9 CRAZY Things That Will Happen Before 2050!

9 CRAZY Things That Will Happen Before 2050!

From the Hyperloop to Space Vacations, today
we look at 9 Crazy Things That Will Happen Before 2050! Number 9. “Hyperloop”
Before the first half of the 21st Century is over we could see one of the biggest innovations
in the way people travel. The Hyperloop. This vacuum and magnetic powered tube transportation
system originally proposed by Elon Musk was once just some scribble on the proverbial
napkin but recently it has made some significant strides that could lead to feasible application
in the future. While Musk is busy gathering a team to build
his own version, the Virgin Hyperloop One be has already been testing their own prototype
in the deserts of Nevada. Recently they had a pod reach speeds over
200 miles per hour. If a functioning hyperloop is built you can
expect to be able to travel to and fro between cities like Los Angeles to San Francisco in
only 35 minutes at a speed of 760 miles an hour. This would make travel time shorter than it
is with modern airplanes. Number 8. “Mission to Mars”
Preparations for the first manned mission to Mars are already underway and it is almost
guaranteed that someone whether it is SpaceX or MarsOne with their famed one-way trip plan
will be headed towards the red planet before 2050. Both companies have their goals set at launching
missions to mars in 2024 with hope reaching the planet by 2025. MarsOne has gone so far as to say they believe
they can establish a permanent colony on the planet by 2032. The race to mars has seen dramatic improvements
in rocket and spacecraft technology of recent and though 2024 is only 6 years from now it
isn’t hard to see the back and forth competition of these two companies springboarding technological
developments as fast as they were during the first space race. Number 7. “Internet of Things”
Imagine a scenario where you spill the last glass of milk on your shirt and the ground,
then almost instantaneously a new shirt it delivered to you, milk is added to your shopping
list and the floor is cleaned. This fantasy may soon be a reality with the
Internet of Things. The Internet of Things or IoT, something that
many companies like Intel are trying to create.and it basically involves making everything from
appliances and electronic devices to cars and houses smart and able to communicate with
each other. You can already see steps towards the IoT
in devices like Alexa and Google Home that can connect to your T.V. radio and certain
features of your home. By 2050 almost everything in your home and
the world around you may be connected and able to make mundane things like taking out
the trash when its full or ordering toilet paper before you are down to the last roll
something you won’t even have to worry about. Number 6. “Gender Equality?” Something that should have been part of society
since its inception, gender equality has taken significant leaps in bounds in the last decade
due to the changing of the guard in business and politics and the unwillingness of younger
generations to adhere to the outdated and sometimes chauvinistic guidelines for women
in our culture. Sadly at the rate that the United States is
progressing it may not reach gender equality by 2050, as researchers speculate the more
accurate timeline for this monumental effort to reach its head would be in 138 years from
now. That being said countries like Norway and
Sweden are already closing in on gender equality and it is likely, barring major setbacks that
they are completely equal sometime between 2030 and 2050. Not only does a primitive notion of gender
inequality need to go for moral reasons countries that are actively trying to bridge the gap
have seen incredible economic windfall. Research has shown that these countries have
seen a reduction in their unemployment rate and even an increase in gross domestic product. One of the more obvious reasons that having
more women and diversity in general in workplaces and in politics is the fact that more perspectives
and more minds involved usually means fast solutions to problems and more innovation. Number 5. “Robo-workers”
Ever since the Industrial Revolution more and more jobs that were once done by humans
were taken over by machines, sometimes people were able to adapt and find a job in one of
the many new careers that advancing technology brings while some were left behind, forced
to take jobs they were overqualified for that pay substantially less. At the rate that robotics is progressing it
isn’t just blue-collar factory workers that will be replaced but almost any job imaginable
from pizza delivery drivers to corporate CEOs. One of the biggest workforces that will surely
be impacted by advancement in technology is that of vehicle operators. Whether it is automated cabs or driverless
tractors, operators and drivers may soon be out of work. Truck Drivers may be the workers that are
hit the hardest and there are already machinations at work to replace these people who were once
‘kings of the road’. Tesla has already created several models of
Electric Semi-Trucks that have enhanced auto-pilot systems. Though they aren’t fully self-driving, if
the technology has already come this far, it won’t be long before the driver is completely
unnecessary. Truck-drivers aren’t the only ones who should
be keeping an eye on the classified ads though, as even white-collar jobs like that of software
engineers and wall-street bankers could potentially be done by robots equipped with artificial
intelligence. Artificial Intelligence could progress so
fast in the next 20 years that its capabilities to learn and perform anything from practicing
law to brain surgery would theoretically make humans expendable. As of now we can rest easy on the thought
that our robot overlords still need someone to maintain them…until they figure it out
