12/20/08 President-elect Obama’s Weekly Address

12/20/08 President-elect Obama’s Weekly Address

Over the past few weeks, Vice President-Elect biden and I have announced some of the leaders who will advise us as we seek to meet America’s twenty-first century challenges, from strengthening our security, to rebuilding our economy, to preserving our planet for our children and our grandchildren. Today, I am pleased to announce members of my science and technology team whose work will be critical to these efforts. Whether it’s the science to slow global warming; the technology to protect our troops and confront bioterror and weapons of mass destruction; the research to find life-saving cures; or the innovations to remake our industries and create twenty-first century jobs – today, more than ever before, science holds the key to our survival as a planet and our security and prosperity as a nation. It is time we once again put science at the top of our agenda and worked to restore America’s place as the world leader in science and technology. Right now, in labs, classrooms and companies across America, our leading minds are hard at work chasing the next big idea, on the cusp of breakthroughs that could revolutionize our lives. But history tells us that they cannot do it alone. From landing on the moon, to sequencing the human genome, to inventing the Internet, America has been the first to cross that new frontier because we had leaders who paved the way: leaders like President Kennedy, who inspired us to push the boundaries of the known world and achieve the impossible; leaders who not only invested in our scientists, but who respected the integrity of the scientific process. Because the truth is that promoting science isn’t just about providing resources – it’s about protecting free and open inquiry. It’s about ensuring that facts and evidence are never twisted or obscured by politics or ideology. It’s about listening to what our scientists have to say, even when it’s inconvenient – especially when it’s inconvenient. Because the highest purpose of science is the search for knowledge, truth and a greater understanding of the world around us. That will be my goal as President of the United States – and I could not have a better team to guide me in this work. Dr. John Holdren has agreed to serve as Assistant to the President for Science and Technology and Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. John is a professor and Director of the Program on Science, Technology, and Public Policy at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, as well as President and Director of the Woods Hole Research Center. A physicist renowned for his work on climate and energy, he’s received numerous honors and awards for his contributions and has been one of the most passionate and persistent voices of our time about the growing threat of climate change. I look forward to his wise counsel in the years ahead. John will also serve as a Co-Chair of the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology – or PCAST – as will Dr. Harold Varmus and Dr. Eric Lander. Together, they will work to remake PCAST into a vigorous external advisory council that will shape my thinking on the scientific aspects of my policy priorities. Dr. Varmus is no stranger to this work. He is not just a path-breaking scientist, having won a Nobel Prize for his research on the causes of cancer – he also served as Director of the National Institutes of Health during the Clinton Administration. I am grateful he has answered the call to serve once again. Dr. Eric Lander is the Founding Director of the Broad Institute at MIT and Harvard and was one of the driving forces behind mapping the human genome – one of the greatest scientific achievements in history. I know he will be a powerful voice in my Administration as we seek to find the causes and cures of our most devastating diseases. Finally, Dr. Jane Lubchenco has accepted my nomination as the Administrator of NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which is devoted to conserving our marine and coastal resources and monitoring our weather. An internationally known environmental scientist and ecologist and former President of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Jane has advised the President and Congress on scientific matters, and I am confident she will provide passionate and dedicated leadership at NOAA. Working with these leaders, we will seek to draw on the power of science to both meet our challenges across the globe and revitalize our economy here at home. And I’ll be speaking more after the New Year about how my Administration will engage leaders in the technology community and harness technology and innovation to create jobs, enhance America’s competitiveness and advance our national priorities. I am confident that if we recommit ourselves to discovery; if we support science education to create the next generation of scientists and engineers right here in America; if we have the vision to believe and invest in things unseen, then we can lead the world into a new future of peace and prosperity. Thank you and happy holidays everybody.


  1. You will certainly be the "unwinding" president, getting us out of our little ball we (yes WE, not just "evil" Bush) made for ourselves. However, you would make a big mistake being FDR II, because that simply won't help, but make our recession much worse.

  2. today i am pleased to announce the end to the Constitution of the USA, becuase i know what is best for all of you, you are all going to do as i say not as i do, send all you hard earned money now to me, because me and my elitist liberal cohorts are going to run your lives, you people think G.W. BUSH trampled your rights, just you wait until i get into office

  3. Change? Riiiight….put in the same old crooked morons Slick Willie had with him. Welcome to Clinton Part 2. Oh well, the majority will get what they ask for I guess.

  4. The cures are already in existence, THEY will NOT give them to you. There is no profit in cures. Type AIDS CURE into your youtube browser , and then ask yourself,,,,why havent you heard about this from our government? Don't buy into the bullshit people. Stop believing this screen , read a book and stop looking for truth in our so-called LEADERS. THEY are bought and sold as are cattle.

  5. lol, you think because he has a prepared speech that he is lieing? Dude, then every single major speech made by a world leader is a lie…

  6. Being a kid growing up with bush as my president. Im honestly speechless from the words that just came out of our next presidents mouth. incredible.

  7. Although I can't say he kept my attention this time (a little too much blab), man it's nice to hear the word "science" from a President.

  8. I get a good feeling listening to Obama speak, I think its hope. I have never remotely felt that way when politicians were speaking generally, but something about Obama makes him seem like a real person, as opposed to a president on a pedestal.

  9. He is working nearly 18 hours a day. He is simply reading a speech prepared by his staff. Give the guy a break.

  10. A president who actually respects science? Hopefully this means our scientific education will get back on track, considering 50% of Americans don't "believe" in evolution. Lets make the US a safe haven for scientific research once again.

