6/7: Political economist gets real on state of affairs in DC on State of Mind

6/7: Political economist gets real on state of affairs in DC on State of Mind


  1. Brexit is happening because we dont wont to have the Germans ( same lot we fought 2 world wars against) telling us what to do. How can you not understand this…

  2. If the Comey meeting was in the Oval Office, we should not subpoena the White House for tapes, we should subpoena the Kremlin. Kislyak has to have dropped about 500 listening devices.

  3. To be fair David Cameron did try to negotiate with the EU for a new deal and came back with little change. Even some pro-EU people thought he came back with little from the negotiations.

  4. Blyth seems to have changed his tune a bit here regarding UK exit from the EU. Prior to the referendum he was very descriptive about the anti-democratic nature of the EUnion but now he is suggesting that the UK is mistaken to pursue seperation from it. Lose 1 trust point and tell us who got in your ear boy.

  5. Everything that Trump does is micro covered… except for the policies he passes. Ignore the fact that he isn't even trying to live up to his promises and point out what toilet paper he uses.

    All I can say is that democrats are as corrupt and loony as the republicans are… we are screwed!!

  6. Wow its one thing to have subtitles, but do not use one of those automatic speech recognition algorithms to do so. If you want us to better understand Mark, then it doesn't help to not read what he's saying correctly.

  7. Let me throw a contentious notion: America's political class is the dumbest most idiotic political ruling class in human civilization history. There has been no other Empire in history that was lead by such stupid people.
    … but…. I could be wrong, my world history knowledge is not perfect.

  8. Can you please make the subtitles optional? I can hardly watch this like this. It's distracting how much they lag behind the conversation.

  9. I am sorry. First time listening to this interviewer… he is terrible. Why would you waste a brilliant mind of Dr. Blyth taliking gossip. Do the damn work and ask him about the Political/Economic consequences of policies!

    He seems Progressive enough, but really unprepared and or intellectually outclassed.

  10. Prof. Blyth's right. Russiagate is the DNC's dream come true. Why deal with the fundamental flaws of our system when we can play the blame game? Russiagate albeit substantive, does not go far enough (there's also predating money laundering issues being ignored) and it's a red herring.

  11. Non of you seem to understand red vs blue is no longer the issue. Globalism vs Nationalism is the new fight!

  12. He said Russia tried to hack the infrastructure a couple of times, can he please provide sources, where can I read about this?

  13. Yea I'm not really interested in co-operating with republicans. I get his point and I'm sure they could maybe find an area of bi partisan agreement but it's VERY slim.

  14. Elizabeth Warren answering "that Russia thing" was her interview with Cenk of TYT, wasn't it? That's what he's referring to?

  15. I love listening to a Mark Blyth, he always makes me think, even if it is ideas that go against that my political thinking.

  16. What an arrogant man. You should be the one one shutti g up and letting mark talk. Your globalist propaganda plays well with your boss, not with us in fly over nation

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