Meghalaya is to the westernmost corner of northeast India and is bordered by the nation of Bangladesh in the south, and the state of Assam to the north and east. It is about the size of Belize Hello my name is ruata lungchuang welcome back to my channel . today we are going to take a look at 10 amazing facts about the state of meghalaya. before we begin If you love video like this please presss the subscribe button it really helps your supports are what that keeps me and the channel going So please show your support by pressing that subscribe button, feel free to hit the like button if you enjoy the video. here are 10 incredible facts about meghalaya 1) Meghalaya was formed by carving out two districts from the state of Assam: the United Khasi Hills and Jaintia Hills, and the Garo Hills Meghalaya, along with neighboring Indian states, have been of archeological interest. People have lived here since neolithic era. Neolithic sites discovered so far are located in areas of high elevation such as in Khasi Hills, Garo Hills and neighboring states. 2) The population of Meghalaya as of 2016 is estimated to be 3,211,474. Meghalaya covers an area of approximately 22,430 square kilometers, with a length to breadth ratio of about 3:1. The state is mountainous, with stretches of valley and highland plateaus, and it is geologically rich, containing rich deposits of valuable minerals like coal, limestone, uranium and sillimanite. 3) Christianity is the majority religion of Meghalaya. About 75% of the population practices Christianity, with Presbyterians, Baptist and Catholics being the more common denominations. Meghalaya was the first region of Northeast India where Christianity was introduced. In fact, Presbyterian Church Nongsawlia of Meghalaya is the oldest standing Church in Northeast India 4) Meghalaya has numerous tribes out of which Garos, khasis and Jaintias are the majority. Khasis and jaintias are the only Austroasiatic speaking ethnic group in Northeast India and are related to the Khmer people of Cambodia. 5) Meghalaya;s The beautiful capital Shillong is said to be th most cosmopolitan city in Northeast India where different tribes and ethnicities of Northeast india and beyond come to migle. If one wants a taste of the diverse northeastern culture at one go. Shillong might be the place to go illong is also the educational hub of Northheast India housing some of the best educational institution in India. 6) When it comes to cleanliness many indians states needs to take a few lession from Meghalaya’s Mawlynnong Village . Mawlynnong is known for its cleanliness. Waste is collected in the dustbins made of bamboo, directed to a pit and then used as manure. A community initiative mandates that all residents should participate in cleaning up the village. Smoking and use of polythene is banned while rainwater harvesting is encouraged. The travel magazine Discover India declared the village as the cleanest in Asia in 2003, and the cleanest in India in 2005. 7) The Khasis, Jaintias and garos of Meghalaya are some of the last matrilinial community on earth. These three tribes of Meghalaya follows the matrilineal system of inheritance in which property and wealth are passed on from mother to the youngest of her daughters who also keeps the mother’s surname. When a girl marries, The husband and their children adopt her surname. Meghalaya is ranked as one of the safest place for women in India. 8) Meghalaya is know for its love for music and has produced some of the most influential music artist and personalities Shillong has earned up to its reputation of being the rock capital of India by being the set of the Bollywood’s 20016 flick Rock On 2. Some of the most notable music personalities and groups from Meghalaya includes. Indian idol season 3 winner Amit Paul, winner of India got talent The Shillong Chamber Choir Rock artist Lou Majaw all girl band Afflatus and many more, 8) Being the abode of clouds Meghalaya receives some of the heaviest rainfalls in the world. The town of Sohra (Cherrapunji) in the Khasi Hills south of capital Shillong holds the world record for most rain in a calendar month, while the village of Mawsynram, holds the record for the most rain in a year. Cherrapunji is said to be the wettest place on earth Some places in Meghalaya dont see the sun for more than a month due to consistent raining during the monsoon season. 9) Like other northeastern states Meghalaya is a biodiversity hotspot hosting several rare and exotic species of plants and animals. The southernmost population of the endangered Red Pandas can be found in Nokrek national park of Meghalaya. Meghalaya is also home to tons of rare pitcher plants. 8)Do you know? the Khasi pine is named after the Khasi tribe of Meghalaya . the Khasi pine tree is found abundantly in Meghalaya and some other northeastern states. It has also been introduced in many different countries like the Philippines, northern Thailand and in the state of Florida USA. Some of the notable sites in meghalaya includes endowed with incredible beauty Meghalaya truely is one of the most beautiful state in india we are immensely proud of it.


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  2. I wish our government puts impetus on the study of geography and history rather than just churn out drones in the field of medicine and technology. Engineering and medicine are both good but how would you expect children's mindsets to be opened if they dont learn that india is a vast country with diverse cultures? Infact we have such a wide range of cultures that we need to send kids across different states in our own country rather than abroad. Only then will we be able to learn, understand and embrace different cultures and people. India isnt just delhi,mumbai,kolkata,jaipur,bangalore. Its is also imphal,itanagar,kohima,port blair. That being said, i believe that this channel is taking the right steps in this constructive direction. Great job👍

  3. Sorry but you're on the part that Meghalaya is one of the safest place for women in India. During the recent years it has seen tremendous increase in the rise of rape cases, especially minor rape cases(Source: Newspaper s) . Apart from that I would say Meghalaya is one of the best state in NE in terms of environment,roads , cleanliness,beauty,etc

  4. Sorry but if you don't mind I would like to correct a little bit. It's Nongsawlia Presbyterian Church

  5. dang bun ka jaka peit kai ha ki thain nongkyndong Ha Langniuh bad ha Nongkhlaw bun ki jaka peit kai ale wan peit ngin leit ia ia lam.

  6. Who wouldn't be in love with NE if you know their stories, all the NE states are beautiful and unique. Im proud to have a friend from Megalaya. Im from Andhra Pradesh. God bless NE and whole India

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