🔴 Exiled Chinese Billionaire’s Accusations of China (w/ Guo Wengui & Kyle Bass) | RV Classics

🔴 Exiled Chinese Billionaire’s Accusations of China (w/ Guo Wengui & Kyle Bass) | RV Classics


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  2. I could make out the gist of the interview, but could not understand most of what the interviewee was saying. Would really like to read an English translation of the entire video.

  3. Simple logic; a guy who can become a billionaire under a corrupted system must be one of those corrupted people. Now he criticizes the system because he was kicked out of it.

  4. My mother graduated from Taxes University, when i was 8 years old, she told me that those Taxes are red-neck cow boys, when she returned from Taxes that she opened the physical therapy
    Department and became the head of the department in military general hospital. So I always knew that when you deal with certain people, that their DNA never change such as the host Kyle Bass. I just wish watches subject video will not cause Bass wet his pants and crying like a baby. Pl. watch: 954,429 views of Youtube video  The People's Republic of The Future.

    Furthermore video to check out: and also, pass those videos to this Chinese running dog kiss his master's rear end. So he can as everyone else in our world understand what the farce and travesty that so called "democracy" really means.
    Kalima Horra: Who is behind the protests in Hong Kong?

    Hong Kong demos ‘straight out of Ukraine playbook’ – Galloway

    Global Research News: Hong Kong Crisis: Made in American

    Woman Goes Into Premature Labor After Aggressive Arrest; Judge Still Sends Her to Jail

    The Empire Files: America's Unofficial Religion, The War on an Idea

    Overthrow: 100 Years of U.S. Meddling & Regime Change, from Iran to Nicaragua to Hawaii to Cuba

    CIA's fatal tactics to overthrow governments

    Inside America's Meddling Machine: NED, the US-Funded Org Interfering in Elections Across the Globe

    Venezuela, Ukraine, Hong Kong, … : Color Revolutions and Regime Change, A Modern Scourge Spawning Economic Destabilization and Civil War/
    Did Trump Tacitly Threaten to Use Biological Weapons to Exterminate 10 Million?

  5. There are so many propaganda tools used by china and america it's discussing! I just hope that Hong Kong wont be pawned like rest of the third world countries that America uses to proxy wars with.

  6. China bought the biggest harbors in Europe: the harbors of Triest and Athens are already in their hand for their project "Silk Street" which is a global trade line completely owned by the Chinese government.

  7. This is the story about the emperor without clothes. The obvious is in front of us but we don't want to see it because of the greedy of our system.

  8. China(CCP) is the worst bully.


    Illegal occupation of aksai chin.(Kashmir). And Karakorum range.

    Don't consider Taiwan as a country.

    Tibet is in exile.


    infamous for interfering in internal matters of other countries.

    All 20 countries neighbouring china has disputes with it.

    China has Imperialistic goals and mindset.

    The list will go on.

  9. He's an honest hard working guy, he has an independent clear mind way of thinking. He is not a sheeple and that Chinese communist party is afraid of that. So basically anyone with money or success must leave Mainland China to truly enjoy it. PERIOD.

  10. I believe almost everything you say. Hmmm, interesting. Anti-CCP? But you love the people? Come back to China and report to your people.

  11. The dims. cannot spell China and focus only on fake story lines. It really has to be dim witted drones to buy their line, but I suspect most intelligent voters will vote for Donald while telling the pollsters they won't be voting or don't know who they'll vote for. Certainly, we have had bad leadership over the years and I hope the electorate will see we have no choice but to confront China. The CCP is dishonest and corrupt so we should build relationships with other countries and watch the communists fail.

  12. Traitor!! This Chinese guy is so naive about imperialism by British & Americans!! Americans building army all over world!!

  13. Notice the only one who says anything intelligible is Kyle Bass. who are these economists in the west, whoever "they" are. Nobody believes what the Chinese say left or right. This is bogus.

