10 Things NASA Doesn’t Want You To Know

ten things NASA doesn’t want you to know
number ten warp drive technology forget the speed of sound we could soon be
boldly going past the speed of light in the near future with Star Trek style
warp technology according to an unconfirmed experiment posted on a NASA
space flight forum in 2015 scientists are the agency discovered a
method of accelerating beyond the speed of light the team was working on a
controversial piece of tech called an e/m drive which in theory can create
propulsion without any reactions unlike a conventional engine they discovered
that lasers shot through the resonance chamber of the drive were traveling at a
truly mind-boggling 300 million meters per second that’s just over the speed of
light and the kicker here is that the team behind the discovery have no idea
how or why it works this kind of speed should be impossible but it’s thought
that a warp bubble is actually being created to contract space-time that
would mean that the object isn’t moving through space but that space is actually
being moved around the object no official comment has been made on the
discovery but if it pans out we could see eeehm technology making
science fiction fact number nine life on Mars back in 2014
America’s coast-to-coast radio show received a bizarre calling from a woman
who called herself Jackie she claimed she was a former NASA employee around
the time of the 1979 Viking Mars rover Jackie said that while she was working
on the telemetry of the rover two humanoid figures approached it wearing
thin protective spacesuits shot to the discovery she and her colleagues ran
upstairs to share what they saw but when they returned to their room they found
it locked and covered up NASA has never commented on the story Jackie didn’t
name anybody else in the discovery or the cover-up but this isn’t the first
time a NASA employee has made this type of claim in 2009 dr. Edgar Mitchell the
sixth man to walk on the moon called on the US government to release its
knowledge of UFOs so earth can join the planetary
community despite never seeing one himself
Mitchell believed the earth has been contacted several times by alien
and the NASA is complicit in a cover-up NASA explicitly denies this number eight
secret military space shuttles did you know there has been a secret Air Force
Space Shuttle in orbit for two years even though no one knows what it’s for
well you better believe it the x-37b unmanned shuttlecraft sounds like a
sci-fi cliche but it has been carrying out missions since 2010 the nature of
those missions is an utter mystery it was developed by NASA in 1998 and past a
DARPA in 2004 when it was instantly made classified the most recent orbit was
only made public when it broke the sound barrier and sent shockwaves through
Florida on reentry based on its low orbit and long-term deployment strategic
analysts have speculated that the x-37b is being used for reconnaissance
purposes or perhaps more dangerously to interfere with the operation of
satellites number seven weaponized telescopes you might have heard that
NASA is working on the James Webb Space Telescope which is set to launch in
October 2018 100 times more powerful than the Hubble telescope with a mirror
three times larger the Webb mission will allow scientists to observe the edge of
the universe with previously unseen detail but there might be more than
meets the eye with this peculiar piece of tech official footage came out in
2016 that showed the telescope’s secondary mirror blurred out nothing too
strange there except that it turned out to be hidden because of international
trade in arms regulations that means that the government considers it a
weapon we can’t say for sure why that is but it has been speculated that a
telescope this powerful has the potential to be used to spy on people on
earth it’s probably more likely that NASA just wants to keep its leg up in
the space race with Russia and China given that the telescope could see a
bumblebee on the moon the potential for snooping is staggering number six
Operation Paperclip space travel is undoubtedly one of mankind’s greatest
achievements but you might not know that it came off the back of one of its most
shameful atrocities after world war ii in what was known as Operation Paperclip
American intelligence agencies drafted more than 1,600 Nazi scientists to work
on government contracts they worked on everything from architecture to medicine
to you guessed it space programs their identities and dark pasts were erased so
that they could be employed by the agency without arousing suspicion
as a result America made some of its greatest strides in the space race with
the Soviet Union the u.s. high german experts like Verna von Braun who
developed the infamous and deadly v2 rockets which killed an estimated 9,000
people in World War two his work enabled NASA to launch the
first jupiter-c satellite and eventually land on the moon similarly many advances
in space medicine were due to hubertus strughold who was accused of conducting
inhuman experiments on holocaust victims he performed surgery without anesthetic
and forced inmates at Dachau concentration camp to undergo oxygen
deprivation but NASA wasn’t alone in their scheme to use Nazi brainpower
