领风者 / The Leader / Вождь s01e02 “Defending the rights of the people” 1080p (субтитры)

领风者 / The Leader / Вождь s01e02 “Defending the rights of the people” 1080p (субтитры)

This is a persistent dream Step by step, many more days to come This is a steadfast faith Walking with heads high, excited for the distance Fighting for truth, for a joyful future Even if the winds are strong or the waves are high Never baffled, never hesitating The future of the world is filled with light I face the wind with firm convictions and feel the sunlight I see such a true and beautiful future I face the wind with firm convictions and strive with all of my strength I know that our beautiful hopes won’t be let down by time I face the wind with firm convictions and feel the sunlight I see such a true and beautiful future I face the wind with firm convictions and strive with all of my strength I know that our beautiful hopes won’t be let down by time THE LEADER: EPISODE 2
DEFENDING THE RIGHTS OF THE PEOPLE At the University of Berlin Marx was obsessed with philosophy research He joined the Doctor’s Club in Berlin And became a member of the Young Hegelians The core of Hegelianism is not tranquility rather, it is restless not static, but ever developing not a system, but a method Well said, Bruno! Not tranquility, but restlessness Not static, but ever developing not a system, but a method I forgot to introduce him to everyone This is Karl Marx A law student who loves philosophy He’s just joined our Doctor’s Club Bruno, we haven’t had a Doctor’s Club meeting in a while What’s everyone up to? Let’s talk about something else first Did you need something from me? Ah, I’m done with my dissertation A very similar perspective to yours I also advocate for atheism Bruno, can you read it over for me? (The Difference Between the Democritean and Epicurean Philosophy of Nature) Ah, it’s the paper on the difference between Democritean and Epicurean philosophies of nature? You’re done already? Let me read it What’s wrong? It’s written very well But, right now isn’t quite like before If you want to submit this dissertation for graduation Not finding a position in academia Might even be hard to graduate Why? Eichhorn’s just been named the Minister of Culture He’s a very devout Christian He’s been suppressing all mentions of atheism The atmosphere at this school is becoming more and more conservative Tenser and tenser Arnold Ruge from our club, because he was advocating for political freedom has already lost his speaking privileges here at school The Doctor’s Club is now barred from holding events Atheist dissertations Probably would not be accepted What if…you made some revisions Hide and obscure some of your sharper atheist positions Bruno, I can’t change this Seeking the truth is everyone’s right and freedom I won’t give up Like Prometheus, I won’t yield Karl, I respect your bravery There might be a way… Staying in academia as a professor is impossible But you can take your dissertation to the University of Jena and submit it there There is an authority on Epicurus who teaches there He will probably like your dissertation More importantly He has the authority to approve your dissertation Thank you Bruno! As for a job You should speak to the Rheinische Zeitung paper It’s the local business owners’ paper Not very conservative in their leanings Good luck! 1841 (University of Jena) Marx obtained a Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Jena Later, by submitting sample articles He became an editor at the Rheinische Zeitung paper Rheinische Zeitung Offices We’ve sold out of today’s paper again! We should’ve published articles like this a long time ago Karl’s writing what the people want to read Ever since Marx became editor Our subscriber base has gone from 885 households to 3400 3400 households! Wow, it’s like I’m dreaming! H-Hi…mr. editor-in-chief Boss Are you not happy with the newspaper’s growth? Karl, your articles have helped us sell very well But it’s also brought us a lot of trouble I’m begging you Don’t pick fights with the Prussian Government Write about something else Other things? People want freedom and rights And that’s what I want to write about Did you know The shareholders of this paper are just about ready to kill me I know what to do Karl Can you read my draft of “Communal property must be returned”? Sure The governor has oppressed the poor under his stewardship without any restraint The planters who work in the vineyards now all face a looming crisis of bankruptcy Well written, Koblenz! Tell the editors to publish this article without any changes Fantastic Uh…the boss is good with this, right? Don’t be afraid, we’ll publish it as “anonymous” Even if the sky falls down I’m still taller than you by a half head I’ll hold the sky up for you Rheinische Zeitung! Get your Rheinische Zeitung! (Berlin) Read about the governor’s harsh exactions The vineyards are facing bankruptcy Karl, the governor has sent men to arrest us Says he wants to deal with the journalist sullying his good name He means me What do we do now? What do we do?? Don’t worry, I’m here Just stay in the room. Don’t come out. You know why we’re here Speak Who’s in charge around here? That would be me You’re in charge? Yes, hello, it is I I am Marx Very good This rag Is all libel, unsubstantiated rumors, and nonsense How do you explain? Sir I think you may be confused Every word of this paper is backed by facts This article is complete fabrication and it has caused great harm to the reputation of the governor Tell me who wrote this article Or I’ll arrest all of you Officer I won’t give you the name of the journalist Feel free to arrest us all Let’s make a bet Let’s make a bet on what the headlines of all the major papers will be tomorrow Stand up Or I’m going to stop being so polite Officer You can of course shoot me It would make tomorrow’s headlines even more exciting Of course The gentle image that the governor has so carefully cultivated would probably perish with the gunpowder smoke I’m putting my life on the (gambling) table But can the governor call my bet with his political reputation? Karl Marx I won’t forget this We’ll see Hey, did you hear? Marx from the Rheinische Zeitung scared away the governor’s soldiers with a few words Hello sir Are you the Marx that everyone’s talking about? Hello I am Marx Editor of the Rheinische Zeitung Please, please you have to help me My family has hunted and chopped wood outside this city for generations One day the lord took over the forest And wouldn’t let us near it My son only picked up a few rotten branches from the ground, and was arrested by the landlord They’re saying my son is a thief How can this be theft? Shameless! Picking up rotten branches is now thievery? I will expose these rotten landlords I am announcing the passage of a new forestry law Even taking fallen branches will be considered theft How can it be like this? Exposing it is useless Karl, what’s wrong? Disillusionment When picking up fallen branches was not against the law the landlords were already using all sorts of methods to punish the peasants Now, to retroactively justify their previous actions They can get the legislature to pass these kinds of laws According to Hegel The nation and its laws are a manifestation