'thoughts and prayers', is all that is needed.
    Pence is getting right on that, mass producing "Mother's Drawers" and prayer cards!

  6. "Community spread. Mother doesn't like that. In the name of KFC, baby jesus, and the father trump, please save us." Mike Pence praying with trump

  7. I'm convinced Ole mike is so scared of gay marriage because he needed it to be illegal so he has less temptation. Also Mike give me Dick Channey vibes. Holy hell they both had a toddler to lead around that dosenr read and can barely speak.

  8. Waahaaaa, more laugh-crying and typing that the ORANGE IDIOT put the grey ghost in charge ha hahahahahahahahahaha. Said grey ghost could organise a chook raffle at the local god-squad meeting hall…..hahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahaha

  9. I am very concerned that Pence is in control of this outbreak. He is in no way going to help the panicking public and it’s only going to get more panicky from here on out

  10. Maybe God is pissed trump supporters are worshipping a false profit. And has released the plagues onto the earth. Straiten up christians vote blue save our country.

  11. Ironic that people were saying Impeaching Trump would leave us Pence and Trump just hands over the crisis to Pence and goes to rallies.

  12. When I saw the "We'll understand the virus" line in the thumbnail, I honestly expected a "We didn't start the fire" parody.

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