Stalin’s USSR actually took more Third Reich workers than America in operation
asura via kim but rather than hiring them he took them by force
number five China’s space race it’s no secret that NASA funding has stagnated
in recent years with its annual budget sitting at just 11% of its 60s
equivalent but they’re still world leaders in otherworldly exploration
right well maybe not for long to save its waning economy China has
supercharged its investment in space exploration in the hopes that it will
push them towards technological dominance and as this is happening NASA
is floundering on its long-term commitments currently only promising to
fund the International Space Station for another five years while US funding has
dipped China’s has rocketed from almost nothing to over two billion dollars in
just a decade even though that’s a fraction of NASA’s current budget it’s
only going up from there analyst James Lewis says China is stepping up to
demonstrate its power and it looks like it might be working China wants to both
land on the moon and put a rover on Mars by 2022 NASA on the other hand is
planning a manned mission to Mars in the 2030s but losing the short-term
headlines to China is a big PR blow the u.s. managed to win the space race
against Russia but round two may well go to the newcomer
now before secret missions in Africa has NASA secretly been planning for military
operations in Africa it’s impossible to say for sure but we do know they were
sending wb5 seven high altitude research craft to Africa off the books
one was spotted at the didja by Air Force Base in 2014
leaving NASA no choice but to confirm it but the agency would say nothing about
what it was doing in the area the only explanation came from US military Africa
Command who said there are a diverse range of peace and security operations
in the area a similar craft had been used in 2010
for military terrain mapping in Afghanistan using light detection and
ranging to create detailed 3d maps of the region a man who claimed to have
worked on the operation thinks that the mystery mission in Africa is likely in
preparation for future military activity could it be counterterrorism ground
relief or even war number three vulnerability to hacking for one of the
most technologically advanced organizations on the planet NASA sure is
an easy target for hackers over the last two decades the agency has repeatedly
had its secrets stolen data release and even missions hijacked a British hacker
Gary McKinnon famously broke into classified files looking for evidence of
UFOs in 2001 he even left a note telling NASA that their security sucked staff
are now terrified of hackers gaining control of space operations his chief
information officer says it’s only a matter of time and it already almost
happened in 2016 a non set hackers map the networks of several NASA facilities
stole classified videos and managed to take a drone off course in an attempt to
crash it if they really do have evidence of extraterrestrials NASA are lucky that
hackers haven’t already found it number two live-streamed UFOs real or
fake there has been so much footage of UFOs published over the years that Fox
Mulder wouldn’t even be able to cope but how often does it come straight from the
horse’s mouth well that’s what happened when NASA live-streamed what is
supposedly an alien aircraft online three times all of the incidents came
from the International Space Station live feed which broadcasts to earth
around the clock in July 2016 and Jan in February 2017 mysterious objects were
filmed coming into frame NASA temporarily cut the broadcasts
every time once even swapping over to a briefing room while the picture was
fixed UF ologists claim this is evidence of aliens visiting earth they argue the
objects are flying much higher than should be possible and are too big to be
natural objects but according to former NASA mission controller James Oberg it’s
what you would call space dandruff tiny debris that come into frame after
falling away from man-made satellites number one the Challenger cover-up in
1986 America experienced its worst ever Space Shuttle disaster when the
Challenger craft catastrophically failed mid-flight the external fuel tank
exploded killing all seven crew members the official line was that the six
astronauts and one schoolteacher fell unconscious as the cabin depressurized
but it has been alleged that they were actually awake and experienced the
horror of their deaths the crew cabin reportedly escaped the explosion mostly
intact and as there was no evidence of buckling it was very unlikely to have
depressurized but for NASA this was an inconvenient
story that painted them in a bad light according to a member of the Rogers
Commission which investigated the crash NASA hadn’t taken precautions against a
catastrophic failure this left the crew of the creek without a paddle when the
unthinkable happened in fact NASA had discussed delaying the launch over the
concern of engineers but went ahead anyway
one investigator said that if the vessel had landed softly the crew could
actually have swam home they might have even survived if NASA prepared for a mid
launch failure that was 10 things NASA doesn’t want you to know what else do
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