101 Facts About Barack Obama

101 Facts About Barack Obama

greetings mother factors my name is Sam
and today I’m going to be talking to you all about the man the myth the legend
the ex-president that is Barack Obama Obama was in many ways an underdog in
the world of politics burst through a combination of talent grit and good
old-fashioned luck Barrio managed to turn himself into a genuine bona fide e
/ dog which is the best kind of dog bt-dubs garlic no worry since the
comment section of this one’s gonna be fun but what was Barack Obama’s weirdest
pet what bizarre sets of circumstances connector bomber to a British stripper
and why does Molly or a bomber appear to be 7 feet tall some people have all the
luck anyway two or three of these questions
going to be answered so wave a tiny little American flag trying to forget
what’s happening the White House now and prepare yourself for some good
old-fashioned nostalgia for time period we’ve literally just left in 101 facts
about Barack Obama number 1 Barack Hussein Obama the second born August 4th
1961 is an American politician who just happened to become the 44th for actually
no you know what I’m not gonna spoil the story for you
number two the name Barack means one who is blessed in Swahili and yes it seems
that way number three that being said Barack has been known by a number of
different Nick pet and code names throughout his life his grandmother for
example referred to the future press as bear and bar the head bar huh what I
heard that before number not thought for number four not only that Obama was
known as Obama now wait that’s not what you’re thinking it was throughout high
school owing to his talent for dribbling and
dunking a basketball not drinking tea number five probably his most well known
sobriquet is Barry which is a nickname he often went by until university when
he asked to people use his full name Iraq number six however one person who
apparently didn’t heed Obama’s request was the previous president george w bush
whom obama has stated refers to him as burma and rock those aren’t really
nicknames just leaving out syllables it’s just
really number seven Obama was born and mostly raised in Honolulu Hawaii not
somewhere else like a current president kept alleging only two years after the
islands were admitted to the Union as its 50th state Obama also happens to be
the first American president from that state number eights Obama was born to
Stanley and Dunnan a white American woman of mostly English ancestry and
Barack Obama senior and native Kenyan however the marriage didn’t last and
when Obama was – the pair divorced the Barack Obama senior returned to Kenya
number nine sadly Obama the younger only saw his father once again after that
when he visited Hawaii in 1971 Obama senior was involved in several serious
car accidents in the years after and in 1982 he was involved in the collision
two customers life at the age of just 46 number 10 before he died Barack Obama’s
father had studied by the University of Hawaii in Manoa and elite American
Institute in Harvard eventually becoming a senior economist for the Kenyan
government so clearly the Obamas have a dominant political team number 11
aside from his time growing up in Hawaii Obama also spent a year of his childhood
in the US state of Washington as well as for years in the southeastern Asian
nation of Indonesia number 12 while living in Indonesia Obama had a rather
exotic pet in the form of an ape called tartar I only had a buddy called Steve
and that was in like suffer not Indonesia so not quite as exciting
especially since he was imaginary Oh Steve number 13 Obama’s schoolmates in
Indonesia supposedly nicknamed him curly eyelashes because it is well curly eye
lashes pretty self-explanatory yet something I never notice about Obama and
now I’m not gonna be able to not notice it number 14 in his teenage years Barack
Obama worked in a baskin-robbins ice cream store as a result he now can’t
stand ice cream which is possibly the saddest
thing I’ve ever heard number 15 Obama’s high school yearbook
picture inscription Thanks tuts gramps gym gang and Ray for all the
good times many people have pointed out that shoe miss Hawaiian slang that
refers to smoking a celebrated plant known scientifically as cannabis never
more on that later number 16 Obama graduated from New York City’s Columbia
University in 1983 after which he moved to Chicago and worked as a community
organizer and as the director of the developing communities project a church
based community organization while there Obama helped set up job training and
tutoring programs and a tenants rights organization standing one good residents
material and you think about it it’s number 17
Obama followed in his father’s footsteps in 1988 when he enrolled in Harvard Law
School he eventually became the first black president of the Harvard Law
Review that is ah yeah not there quite yet number 18 while at Harvard a bomber