  11. i'm sorry, but i cant watch this… watching a video like this where someone reads que cards and doesn't look into the camera at you really bugs me. he looks slightly to his right the ENTIRE time. really bugs.

    also, is it just me or has Obama already grayed a lot? i dont remember his hair being that gray during primaries… though i did notice it during the race between him and mccain just a bit.

  12. just because he is reading it, you think he is lying? I don't think he'll say it and then go back on his word. He really does want the very best for this country. More emphasis on science and technology is a must. I really like that he made this a focus point in a weekly address.

  13. First thing first…tell the American people the truth about what REALLY crashed near Roswell New Mexico in 1947 and how ET technology has played a major role in developing our current technology.

  14. Of course i believe this shit. Who wouldn't read off something so it doesn't sound off. Nobody would make a weekly address without writing it first and rereading it. Nobody can speak that well with it coming off of their mind. If he was studdering and pausing with everything he was saying than I don't think I would believe anything. Get the fuck off his tip and be thankful he is making this video to do better.

  15. People tend to move their eyes from left to right when they read their teleprompter. Now if he had been moving his eyes the other way, then I'd be concerned.

  16. I was totally against Barack Obama prior to the election, I voted for Ralph Nader. But knowing that he will work on global warming instead of sweeping it under the rug is very encouraging. I am looking forward to that problem being solved and I hope that he will also open up subsides for green energy sources so we can take control of our country's energy future instead of allowing oil producing countries to dictate what we'll pay and what we can have.

  17. Anybody out there who is interested in fixing the mess this country's in should get behind this guy and appreciate that we finally have a leader who will communicate and include us in our government again. If you're not part of the solution you're part of the problem.

  18. This sounds like woo-hoo- can't we please wake-up!. Obama and his group think we're idiots- are we? I'm tired of hearing propoganda. We have technologies in place that can afford free energy- how about those scientist for the new positions. How about putting someone without a vested interest in these position- this is ridiculous. I hope you 'sleepers' are catching this.

  19. I love these people who are just running their mouths and talking mess about the President-Elect. He hasn't done anything yet, how do you know he will be a bad president. I see a man who knows what hes talking about. Oh, and remember the most important part of a presidents term is the first 100 days.

  20. Our elections give us 2 choices. I think this guy was the best of the two. Everyone has such diverse views and they get lumped into two views… but I think Obama is quite reasonable, thoughtful, understanding, and intelligent.

    Where's this hate you speak of?

  21. there should be more funding for science classes and letting kids know that science isn't just for "nerds". if it wasn't for science they wouldn't have a lot of the things they love to use today.

  22. Obama has taken a PUBLIC position supporting basically everything that the gay rights lobby wants from Congress (ENDA, repealing Don't Ask, Don't Tell, repealing DOMA, AIDS research, etc.). Repealing DOMA will take away a potential roadblock to same-sex marriages being recognized from state to state and will offer federal marriage benefits to married same-sex couples. He has basically agreed to support and to sign these things into law if Congress will pass them.

  23. the fact that employees of the automobile industries will be unemployed, doesn't mean we should bail them out. Common sense tells me that spending hundereds of billions of dollars to help a couple tens of thousands of employees will help a few at the expense of the many. If they go unemployed, then their useful labor can be DIVERTED elsewhere.
    (next comment)

  24. (continued from previous comment)
    When the mechanical reaper was invented thousands of farmers left the countryside to work in the cities. What if the government decided to ban the use of the mechanical reaper to save to jobs of millions of farmers? Really, if we just let the automobile industry fail 2 things will happen:
    1.) new and better automobile industries will take the place of the old ones.
    2.) the labor of the unemployed can be diverted elsewhere when they look for jobs.

  25. I don't think you even know what socialism is. I think you're one of those dumb republicans that confuse it with fascism.

  26. Do you expect him to memorize a 5 minute speech every week? That would take a long time to do, even if he wrote the speech himself. Obama has more important stuff to do than memorize speeches.

  27. May God Bless You with the Wisdom of Solomon, the Strength of Sampson, the Patience, of Job, the Courage of David, the Faith of Abraham, the Obedience of Noah, the Persistance of Daniel and most of all the Leadership of Moses. This is my daily prayer for you. Happy Holidays to you and your Family.

  28. beejay1471 ooo shut up you smelly mouth idiot…with your tiresome daily racist comments…everyday people like you come here to spill nonsence…

  29. This commitment to good science is the main reason that I voted for Mr. Obama.

    Thank you for bringing good science into the white house, and kicking old mythologies out.

  30. prepare for the future. buy food and water.
    the global economic meltdown WILL happen.
    dont buy into the governments false hopes.

  31. I just love to read these notes from COWARDS who only say these racist things because they're behind a keyboard and anonymous.

    Obama won by a LANDSLIDE of concerned Americans who are not racist, and want intelligence brought back to government. We have had enough of lies and more lies.

    I will support my new president.

  32. In case you haven't been awake the last few years, we are already in an economic meltdown!! Lets pray our two political parties can wake up and stop throwing mudd long enough to pull this country together again.

  33. To all Rebellious Commentors here on Youtube that are throwing hatred and negative, foul comments towards Obama and his initiatives, Stop it right now. Looking at Obama's thoughts and plans so far and hearing how he presents them, he is Clearly showing that he is here and he wants to Help get America back on it's feet, along with the rest of the world, and even finally jump-start the Energy Revolution properly. Give him a Break and let him Help! Stop picking and arguing!

    Go Obama 2009!

  34. Troops have been over there long enough. We need them some of them down on the southern borders here. Damned drug dealers and criminals coming across every day.

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