of rationality Prussia is a rational country It will forever represent the interests of the majority Right? Of course A nation is the realization and protector of human freedom But in reality? The people are not free Collecting fallen tree branches a right that Nature has bestowed on the peasant has been stolen from the people by the legislature with the passage of this new forestry law Seems like The law is merely a tool for landlords to oppress the peasants The legislature is merely a pretense Justice is clearly on the side of the peasants here My pen Can’t change this troubled world Karl, you’re overthinking this This is just some unruly peasants causing trouble I wanted to speak to you about something else – NO! I see more and more clearly The Prussian government Is not what Hegel meant by an ideal nation It represents only the interests of the landed class and the law is merely a tool for the landed to protect their own interests Karl Don’t waste your time with the minor problems of peasants I have something I must tell you You’ve managed to completely infuriate the governor He may shut down the Rheinische Zeitung Of course, it’s not too late to fix this If you publish an article praising the governor once in a while We do need to court the government’s favor Court? In my dictionary There is no such word I just mean We should also demonstrate the power of the Young Hegelians Whose power? Just those so-called Young Hegelian free thinkers? They publicly mock priests Visit brothels, drink to excess, and cause trouble I can’t take it anymore Karl, that’s just a few individuals Never mind Outside of Ruge, who’s still promoting political freedom You’ve all lost your initial heart I don’t plan on speaking with the Young Hegelians in the future What do you mean by that? You Young Hegelians Spend all your days criticizing religion The poor seek help from God You say God is powerless But your self-consciousness cannot explain what the poor can solve their problems in the real world You and the God you claim to criticize are both useless Karl Have you gone mad? Living in this upside-down country I would have gone mad eventually In short I’m not going to blindly believe in Hegel’s Absolute Spirit any longer I will devote myself to politics To fight for the rights of the people And challenge this unjust world directly Marx I’ll still caution you Don’t go this alone Uh, hello Are you Mr Marx? Pardon my uninvited introduction I am Friedrich Engels Your articles are full of deep thoughts, with literary talent abounding I’ve read every article multiple times Mr Engels, pleased to meet you I remember, we both used to be members of the Young Hegelians I really wanted to speak with you Young Hegelians I’m sorry Mr Engels I have something urgent I need to write We’ll talk another day Apologies that I have no time to send you off Debate regarding the Forestry Law This is a very interesting article Shareholders of the Rheinische Zeitung Debate regarding the Forestry Law This is my last reminder to you all In dealing with papers that spread malicious rumors I won’t be soft-handed in dealing with them Ruge You’re here at the perfect time Now the Rheinische Zeitung has been censored In order to prevent the governor from shutting us down I’ve decided to tender my resignation Seems like I did arrive at the perfect time As you know Ever since I was expelled from university I’ve been doing publishing and political organizing Published the Jahrbücher The Jahrbücher was also censored I don’t have any political freedom either right now In this reactionary Prussian autocracy I’m really going to perish here Well perfect, let’s both leave Prussia and go to the home of revolution, France to pursue our political freedom I want to start a new magazine It’ll be called the Deutsch–Französische Jahrbücher Let’s do it together I’d love to From: Jenny von Westphalen – The Book of Love But, Ruge Let me go home first to save my princess I’ll take her to France too Congratulations in advance Don’t worry about living expenses in France I’ve prepared an annual stipend of 500 Thalers for you Fantastic! I can buy a ring for Jenny! Jenny What’s that ring you’re wearing? Karl’s back I’ve decided to marry him You’re a daughter of a noble house – you can’t marry a peasant In fact I’ve also heard Marx was fired by his paper He’s just an unemployed vagrant right now If you marry him, what kind of life are you going to have? Brother True love – isn’t being well-matched in social and economic status but being evenly matched in spirit I love Karl I don’t care if he has money or if he’s from a noble house I love his dreams and his talent Besides, Karl is already in France and he’s found a job paying 500 Thalers annually You don’t need to worry about us Jenny! If you marry him, you are betraying the Westphalen family Do you want to be a betrayer of your family? Karl once said The greatest difference between humans and animals is that we can decide our own destinies You Mother! Won’t you do something about your daughter? Stop arguing When your father was alive He liked Karl quite a bit Let Jenny decide I am free – I will marry Karl May 5th, 1818 – Marx is born in Trier, Germany September 24th, 1835 – Marx graduates from Trier Middle School 1836 – Marx transfers to the University of Berlin Even if right now I have nothing to my name I still will chase my dreams and never retreat (April 1841, Marx receives his Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Jena) June 19th, 1843 Marx and Jenny von Westphalen are married in Kreuznach If we ever depart we must arrive August 1844, Marx and Engels meet in Paris
I await that day when I can emerge from this cocoon 1845-1846 Marx and Engels publish the German Ideology Flying through the dark night / let love be fearless My convictions give me courage (Jenny helps Marx copy manuscripts) Searching for light and truth Years pass by quickly, and I only live once (Marx and Engels leading a workers’ movement) Preparing for the new era I want to achieve something (February 1848 – Marx and Engels write the Communist Manifesto) Free myself from the pit and fly Fly without regrets (March 1848 – Marx and family are evicted from Brussels) Those who struggle are blessed June 1848 – Marx publishes the Rheinische Zeitung in Cologne Fly with the wind Fly with your dreams A brave heart doesn’t fear defeat (August 1848 – Marx is exiled to London) September 28th, 1864, the First International is established Even if he went through poverty and sickness and had to wander Losing his love and misunderstood, rejected by the world (September 14th, 1867 Das Kapital Vol.1 is published) I won’t lose myself under the bright lights of fame I won’t forget my initial heart as I advance, bringing the spark to light the plain on fire (March 18th, 1871 – the Paris Commune is established) Let your convictions lead an unsetttled heart – this is very Marx Unite for fate and revolution – this is very Marx No one can quell the fire in my heart – this is very Marx For the liberation of all peoples I have no choice but to advance – this is very Marx Even if I am not understood right now You don’t understand what I love (1883 March 14th, Marx passes away) We may have to part here But I await the day when we are reunited