applied to appear in a pinup calendar of all things
however the college-aged Obama was sadly rejected by the all-female committee but
they regret that now her better bomber does not number 19 Obama met
up-and-coming lawyer Michelle Robinson in 1989 while he was working to summer
associate at a Chicago law firm Robinson initially declined offers to take her
out on a date but eventually she relented and they
began dating later that summer ah the couple became engaged in 1991 just two
years later and were married the year after on the 3rd of October 1992
michelle robertson by the way is Michelle Obama now in kg number 22 on
their first date of Iraq took Michelle to see Spike Lee celebrated 1989 classic
do the right thing good movie sure but I would have picked Honey I Shrunk the
Kids they’re all small number 21 the Obamas have since given life to two
beautiful daughters Malia and Natasha who is more commonly known as Sasha the
girls were ten in seven respectively when their father became president ah
damn spoilers I’m sorry guys sorry yet he becomes president a bit later on
sorry too that that’s it what am I like number 22 interestingly however Michelle
wasn’t the first person Obama wanted to tie the knot with
during the 80s Obama proposed to the anthropologists Sheila Miyoshi Yeager
but was turned down not only that but he’d previously asked her parents for
permission to marry her and they declined to I’ll sorry
number 23 after graduating from Harvard as you do Obama very impressively became
a civil rights attorney and professor teaching constitutional law at the
University of Chicago Law School between 1992 and 2004 number 24
at some point Obama must be watching some douchebag politician on TV and
thought I could do there true to his hypothetical word he ended
up being elected to the United States Senate in 2004 representing Illinois he
won in a landslide claiming 70% of the vote like a stone-cold boss number 25
his opponent in the race was a Republican by the name of alan keyes who
replaced primary winner Jack Ryan after he was forced to drop out following
allegations he had asked his wife to have sex with him in front of other
people in various public sex clubs yep that’ll do it the race between Obama and
Keyes also happened to mark the first time in history the United States Senate
race had taken place between two black candidates number 26 in 2006 Obama won a
Grammy for the audio version of his memoir Dreams from My Father
a couple of years later in 2008 he won another Grammy for the audio version of
his second book The Audacity of Hope I hope to win one for the audio version of
my memoirs title of which is apart of my second name so I can’t sing it sorry
number 27 fast forward to 2008 Obama became the Democratic nominee for
president following a closed primary campaign against Hillary Clinton Obama
was endorsed by a large number of celebrities including but not limited to
Halle Berry George Clooney Sheryl Crow Bob Dylan Bruce Springsteen Oprah
Winfrey Tom Hanks Colleen Hansen Eddie Murphy and even Monty Python’s John
Cleese there is no greater opinion and that of John Cleese number 28 okay here
it is the fact you’ve all been waiting for
following a tense battle with Republican John McLean John McClane’s of diehard
following a tense battle with Republican John McCain Barack Obama was elected the
President of the United States on the 4th of November 2008 and was inaugurated
on January the 20th 2009 ha ha good times
number 29 and his 2009 inauguration Obama retained an approval rating of 69
the scent one of the highest ever approval ratings for an incoming
president number 30 in case you weren’t aware Barack Obama’s election was
significant for a number of reasons not least of which because it became the
first African American to become president of the United States number 31
all the way back in 1961 brother of John F Kennedy and politician in his own
right Robert F Kennedy said the US would have her first black president within 40
years he was only six years out but you know let’s skip to him anyway well done
Robert number 32 interestingly having been born and mostly raised in Hawaii
Obama was also the first president to have been born outside the continental
US number 33 as a result of him being an all-purpose badass and becoming the
first black president Time magazine named Barack Obama Person of the Year
for 2008 incidentally he won this title again in 2012 when he was reelected
oh god dammit sorry spoilers again number 34 nine months later after being
elected Obama was awarded the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize which a lot of people found
a bit odd because he hadn’t even been in the position for a year and have made no
money to change to foreign policy as such Obama accepted the award but stated
that he felt there were far more deserving candidates what cheapo he was