themselves that is. Number 4. “Spacecation”
Manned missions to mars by qualified astronauts aren’t the only thing to look forward to in
the next thirty or so years, you too may be able to get in on the adventures that the
final frontier brings. We are talking about space tourism which has
gone from being a pipedream to a near-reality in recent years. Companies like Virgin Galactic, SpaceX and
Blue Origin are already selling tickets for trips out of the atmosphere albeit unaffordable
to the average Joe for now. The current deposit price for a seat on one
of Virgin Galactic’s space tours is a quarter of a million dollars and the total price is
believed to well into six-figures. The exciting thing is these planned excursions
are meant not to be only for the physically fit astronaut-types but for almost anyone. If these early ventures are successful and
the companies catering them find a streamlined way to build spacecraft and meet safety standards,
prices will inevitably drop so that even us non-millionaires will be able to sip an ice-cold
beverage while flying through space. There are many futurists who believe that
these tiny trips into orbit will be quickly followed by all sorts of space-based vacations. By 2050 we could see hotels in space and weekend
getaways to the moon. Number 3. “Bye Bye Coal”
At the current rate that our planet is guzzling oil and burning up all of our fossil fuels,
living only on renewable energy by 2050 is not just the dream of the earth-conscious
but a necessity for human survival. A team of researchers at Stanford University
recently released a study that details a plan which, if followed, could make over 130 countries
able to survive only on renewable energy, and all of the implemented methods are currently
within our technological grasps. The plan relies on several different types
of energy: geothermal, hydropower, solar and wind in the form of wind farms, solar panels
and photovoltaic solar plants among other methods. The countries that they used weren’t just
tiny ones like that of Luxembourg but even large and heavily populated countries like
the United States and China, which are among the biggest abusers of fossil fuels on the
planet, could be 80 percent reliant on these types of energy by 2030 and fully reliant
by 2050. Doing this would reduce the amount of energy
needed over 40% across the world. Of course this was just an exercise on paper,
but there are several companies like that of General Electric who have promised to make
sustaining operations on one-hundred percent renewable energy by 2050 who have given hope
that everyone else can get their act together and resist the earth-destroying and unsustainable
status quo of depending on fossil fuels. For those who don’t care about the Earth,
there is also a giant economic incentive. The renewable energy industry could create
a 50% increase in jobs globally and save upwards of $50 trillion dollars, as there would be
significant reduction in pollution related healthcare costs and money spent fighting
climate change. Number 2. “Insta-Home”
Number 3D printing has technically existed since the 1980s but this amazing technology
is finally reaching a point where its applications can have world-changing effects. 3D Printer can print insanely accurate models,
make art and even create artificial organs but one day soon they might be used to build
entire houses in minutes. In 2017, a small start-up company from San
Francisco built a 400 square foot home in Russian with a 3D printer and it only took
them 24 hours! Though this house is fairly small it shows
how far 3D printing has come. By 2050 we may see entire developments, apartment
complexes even skyscrapers built via 3D printing, because it can generally be cheaper and much
faster. Another benefit to 3D printing is that architects
can create designs to limits once thought impossible using normal building material
. They will also be able to design houses that are perfectly designed to withstand various
natural disasters like that of hurricanes and tornadoes. 3D printing houses also means precision, tiny
details in framework, insulation or plumbing can be created on a computer and then printed
out instead of having to be labored over for days or left haphazard. Number 1. “Go-Go Gadget Arm”
We have come a long way since the old peg-leg and hook-hand prosthetics of the past. We have replacement hands that can grip and
perform tasks with the dexterity normally reserved for natural hands and we have artificial
legs that can allow a person to run even faster than the average man. But with the lightning quick evolution of
robotics and medical technology our natural features may not be able to hold a candle
to prosthetics. By the year 2050, we might not only have artificial
arms far stronger than that of a normal arm but limbs that can be modified to fit a person’s
occupation or hobby. For example, there has already been an arm
created for a tattoo artist that has a built in tattoo needle, and there are several different
types of artificial legs that cater to different sporting activities like skiing, swimming
and skateboarding. But this is only the beginning, one can envision
a world where limbs could have gadgets and tools that are as interchangeable as drill-bits
or maybe even limbs that are weaponized. Medical technology is also advancing so fast
that body parts once thought impossible to replace or synthetically replicate like eyes
may be possible which also may be able to have endless customizations like night-vision. But don’t go cutting your arm off or damaging
yourself on purpose just to get a futuristic prosthetic as these technologies are also
being made to enhance the lives of everyone. Scientists and engineers are hard at work
developing exoskeletons, armor and clothing that can give people superhuman abilities
just by putting them on.


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