53% of Republicans Think Trump Better President Than Lincoln

53% of Republicans Think Trump Better President Than Lincoln

Think that Donald Trump is a better president
than Abraham Lincoln. There is a new economist you gov Paul from
right around Thanksgiving and it’s a normal poll where they ask about many things. They ask about presidential approval, opinions
of items in the news, but then it has something very interesting and it asks how do you see
Trump versus past presidents? And this is a real insight into Trumpist minds. And it also relates to some cognitive biases
that are important to understand. So this will be useful. Voters were asked which Republican was a better
president, Donald Trump or Abraham Lincoln? Most demographic groups, no matter how you
slice it, we’re pretty evenly United that Lincoln was a better president. If you look at men and women, men and women,
roughly equally mid seventies to mid twenties believe Lincoln was a better president, okay? When you look at different income groups,
people earning under 50,000 between 50 and a hundred thousand and more than a hundred
thousand roughly by the same three to one margin, they view Lincoln as the better president
than Donald Trump. But when you look at party identification,
Republicans by 53 to 47 margin believe that Donald Trump is a better president than Abraham
Lincoln. Now, as a side note, before we continue, Republicans
also think Trump is a way better president than George W. Bush by 71 to 29 margin, which
is stunning. And again, George W. Bush was no angel, truly,
but Trump. Incredible. But let’s discuss what’s going on here because
there’s evidence of a few different things. Number one, there is a blinding ideology for
some where they truly see Trump as the best without applying any real critical thinking
to the question of Lincoln versus Trump. They just say, Trump’s better. For others it’s ignorance. They don’t really know what Lincoln did, so
Trump is better in their minds. It’s a combination of ignorance plus lack
of critical thinking. For others, they actually don’t like Lincoln
because he freed the slaves and it was on the side of the union in the civil war. You can see this when you look at the regionalized
results, we’re in the South. The numbers are most skewed against Lincoln
and towards Trump and then there are just some sort of general cognitive biases at play. There’s the recency bias. That’s where a person more easily remembers
recent events compared to something that occurred a while back that will skew results. This would suggest that any poll about the
current president versus a president hundreds of years ago would be skewed towards the current
president to some degree because of recency bias. Then you also have the availability bias,
which is kind of implicit in what I already told you. This is the human tendency to think of examples
more easily of things that happened recently and to imagine that they are representative
in a group to a greater degree than they are. So if you can think of more things Trump did
that you like compared to Lincoln, you extrapolate and you say, well, Trump is better on that
basis because I can remember more things that Donald Trump did. So this is about many things. It is in part about the ideologically blinded,
ignorant Republicans. It’s also about the cult of personality around
Donald Trump. But there are some general cognitive biases
at play as well. What I believe this points to as a strategy,
and I know I’m a broken record on this, you can’t argue with people who think Trump is
better than Lincoln and rationally explain to them why they should vote for someone else. Let’s not even try that as a way to win in
2020 I told you earlier in the show when we watched video of that totally delusional Trump
supporter who said, I love Trump because he’s honest and he has integrity and he has family
values. You can’t argue with that. If someone has a disagreement on tax policy
and they like Trump’s tax policy, we might be able to have a conversation. When someone is so diluted and disconnected
from reality, the arguments are a waste of time. We’re better off getting out the vote. We’re better off finding people who are already
on our side but might not care enough to vote or might not think their vote is important. Those are the folks that we want to be going
after trying to change the minds of someone who loves Trump’s family values or thinks
Trump is a better president than Lincoln. It’s a waste of time. It’s not going to win the November of 2020
election for us. Let me know what you think. Leave a reply. If you’re watching on YouTube, send me a tweet
at Dee Pacman. We will take a quick break and then talk about
interesting news out of Google and YouTube. I also have some book recommendations or are you an excellent, excellent voicemail? Leger with us on this first show back after
the Thanksgiving holiday,


  1. Does anyone need other proofs that Trump supporters are in a cult? Lincoln wasn't perfect, but we remember him positively to this day. His legacy has stood the test of time. The Trump years will be a black eye on the United States of America for decades if not centuries. Again, let's not forget that numerous well minded conservatives as well as people too naive about what The Republican Party really stood for, no longer identify as Republicans. So again, this here is a cult.

  2. You are looking at this from the wrong angle. This is not about them liking Trump but about them disliking Lincoln. Lincoln freed the slaves. Why would any GOP voter admire him?

  3. The party that touted they were "The Party of Lincoln" has disavowed Lincoln. Out loud. I wonder which policy Lincoln and trump differ on. What is the modern repugnant party finding to be the differentiating factor. It boggles the mind.

  4. Surely America holds the biggest reservoir of dumb on the planet….can't think of any country where the trait of dumb is so wildly evident..