he was right really number 35 acting on one of his most well known campaign
promises Obama ordered the closure of Guantanamo Bay detention camp he did
this just a few days after taking office however Congress prevented the closing
of the camp which must have been like totes annoying number 36 you may also be
surprised to learn that more people were deported from the United States doing
their bomber administration than throughout any other administration in
history number 37 Barack promised Michelle he would quit smoking before
running for president he didn’t however he’s since managed to kick the habit
once and for all stating in 2015 that he hasn’t smoked a
single cigarette in five years number 38 Obama apparently went the
whole hog when deciding to eliminate his vices the former presidents rarely
drinks alcohol and doesn’t drink coffee at all that may have something to do
with the fact that black coffee tastes like bitter mod an amphetamine in 2012
the United States offered millions of dollars for information leading to the
capture of several militants from the Somali Islamist group al-shabaab in
response al-shabaab offered their own bounty
information on the whereabouts of infidel abama the reward 10 whole camels
number 40 in possibly the most unsettling facts in this entire list
President Obama apparently schtick all former British Prime Minister David
Cameron bro I can only imagine Cameron responded in kind by referring to Obama
as his good Chum number 41 during his first two years as prayers Obama signed
many landmark bills into law probably the most well-known of these was the
Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act commonly shortened to the Affordable
Care Act or sometimes simply just Obamacare the Affordable Care Act
expanded health care insurance coverage and implemented a range of consumer
protections the meaning of life in 2013 Obama made a point of signing up to
Obamacare himself selecting a bronze plan this was mostly a symbolic act as
the president receives the privilege of free health care courtesy of the
American taxpayer wouldn’t that be cool if it applied to all Americans crazy
idea I know put it some thought though America well our rent number 43 Obama
has somewhat of a mixed record on the exceedingly unpopular wars in Iraq and
Afghanistan he ended a military involvement in the
Iraq war but also increased the number of US troops in Afghanistan so swings
and roundabouts number 44 one very significant event of Obama’s tenure as
commander-in-chief was the ordering of the military operation that resulted in
the death of a summer bin Laden bin Laden had been on the run for US forces
since 2001 owing to his role as a principal architect of the horrific
September the 11th terrorist attacks Obama stated in an interview that he
gave him satisfaction to think in his final moments bin Laden would have
realized that Americans had come to take revenge or seek justice for his crimes
number 45 as mentioned Obama was president of firsts as soon as he was
elected but old Barry actually managed to achieve a number of first during his
presidency – Barack Obama was the first fitting American president to visit the
Japanese city of Hiroshima 71 years after the United States obliterated it
with a nuclear bomb killing tens and thousands of people instantly
number 46 Obama was also the first sitting US president to visit Cuba in
almost a whole century only to keep his frosty relationship with the US because
of the whole communism Cold War potential nuclear holocaust hullabaloo
number 47 another interesting first that Obama
secured was becoming the first sitting president to enter the Arctic Circle
during a 20:15 trip to the alaskan city of cock
cebu obama traveled there to view firsthand how the arrow was being
affected by climate change number 48 Obama also became the first sitting US
president to visit federal prison this visiting he wasn’t put there don’t worry
he visited the federal correction institution in El Reno in Oklahoma in
July of 2015 number 49 NASA the Obama was the first president to appear on a
late-night talk show during their presidency when he was interviewed on
Late Night with Jimmy Fallon by shocker Jimmy Fallon out a bit Kim or myself but
hey Fallon number pepper day in 2015 President Obama reversed decades of
space law which apparently is a thing and made it legal for Americans to own
asteroids I mean sure why not would you want to
own your own asteroid what would you use it for from mining precious space
minerals or just a conversation starter let us know in our poll I thought we’d
be having for this video but hey it’s long we’ve got number 51 impressively
Barack Obama was the first sitting president to publish an academic paper
though not peer-reviewed his paper titled United States healthcare reform
progress to date and next steps was rigorously fact-checked for two entire
months before being published in the Journal of the American Medical
