6 ways to use ‘late’: what does ‘late’ mean? – English In A Minute

6 ways to use ‘late’: what does ‘late’ mean? – English In A Minute

Hi, everyone! ‘Late’ is a very useful word. Find out why on this English In A Minute. The most common meaning of late is ‘after the correct time’. It can go before a noun as an adjective. I had a late breakfast so I took the late train. Or it can modify a verb as an adverb. I arrived late to class because the train came late. And don’t forget, you can be ‘late for’ something. I’m going to be late for my own wedding! ‘Late’ can also mean ‘near the end of a period of time’. We didn’t go to bed until late at night. We often talk about periods in history this way. The internet was invented in the late 20th century. You can also combine ‘late’ with ‘of’ to mean ‘recently’. I’ve been using the internet a lot of late. Finally, ‘late’ can be used to refer to a person who has died – usually recently. Look at the time! I’ve got to go! I’m late! Not dead!


  1. Watch The White Elephant and learn some useful everyday phrases related to being late: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INrADn_Ar9s

  2. I learned late this video 😛 May I have a question?
    If my friend died of late, I could say "He is late, I have cried everyday."
    thanks for the useful video 🙂

  3. I had a late dinner, so I took the late bus from my office.

    I arrived late to my friend's wedding party because my Uber came late.

    I was going to be late for my final exam but I arrived to class in time.

    Sometime I do my homeworks until late at night.

    The word "netizen" came to the dictionary in the late 20th century.

    I've been streaming your channel a lot of late.

  4. Super useful channel. I am so tired of late but still wanna learn English in a efficient way by watching BBC Learning English!

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