  5. To be fair like 40% of republicans are pro confederacy. So I doubt they like Lincoln. This doesn’t make them less stupid it’s just a different kind of overlapping stupidity/repugnance

  6. Hold up… You mean the president who united our country and freed the slaves… THAT LINCOLN? Ok… to be fair republicans are kinda ignorant.

  7. Berek71182

    vor 1 Minute (bearbeitet)

    Dear Americans, you are right to blame the german even today for Hitler. I can understand that, even being only 30 year old, my paretns born after WW2. But keep in mind: The World is going to blame you for eveyrthing what Bush jr, Trump and the republicans did and are going to do to the world. Hitler was electd with 33%, Trump with 40% > It does not matter if 60% or 80% USA citizens are against Trump. He is your leader and you as democrazy are accoutable for everything you voted (not) for. It's not fair, but that how the world works, for germans and now for you (and china, and russia someday). Deal with it. If you elect another leader or shoot Trump and his staff with all your fency weapons, i don't care. But your are going to be responsible for everything. "There is no innocence, just diffrent shapes of guilt"- .

    Greeting from Germany, we got "social" healthcare since 1886.

  8. You made a video on warren when she rose to the top… Bernie passed her now and is now tied leading with Biden on a recent poll. But no video. Fuck you David

  9. I mean, it makes sense for them.

    They love slavery considering they would have been Confederates one and all, and they only care about themselves so naturally they would like someone that exists during their actual lifetime more than a guy who would have been disgusted in all of them had they lived back then.

  10. And I'd be willing to bet that not a single one of those 53% has a high school education or knows anything about Abraham Lincoln.  The ignorance is so damn strong in the land of Trump that frankly it should be embarrassing for those who have half a brain and consider themselves to be Republicans.

  11. Not American here don’t understand!!
    What’s going on in this people!?
    Are they really saying that from the bottom of their hearts ? ?

    I think they all need a doctor ( brain doctor)………

  12. A lot of people are saying Lincoln did some bad stuff. Bad stuff. Believe me. It’s sad what he did to this country. What we’re doing is incredible. In terms of stock market and money. Tremendous. People tell me every day “Lincoln was ok, but what you’re doing is incredible.” KAGA

  13. Well, to be honest, they think Trump is the second coming of Jesus- remember they called him “The Chosen One”. So, yea, there’s that..

  14. "Think"
    Also, these fools are so up their asses in hate, racism and short dongs. America has fallen…just you wait, there's worse than Dump 45

  15. The bigger problems is: 9% libs, 10% black and 24% Hispanic think Trump is better than Lincoln… it is as depressed as knowing 50% Jews think Hitler is better than Pope…

  16. Thanks David, for over thinking the issue. I say that with all due respect. This is all about race. The republicans have been playing the race card for quite awhile now. The rich are raping this country and dividing the American people will allow them to continue to loot the coffers. You live back east, but here in Oregon,whites are angry. People call Oregon liberal, it's not. Portland and Eugene maybe, but the rest of Oregon is part of the kkk and the Arian nation. They want violence and white Christian rule.

  17. Why am I not shocked. The only thing more disturbing than this is the fact that Americans are still completely uneducated about history even though we all have free access to the internet and all available information on earth.

  18. Trump is better than Bush, he's awful but nothing he's done compares to the damage of the Iraq war, 1 million deaths on his watch. Hitler only killed 4 million

  19. A television show a while back talked about getting through to people with what they labeled as a "frozen mind". They said the best way to get through to them is to start by agreeing with them. Make them think you are on their side, if they think you are against them, they will shut you out, and either get defensive, or stop listening to any form of reason. Once you get them thinking you are on their side, then you can start to break down their misconception. This I imagine would be a time consuming process, and probably would not be worth the time, but it is a way that could be used to break through to a trumpist.

  20. Makes sense. 53% of Reps are Confederate sympathizers who are racist and probably hate that the slaves were freed while Trump is locking up kids in cages and making racism fashionable again. That's his base. This is hardly surprising after three years. Vote him out. #bernie2020

  21. This is exactly what I've been saying all along. You can't argue with these people. They are completely hopeless. Trying to get even a simple, single, solitary documented, verifiable fact is like trying to pound a limp piece of spaghetti through a concrete wall. It just ain't gonna go!

  22. What happened to all the Trump impeachment bull-shit you've been click-baiting about for the last couple of years , is this all you got left? (pardon the pun)

  23. It's not a surprise when you are socially and economically left behind. An asshole comes out and at least speaks for you. Trump>lincoln

  24. Republicans: The right isn’t racist, it was Lincoln, a Republican, who freed the slaves!

    Also Republicans (in private): Lincoln freed the slaves…Trump would’ve won the war without doing so…

  25. Their was a poll in 2016 (Trump is f#ckin Crazy by Keith Olbermann book) where 40% of Trump supporters believed we should have a wall on THE EAST COAST. Let that sink in.