Association in his paper Obama argued at the increased number of Americans with
health insurance led to lower hospital readmission rates which to anyone in the
country with universal health care yeah number 52 happily Obama was the very
first sitting US president to endorse same-sex marriage when he was elected
his public opinion was support of some form of unions for same-sex couples but
not marriage however Obama famously evolved on the issue like a woke Pokemon
like a whoa c’mon and declared his support for equal marriage in May of
2012 well Dunbar’s number 53 not only that
Barack Obama was the first president to mention gay rights or even just the word
gay in an inaugural address I remember the first time I used the word gay in a
public speech that was one hell of a baby shower
number 54 while President Obama was giving the codenamed renegade by the
Secret Service which is nice and badass and a reference to a six-song which is
very good Michelle on the other hand was known as Renaissance and their daughter
Sasha Malia we’re know respectively as rosebud and radiance
number 15 having been reelected in 2012 Obama left office in January 2017 with
an approval rating of 60% he and his family still reside in Washington DC in
a combination that’s awkwardly close to the current vice president Mike Pence
and the White House Paul Iseman a sitcom number 56
not only was Obama a president of firsts everyone loved him
well non-americans seemed to during george w bush’s final year as president
favorable views of the US around the world stood at a median of 51 percent in
Obama’s final two years that number rose to 66 percent number 57 Obama happens to
be left-handed the sixth such president to be so since the end of the Second
World War of course this sounded confirmed the
Barack Obama is a witch and should be burned at the stake
sorry Barry number 58 possibly is a direct result of his moderate popularity
Obama has had more species been named after him than any other prayers
these include fish birds spiders and flat worms which which you know isn’t
exactly the best compliment in the world number 59 if Obama publishing academic
papers or having flatworms named after him don’t establish his nerd credentials
you should be aware that Obama is a known collector of spider-man and Conan
the Barbarian Comics number strict a in the fact Obama was even featured on the
cover of a spider-man comic back in 2009 Obama smiling face adorned the front
cover of the amazing spider-man number 583 number 61
JK Rowling can also rest easy knowing that her magical creation has even
infected of former POTUS Obama has stated he has read every single book in
the Harry Potter series survi does that give me a Peace Prize No number 62
apparently his favorite book is foreign fury
ham Jovi who’s not really it’s Herman Melville’s famous sea adventure epic
Moby Dick I’m not sure how much also can say about this because I know absolutely
nothing about Moby Dick so let’s move on number 63 Obama has revealed his
favorite movies are The Godfather one and two which between them won nine
Academy Awards as for the Godfather three though that’s so much his words
Nintendo 64 Obama’s favorite TV shows on the other hand are mash the classic
sitcom about army doctors in the Korean War and the wire the classic crime drama
series which is pretty much the reason why top daughters were invented
it number 65 Obama is also pounding a fan of some more modern series
especially big epic action and drama shows sometimes was that Obama watch his
way through included homeland Game of Thrones and house of cards shouldn’t
number shiksa Shh he’s also probably the biggest trucky president in the history
of the position Obama has separately welcomed michelle nichols and george
takei both original enterprise crew members to the white house he also
declared his love for the iconic Star Trek character of Spock following the
sad death of the actor Leonard Nimoy number 67 Obama’s favorite games to play
a Scrabble and poker I hear that Michelle is more of a Halo 3
kind of girl that’s not true I made it up for a joke now you know the terrible
truth of 101 facts sometimes the jokes are just jokes God forgive me number
zigzag cultured mother effer that Obama is Hilda has a favorite artist which
happens to be the megastar of Cubism Pablo Picasso all those incomprehensibly
draw naked people must really do it for Barack number 69 Obama has stated that
his favorite meal is his wife Michelle shrimp linguini which is very offensive
to Americans with seafood allergies the president is supposed to represent all
you were citizens and nerve number 70 Obama has also claimed this his favorite
snack food is chocolate peanut protein bars and what about Americans who
allergic to peanuts Barack hashtag not my president hashtag not anyone’s person
because he left a 20-17 hashtag quickly sad number 71 Obama has stated in a