  14. The question was asked, "Why don't western economists raise an alarm about what's happening in China?" The reason is that western economists also believe in economic central planning, a concept that has produced nothing but failure as long as human civilization has existed. They believe out of self interest, because they see themselves as uniquely qualified to substitute their planning prescriptions for the market process. To recognize the truth, that economic central planning leads to economic failure, would put them out of a job. And the jobs that they have now are very nice. They are jobs that put them in the orbit of bankers, crony capitalists, politicians and other societal parasites who depend on central planning for their own existence.

  15. Everyone knows that money drives the insanity.. the greed. Un American activities. These corporations need to be shamed and rejected.

  16. Pay attention people. Here is How Chinese Bank works. They go into each country and give them the loan, at the same time they want Natural resources in that country so they can turn around either sale or make goods and sale back to that country. That's how China doing money laundering. most people just ignorant

  17. Are you telling telling me Interpol, the international police is led by a person who follows authoritarian government of the CCP.

    How did this happen, whose bright idea was to give this the ok.

  18. I'm very impressed with this Miles Kwok guy, and his infectious spirit. For someone at risk of assassination that's quite the positive attitude. Talk about staring death in the face and prevailing! We all need to listen to what MIles and others like Steve Bannon are saying, and wake up to the truth regarding the CCP.

  19. Jack Ma, whacked by Jeff Bezos?What do multi billionares do for fun!!!LOL.Osama bin Laden is alive and well living in new jersey.Just laugh.

  20. I laugh so hard whenever the "inaudible…." appears! 😂😁 I am with him….I love China, Chinese people and Chinese culture…but I really really don't like the CCP either (the word 'hate' is a bit too harsh for me).

  21. when will we stop all trade with these Tyrants? when do we realize they are literally like the Nazi's or Soviets? imagine if we kept trading with the Nazi's during WW2 and our excuse was that stopping trade would hurt US companies and consumers… thats basically what we are doing with China. yeah stopping all trade would hurt the US in the short term, but continuing trade and making China the world superpower will certainly hurt us in the long term far worse…

  22. The Federal Reserve back also allows Big Banks to have over 45% bad loans. Maybe the Chinese borrowed that from Western central banks. I am no economic expert, but isn't the manipulation of currency not to cheat the Chinese citizens, but to cheat the US for trade purposes? At least, that is what I read 10 or 15 years ago…..it is to make exports cheap and imported goods too expensive for Chinese to buy…to keep the Chinese making money. Didn't Russian gov't take over VK, the Russian equivalent of Facebook? Of course, these quasi-communist gov'ts want to take control of big companies. Not surprised: all about control of the money and power and source of information. They call themselves communist or even socialist, but human nature is all about victims and victimizes…anywhere and under any type of political system.

  23. I didn't understand a word even with the subtitles. Please let the translator speak. I can't believe anybody in the US, China or the world actually believed the CCP was gonna allow the billionaires the China – US experiment created in China, to have any sort of power or real control of their wealth? WOW! The only people who got wealthy in China and they still have some form of access to the money are the people closely connected to the CCP and that will never change. As far as the CCP is concerned all the billions belong to the CCP and they will manage it for the people of China or something like that.

  24. I believe this man will be "suicided" soon and it will be a Democrat that makes that possible. The Democrat party is the greatest enemy our country has ever faced.

  25. CCKG “Chinese Communist Kleptocracy Government”please surrender before it’s too late, We do not want to be enemies. The war between us all will destroy our collective home.

  26. WOW This is exciting stuff. I hope China changes and I hope the USA does not fall down the socialist toilet. What will America look like under President Elizabeth Warren? UGH!

  27. I am the grandson of a Chinese KMT WW2 Colonel who fought the Japanese during WW2. He later had to escape the new genocidal murderous CCP to Taiwan. I am sorry we lost. We should have won. Then China would be more like the World Beloved Taiwan.

  28. You are a true friend of the United States sir . Thank you for speaking the truth about the CCP’s corrupt nature and the threat it posses to the United States. Stay safe my friend.

  29. This is all pretty funny of course a billionaire would hate the ccp its natural for them to do that. Why do you think he identities more with rich white Americans? If THE CCP is so bad how is he still alive and able to even talk right now? actually how is he able to have all his wealth still? seems to me the ccp didnt do their job right.

  30. We need this guy in the Philippines🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

    Mabuhay pilipinas🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭❤🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

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