  26. This is a testament to the power of propaganda.
    The orange one repeats the lies that they need to believe to justify their fear and hatred of the others.

  27. Holy shot America is so fucked up right now. Should the rest of the world be thinking preemptive strike? Earth first.

  28. How? Just how? Trumpism is absolutely a cult! This is objective evidence that Republicans have no integrity or intelligence… at all. Why am I not surprised this is the same party that thinks Trump is literally a vicor of Christ?

  29. I propose that the Democrats claim Abraham Lincoln as theirs, and in exchange the Republicans can have Andrew Jackson.

  30. The reason why 53% of Trump-turds believe the Pus*y-Grabbing POTUS is a better president than Lincoln, is because most of those Trump-turds are from the South where they hated Lincoln for freeing the slaves.

  31. It's the racism and prejudice that appeals to so many Americans. So Trump can commit any crime and they'll still like him. It has nothing to do with the rule of law, or religion, or what's right.

  32. Republicans are all morons except for the corporate elites who are using the rest as pawns, they are just immoral.

  33. Calling all Maga hat's I have a beautiful bridge for sale connecting Brooklyn. Enjoy owning a historical property in a city where your savior lived and worked. Place your bid now before its gone.

  34. Congratulations to the USA. Your president is an autocrat. For those of you who don't know what an autocrat is:

    An autocracy is a system of government in which a single person or party (the autocrat) possesses supreme and absolute power. The decisions of this autocrat are subject to neither external legal restraints nor regularized mechanisms of popular control (except perhaps for the implicit threat of a coup d'état or mass insurrection).[1] Absolute monarchies (such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Eswatini, Brunei, and Oman) and dictatorships (such as Turkmenistan, Eritrea, Equatorial Guinea, Belarus, and North Korea) are the main modern-day forms of autocracy.

  35. Well YES! Lincoln fought a civil war and freed the slaves! Trump wouldnt have done such!
    But lets look at where most republican voters now live! The former confederacy.

  36. Lincoln fought a bloody war to keep this nation together, ended the tragic foolishness of half the nation being allowed to own people as property, and is generally the face of integrity and decency in power. Trump can't go five minutes without auto-fellating or lying about easily disprovable things and has divided this nation even more than the last three presidents combined. If you think Trump is better than Lincoln, you might need to have a proctology exam to find your head.

  37. "You cannot argue with people who don't think like David Pakman, and thus, who have the wrong answer to a question asked about what THEY think." You pompous moron.

  38. They are the polar opposite of everything Lincoln stood for! Ttrump is far worse than our worst president in history , even worse than Buchanon! The guy who fought for human slavery! Ttrump is more vile than Buchanan!!!

  39. Is this surprising? Trump would not have emancipated the slaves, and that is something many Republicans today would support.

  40. Those following Donald Trump would claim him to be the Messiah! Racial hatred motivates the opinions and observations subscribed to by the completly stupid. Total and complete ignorance will often lead the very weak to cult like behavior. Basically they are dumb as wood and it is any wonder why any of them can dress themselves.

  41. You are correct, the disconnect can not be overcome simply because well…it just can't! Dumbass is for life, it is not a temporary condition.

  42. Can you stop talking about the delusional racist people who support Drump. They aren’t worth the energy or time because facts don’t matter to them.

  43. lol, according to the race category 10% of black people think Trump is a better President than Lincoln who abolished slavery… I wonder, if half of those are just trolling…

  44. Trump IS better than Bush, David. That one is true. Yes, Trump is meaner and says nasty things, but Bush did way more damage.

  45. This is by far the most fu*ked up thing I have EVER heard by these idiot republican supporters for this orange tard… There is NO way this orange buffoon is any where near a good president, let alone better than Lincoln. This wanna be king dictator criminal should of NEVER been allowed to even run for president and this country will forever be changed by this happening and even more so if this ridiculous mentally disabled tard is not removed from office.

  46. "Oh, take the keys and lock Trump up, lock Trump up, lock Trump up! Oh, take the keys and lock Trump up! He's…a..traitor!"

  47. The issue here is that the 53% dont know anything about history. When you dont study or make even the slightest attempt to learn about history then you get dumb ass pills like this.

  48. I don't believe that Repubs actually believe tRump is "better". They have to be just saying that to maintain power and status quo.

  49. Lincoln: I'm the first Republican, the one who ended Slavery, and saved the Union…
    Hears this news:
    Lincoln: hmm… Maybe I should let the South Win…

  50. republicans have officially graduated from trumpists to trumptards
    congrats trumptards, here's your gold ribbon & dunce cap

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