number of appearances that as a child he wanted to be an architect but he turned
to politics when he realized he wasn’t as creative as he expected to be number
72 much was made of Obama’s former drug use having committed to smoking cannabis
and tecnico cane in his younger years former President Bill Clinton want
infamously taught the issue of marijuana by saying he had experimented with the
drug but didn’t inhale looting Obama to joke that he inhaled frequently because
that was the point I mean yeah that is the point
not that I’d smoke weed I only shoot up heroin like a good boy
number 73 bizarrely Obama once went to a stag do in prepare yourself Brits
working up in the English county of Berkshire in 1996 Obama was attending
the wedding of his half-sister all more obama twin englishman by the name of ian
manners manners of re-invited obama two estanque do and revealed the tow barman
left on a stray but turned up books number 74 Obama’s
daughters Sasha Amalia have apparently decided not to follow in their father’s
footsteps Molly has previously said she wanted to
become an actress and has secured internships with the film industry sasha
has stated she wants to sing and dance no more recently she worked a summer job
at a seafood restaurant in Martha’s Vineyard number 75 Obama reportedly
keeps on his desk a wood carving of a hand holding an egg this is a Kenyan
symbol which is meant to represent the fragility of life
number 76 he also carries with him a couple of Goodluck charms in the form of
italian madonna and child statue not that madonna shirley and a bracelet
which belonged to a soldier in Iraq number 77 Obama is also the proud owner
of a set of red boxing gloves autographed by the one and only Muhammad
Ali they’ve already thought of Obama as much of a boxer when I took a bomber to
fight no probably not don’t even think about it sound comm number 78 in 2008 a
microbrewery in Brooklyn New York created a brand new beer called hop
Obama it was sold out for the no matter of days that’s how much of a rock star
he was guys just slap his name on something and it does gangbusters number
79 similarly East African Breweries limited
every based in Obama’s ancestral homeland of Kenya Lord along car known
as senator back in 2004 around the time that Obama became a senator in Illinois
when Barry began to get close to the presidency the locals started calling it
Obama instead number 80 not only is Obama an inspiration to millions of
young progressives in America and throughout the world
he’s also the inspiration of TV characters too for instance The West
Wing is Matt Santos is based on him number 81
apparently Obama can benchpress over 200 pounds that’s more than the average red
kangaroo google tells me now would Obama be able to benchpress an actual kangaroo
only time will tell number 82 Michael any other normal human
people Obama likes to listen to music while exercising
apparently burrow bombs like listen to jay-z and Stevie Wonder while he’s
pumping his biceps and blasting its glutes and shooting his quads and
grilling is okay fine I’ve never into the chair me happy number 83 in less
exciting news Obama likes to get his hair cut from the same barber every week
week and has been doing so for the last 20 years
time to switch an upper rack I’m thinking no hawk come on live a little
bars numbering for Obama has also admitted that he wasn’t able to grow
facial hair I can only muster a few whiskers number 85 genealogists have
been covered that President Obama it’s the ninth cousin of actor Brad Pitt not
only that he’s also the eighth cousin of former Vice President Dick Cheney Todd
tough Frank number 86 during his presidency Obama continued the
long-standing tradition of adopting a presidential pets first came a happy
little pup named Bo who just happens to share the president’s initials and later
on the Obamas took in Sammy those animals are Portuguese water dogs chosen
specifically because they are supposedly hypoallergenic and they’re cute look at
em are number 87 on August the 4th 2016 when the mathematicians among you may
have realized is his 55th birthday Obama wrote a column for Clement declaring
himself a feminist in the article Obama explained that his motivation for taking
on the feminist label came from a number of sources including his daughters and
simply the experience of being president number 88
Obama is also a vocal and devout Protestant Christian though somewhat
unusually his religious views developed in that up life neither of his parents
are particularly religious and even though his father was raised as Muslim
he was very much openly an atheist in later life number 89 having been raised
for several years in Indonesia Obama is also able to speak some very basic
Indonesian well done Barry get on it with a duolingo mate and we’ll be there
in no time number 90 Obama has also been identified as a pretty snappy dresser
having been selected to appear in funny Affairs best-dressed list not only that