  1. Marx is not nearly drunk enough in this anime. I want to see him and Engals fistfight Bakunin at the First Internationale. Also, Marx should be an asshole to literally everyone who isn't his wife. they cute together tho

  2. Wow this episode looks much better than first. Better shadows and colors thanks them in worst moments it looks medium and with 3D it is really great. In some way it looks for me little like Valkyria Chronicles in characters animation. Я рад смотреть этот эпизод 🙂

  3. This is actually really really good.

    The character development is spot on and the pacing is better than most American animes I've seen.

  4. why is this so historically accurate? i want a fuckin Karl Marx ANIME, with steampunk mechas and uncomfortable fanservice and power levels and shit. BAKU-NIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNN

  5. Arise ye workers from your slumbers
    Arise ye prisoners of want
    For reason in revolt now thunders
    And at last ends the age of cant.
    Away with all your superstitions
    Servile masses arise, arise
    We’ll change henceforth the old tradition
    And spurn the dust to win the prize.

    So comrades, come rally
    And the last fight let us face
    The Internationale unites the human race.

  6. Obrigado pelas legendas, por mais que Marx tenha traído nos anarquistas na Internacional, ele continua sendo parceiro de guerra.

  7. I love the improvement in animation. The art is already beautiful and even more detailed than many anime. The 19th century German background reminds me of Attack on Titan

  8. This is good, but too slow paced. Which episode is the one where Marx's disciples begin the mass purges, mass executions, religious oppression, free speech suppression, military police state actions and cultural destruction? That's where it really gets interesting. I can't wait!

  9. The story is good and well-paced, but the animation is horrendous sometimes. Just look at the guards' dummy faces during the whole questioning scene. Couldn't they do a better job with that?

  10. Forgive the arrogance but this 'long hard struggle' is no doubt noble, but I don't buy the argument that any 'true' socialism will take generations even after this one to accomplish. We are literally sitting on it now and were sitting on it, all the cards are arrayed and yet we have not played our hand once except in brief instances where workers in Rojava or Kronstadt for instance have woken up from the lies.

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