much NBC New York also named Obama at one of 10 best-dressed US presidents
after Washington right because god damn he’s rocking that look George number 91
despite a reputation for a calm stoic demeanor Obama apparently does lose his
cool on occasion in 2012 Obama apparently snapped as his advisor David
Axelrod when he was suggesting some changes during a debate prep session
exclaiming and Pitt’s cover your ears for this mother it’s never happy
hikers number 92 being President as a variety of perks not least of which is
early access to Broadway maybe he was lucky enough to see the critically
acclaimed musical Hamilton in previews alongside sasha and malia presumably
they only got free ticket Oh Michelle number 93 answer his 55th
birthday Barack Obama’s net worth is reported to be just over 12 million
dollars a large amount of which comes from the books he wrote number 94 Obama
states that his favorite POTUS was the Republican President Abraham Lincoln
may’ve heard of him and it slavering whatnot it’s a good guy number 95
additionally Obama stated the three men he admired most were Martin Luther King
jr. Mahatma Gandhi and Abraham Lincoln okay enough of Lincoln apparently number
96 Obama has also states that his favorite American invention is the light
bulb technically speaking though Thomas Edison wasn’t the first person to create
a working light bulb but he was the first person to construct one that was
commercially viable number 97 one of Obama’s old apartments in the
Californian City of Pasadena has understandably attracted a lot of
attention so much so that in 2016 a plaque was installed in front of the
building just so everyone knows that Obama slept and took dumps their lovely
number 98 the letters in the President Barack Hussein Obama can be rearranged
into a Democrat speaks inane rubbish a fact that I’m very surprised has a
comparative political opponents yet we don’t know but I like bran means number
99 Obama happens to be eligible for
membership in the Sons of the American Revolution an American patriotic
organization open to relatives of those who fought in the American Revolutionary
War this is because one of Obama’s great-great-great grandfather’s was a
decorated Union soldier despite his restrained demeanor Obama isn’t afraid
to do a small amount of thespian re from time to time
Obama has appeared on American sketch show Saturday Night Live and on the
popular online talk show between two ferns hosted by Zach Galifianakis you
know who else was on between two ferns Jennifer Lawrence aw yeah j-law for
president 2020 there was a Fried Chicken store in China called OFC which you may
have already worked out stood for Obama fried chicken haha no but seriously if
you think that’s funny you’re a bad person
KFC China weren’t happy due to it being an obvious ripoff and the sorts
criticized by Reverend Al Sharpton for promoting racial stereotypes the sign
was eventually removed but Hot Diggity damn that was 101 facts
about Barack Obama which one did you enjoy the most
let me know in the comments below and also let me know what you want to see
next on one of the facts we’ve got so many topics to do with a little time I
need to know what you want in the meantime though I know you want right
now oh yeah one of these two videos on screen you cannot already subscribe
click subscribe then click come on are those two because you’re already gonna
love it anyway see you next time goodbye


  1. Bush was bad but Berry was the worst just behind Carter, another big time loser.

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  6. They left out the fact that he didn't do anything for black people but more welfare off the backs of poor middle-class blacks and others.

  7. Fact: Obama originally campaigned AGAINST an individual insurance mandate and then switched his stance while trying to push through Obamacare, his signature piece of legislation. He also blatantly lied about Americans being able to keep their doctors, their healthcare plans and was wrong about how much rates would decrease.

    Obama also said that his legacy and his agenda were on the ballot while campaigning for Hillary Clinton in 2016. Hillary Clinton, and by extent Obama's legacy, did not receive even 49% of all votes that were cast. Over 50% of America voted against Obama's legacy because of his ruthless nature and his lies, most of which the media ignores because of his progressive ideals and his race. Trump is a much better president, despite facing more opposition than Obama, and has with Republican support helped give Americans back their freedom to choose their healthcare options, more of their money from taxes and is working to make America safer. This is why I, as a registered Democrat, voted for Trump and the Republicans. Together with Trump, we're Making America Great Again and undoing Obama's legacy!

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